Dec 27, 2015

I think that as most of the beauty bloggers out there, I have a serious obsession with lipsticks. I never have enough and I like to collect them. Any occasion is good to get a new one; having a bad day, having a good day, buying a lipstick for a friend and suddenly realizing that I need a new red one. Anyway, I am not gonna take you through my entire collection. First a part of it is now in France and I only brought my ... I don't know 30-40 favourites one here? Not kidding though. But here is a very small selection compiling my favourite ones. 

My newest addition - Well thank you Santa Clause! Or should I say, thanks to my amazing best friend who gifted me the most perfect Chanel lipstick I have ever seen. It is the Chanel Lipstick in La Raffinée. The shade is absolutely perfect for both a day and an evening look. In fact if you are still not brave enough to rock red lipstick at night, this is the kind of pinky mauve lipstick that can also make a good statement. I won't talk for ages about the amazing packaging, those lipsticks scream luxury! I was blown away when I saw that she got me something Chanel. I couldn't expect less from my best friend. That's what happen when you know someone for more than 20 years. 

My favourite packaging - Sorry for the drugstore girls but here is once again a high end one. I have to be honest, my favourite lipsticks are almost always high end. I love me some drugstore products but I feel like there is nothing like applying good old luxurious lipstick. Well this one is I think the favourite packaging of a lot of you, the YSL Rouge Volupte. I own 5 of them, and my favourite color still Pink in Paris, such a pretty pink that will suit so many skin tones. 

My favourite red - That might not be a red for some of you but I do wear it as a red lipstick. It is MAC All Fired Up. It is quite a dry lipstick but I don't feel like it is uncomfortable and the big plus is that it actually stay on your lips for hours and hours. It is a vibrant pinky red and it suits my ghost like skin really nicely. You can find it as a special edition in the MAC Winter collection but no worries, it is a permanent color. 

My all time favourite color - I got this lipstick only a few months ago and I am already terrified to run out of it. I use it almost every single day and I absolutely don't get tired of it. It is the NARS Audacious lipstick in Anita. It is my favourite everyday color, I absolutely love the formula of this NARS Audacious range and I would recommend anyone to pick one of these lipstick up if you want to invest in some luxury products.

My most sentimental one - It is maybe cheating but, it is the exact same, the NARS Anita, because my dad got it for me just before I came to Japan this year, and everytime I wear it I remember when we went to Sephora to buy it together. My dad looking at me swatching a bunch of lipsticks is weirdly a very warming memory. 


Dec 22, 2015

2015 has been a year of new discoveries perfume wise. For years and years, I was sticking to one scent, the Nina by Nina Ricci perfume. But this year I decided to be a little more daring and to find different perfumes for different occasions. The three pictured above are my current favourite. I think you can recognise most of them since they are quite iconic ones.

Chloé Eau de Parfum - This one is the most recent addition to my collection. I got it for my birthday last month and I have been completely obsessed with it. The scent is very classic, feminine and romantic. I absolutely love to wear it on a daily basis. The top notes are freesia, litchi and peony. The heart notes are lily of the valley, magnolia and roses, and the base notes are cedar, musk and amber. If you like floral scents, that Chloé perfume is a total must. 

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle - I think the Coco Mademoiselle perfume is the equivalent to the famous N°5, but for younger girls. If you're in your twenties and want to commit to an iconic Chanel perfume, that will make you feel luxurious and elegant, it is the one I would recommend. It is my other option for a day to day wear with my Chloé one. And you can see it is definetly well loved. The top notes are sicilian oranges, calabrian bergamot and grapefruit. The heart notes are both floral and fruity and contain rose, jasmine and litchi. Finally the base notes are patchouli, vanilla and musk.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium - This one is a little more daring that the two other ones. I would personally wear it on a night out, or to a dinner date. The scent is quite strong and I think it is the kind of perfume that you better have to try before buying it (I mean, no impulsive internet buy for this one). Concerning the note, the top notes are with no surprise coffee, pear and pink pepper, the heart notes are orange blossom and jasmine, and the base notes are vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli.


Dec 12, 2015

Only two weeks left until Christmas (where 2015 went? no freaking idea), it is now time to think about the outfit ! Well I think here, there are two teams. On one side, the comfy Christmas person. You want to spend your Christmas, eating what you would normally eat in four days, and drinking what you would drink in two months. In that case, your only option is to wear your favourite festive sweater, if possible oversized to hide the future food baby and a good old legging. Well in my case, I usually like to dress up a little. I mean, I like to dress up on the 24th at night, but I totally admit that I am close to wearing my pyjamas for Christmas lunch on the 25th. Anyway, for Christmas dinner, I usually like to put on a lovely sequin dress, and my tradition is usually to wear a red lip with a golden eye make up. Here is a little selection of Asos dresses that I would love to wear this year. 

The sequin midi dress - I think this dress is close to perfection. I really love the cut that I found very unique. It is a midi dress but it has a quite high slit on the skirt part that makes it look a little more sexy. The sequin gives it a really festive look and it looks very fancy and put together.  

The red sexy dress - Well red is the color for Christmas. I personally do not wear red at all during the year, so the holidays is the perfect occasion for me to put on a nice and sexy red dress. I had a crush on this dress the second I saw it on the Asos website. I love the deep V neck cut and the thin straps and once again the slit on the skirt gives it an even sexier twist.  

The Hollywood glam dress - If you are a follower of the cute Suzie from Hello October, you saw this dress already. I think it is the kind of piece that you love or hate, it is super sparkly and have a very drapy structure. I really love it and I think it looks gorgeous on!  I could definetly see that on a red carpet, wore by someone like Selena Gomez for exemple. 

The simple white dress - This one is for the girls who like to have a pretty dress but doesn't want to do much. The white color of the dress really tones down the sparkles and the cut is very simple. An easy dress to wear with a pair of nude shoes. 

The super emboired dress - And here the embellishment goes all cray cray. This dress looks amazing, the work on the sequins and beads looks amazing. As the dress is black, you will also be able to play around with your make up a little more.  

The sequin "animal printed" dress - Well this one as the silver sparkly one will also be a love-hate item. The partern is quite special but I really love the cut of it. You can't see it on the picture but the back has a very lovely and deep V neck that you can close with a nice black ribbon. In that case, it is party both on the front and back. 


Dec 7, 2015

Hello there. Christmas is right around the corner. I wasn't feeling like doing anything very "Christmassy" on my blog because I feel like this year the 24th and 25th will be a little bitter sweet for me, first because I won't be with my family, and also because in Japan people don't really celebrate Christmas. However, I realised that Christmas spirit was all around, all of the streets have nice illuminations, tones of Christmas cards and gifts pops up in the shops, and ... well the Vlogmas overload is not helping. Now, I do really have to think about what to get to my loved ones. I am still on the budget for this year sadly, and here is my under 30 euros selection. Excuse me in advance but I think this affordable gift guide will certainly be a girly one. I am the only one struggling when it comes to boys gift? 

For a girl who loves fashion : Well I think Mrs Kristina Bazan picked an amazing date to released her very first book, Kayture on the Go. Kristina is by far one of my favourite blogger, she is an admirable young blogger and a source of inspiration for so many girls and I think any of your friends into fashion would like to give her book a read. If you're friends are not into reading, you can think about gifting them some nice accessories, such as a festive clutch for exemple. If she's more into comfy clothes, then it is the perfect time of the year to get her a warm scarf.

For the home decor junkie : We all have that friend that has such a nice appartment that she made us really really jealous. Well make her happy by giving her some nice pieces to add to her already perfect interior. You can get her a really lovely and modern frame. Add a picture of you and her inside and you have the perfect personalised present. You can also get her a nice mug set for the next time you will share a coffee in her living room. Another classic? Candles, of course. And if she is into homewear, you can't go wrong with a cute pyjama.

For the beauty queen : Well palettes? Palettes palettes palettes? Any kind of "kit" is also acceptable thought. As a lipstick junkie, I wouldn't say no to that lovely set from Too Faced, a good opportunity to try both their classic and metallic melted lipsticks. If your friend or sister is more into smokey eyes, have a look at Zoeva's palette, affordable but such an amazing quality. 

For the geek girl : For all of your girls that have something for technology, chose an phone case for exemple. Not many people would spend 20 euros in a phone case, but they will love to be gifted one. I love this Unicorn one that you can find on Topshop. 


Dec 4, 2015

Too Faced is by very very far, the brand that has the girliest and cutest packaging. When it comes to make up packaging, I either love classy and bold packaging such as YSL, Tom Ford or NARS, or very cute ones. In this category, no doubt that Too Faced is really on point. Look at these absolutely cute heart shaped blush. If you are a child from the 90's, don't lie to me, you thought Polly Pocket when you saw that first! I was craving to get my hands on one of these and my cutie best friend got this one for me on my birthday a few weeks ago. She picked the shade "Love Hangover" which I think is a very universal shade. 

It is a nice mix of coral and pink that will be perfect for spring and summer. Not only the box and the outside aspect of the packaging is adorable, the inside is also to die for. You can see on the top of your blush two cute little bunnies in a lovely floral decor. How hard it is to use a blush that is made in such a pretty way. The blush is really nicely pigmented and I think it is a really nice investment, first because it is something that will look totally amazing in your make up collection, and because you will be able to use it for a very very long time. I am really thinking to ask Santa to add one or two shades to my collection now. 


Oct 30, 2015

This post has been requested by a few of you. As you might know, I have been interning in Japan for the past few months. My internship being over now, I thought I could give you some tips about how to make the most out of your work experience in a foreign country. Let me first tell you about my experience. I was doing a master degree's in international management and marketing. This internship in Japan wasn't my first one, since I did one in Ireland for my bachelor degree. 

Why Japan ? -  I have visited Japan a lot, I have been there five times before my internship this year and I really wanted to experiment life and work there on a longer period of time. Let me precise that I don't speak japanese, at least not enough to communicate at work, but I can speak fluent english and spanish, and I am a native french speaker. 

How did I got my internship - Working so damn hard. My university gives us absolutely NO connections with any companies. We have to do the all researches procedures by ourselves, sending resumes and cover letter to companies that we find on the internet for exemple (Linkedin quickly became my best friend believe me). We are free to chose where, and what kind of internship we want to do. I started looking for an internship in November, and found it in February. It is a very long process. I used internet only to find companies working in marketing fields that could have projects I would be interested in. I sent over 50 resumes and personalized cover letters and get almost no replies, mostly because I do not speak japanese at a business level. And here comes my first tip, don't give up. No matter how many "no" or the lack of replies, I kept on looking for new companies. Let me tell you that hard work pays off, since I ended up finding after months of researches a french entrepreneur on Linkedin, that helped me to get connections in Japan. I had a first interview with him and then he introduced me to my boss. After a new interview, she selected me as one of her intern. 

What was I doing ? - My main task was to work on the introduction of an european luxury brand in Japan. My company is very small, so I was working by myself on that all process during 6 months. Note also that my company is NOT a japanese company, that's why I could work using english only. It would be much harder to find an internship in a japanese company if you don't speak enough japanese. 

What did that internship brought me ? - Well a job offer, and a big professional network. The job offer is not a 100% valid yet but my boss officially asked me to work for her. Being in a small company though there are some facts that are making the whole hiring process very slow, but I will give you an update about it soon I hope.

Now here are a few tips I would like to share with you. This is all out of my personal experience, feel free to comment and share your thoughts in the comments and let us know if you had a good or bad experience doing an internship in a foreign country. 


Oct 22, 2015

I am the only one who think there are two types of girls. Those who can wear their hair with no middle parting, hair pulled in the back and look really cool and effortless (you know that girl, at university sitting right next to you, with amazing silky hair who can create a perfect messy top knot in a second making you wondering why you haven't shaved your hair yet?), or those, like me, who just have the worse hair implantation ever and need that middle parting to look human. Well ladies, if you're part of the second group, low messy buns are made for us. As effortless as the messy top knots, this messy hairstyle allow us to rock the bun trend while keeping our middle parting. Yes to getting some hair out to frame the face, yes to looking cute without trying too hard. I love doing them especially since I got my hair extensions so I can give them a bit more of volume.  

all pictures are from pinterest


Oct 19, 2015

Well as you might have seen in my previous most, I just graduated from university. And I thought, after all of that hard work, why not treating myself with something. Ladies, here is the something. A new bag from Zara. As you can see, there is some Chanel the Boy vibes going on there. Size wize, form wise, and chain wise, for a fraction of the price of course. I was in need of a new small bag since my previous one from Zara broke a few weeks ago. And let me tell you, I am obsessed and I just can't wait to wear it out. However, be aware if you want to get it, it is quite a small bag, and you can't fit a lot in it! 


Oct 17, 2015


My birthday is in exactly one month. I will turn 24th on November 17th. This year has been really great so far. First of all, I can say now that I officially graduated university with a master degree in marketing and international management. Since April, I am now living in Japan, I did a really nice internship and I have now some really good jobs opportunity in Tokyo. I am planning on writing a post on that experience, for those who might be interested in doing an internship in a foreign country or just about living in Japan. Well, I guess you can call that a perfect year. This birthday will however be bittersweet for me since it is the first one I will spend far away from my family and very close friends. I won't have my usual birthday dinner with my family and two best friends, and I still don't know how I feel about it. Anyway, throw back is done, let's get on to the wishlist.

The "I wish I could splurge" present - This one would be my ultimate "me to me" birthday present. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I am obsessed with the Givenchy Antigona bag for quite a while now. I love how feminine yet structured it is. In my dreams, I would get it both in light grey and black. But well, I guess I will have to chose.

The "I might splurge" present - Yes, another YSL wallet. I already have one, that I got for Christmas last year, I really love it but I made the mistake to not select a textured leather. Because of that the wallet is aging quite a bit already even if I try to be as carefull as possible the leather starts to worn out. So to make this one rest a little, I would totally splurge on a new one. Larger, and in textured leather this time.

The cozy presents - Having my birthday in late fall makes me want to get a lot of "cozy presents", such as scented candles, warm blankets, or even nice oversized sweaters. When I was young, I was thinking ew such a shame, no garden birthday party with my friends, let's be stuck at home because it's too cold. But now, I found there the perfect occasion to get some cozy gift that will make me feel extra cozy in my own house.

The beauty addict presents - As a beauty junkie, I obviously have some make up goodies on my birthday wishlist. On top of the list, the Naked Smockey from Urban Decay, because she is missing to my Naked Palette family. I also really want to try some Too Faced products, such as the Born This Way foundation or their new adorable heart shaped blushes. Oh and, obviously, if anyone feel like helping me to complete my YSL, Nars or Clinique lipsticks collection, you are very much welcomed.

The I am almost out of perfume present - I am currently having three perfumes with me in Japan. The Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, the See by Chloe, which I think it called See By Chloe (original name I know) and the Black Opium by YSL. I am sadly almost out of the first two and Black Opium is a little bit too strong to be worn during day time. The new perfume I would love to get is the original Chloe scent. I have been obsessed with it since I got a simple of it in a previous Sephora order.


Oct 14, 2015

And here is my high end lipstick of the month! Just kidding, but let's say that I try to restrain myself when it comes to spend on high end products. However especially when it cames to lipsticks, I can't help myself. Getting a new "luxury" lipstick is just like getting a new pair of shoes, or a new bag for me (talking about bag I will certainly show you my new little gem from Zara soon). Anyway stop rambling Charlotte. This new lipstick is another one from the Clinique Pop Lipstick collection. I got so excited when I saw that the brand came out with a few new shades for the fall season, however when I went to one of their corner here in Tokyo, I couldn't find any of the new colors so I decided to pick a very classic nude for this time that I can wear on a daily basis. They do have out of the 16 orginal shades a few very nice nude colours all very wearable but I went for the number 01 Nude Pop. It is a very classic pinky nude, that is not washing me out and work well with my fair skin. It gives my lips a nice tint of color and is not overpowering. It is the kind of nude that you can wear either with a very heavy smockey eyes, to keep the main focus on the hard work you did on blending these dark shadows out or, with a very natural eye look, since it will brighten your complexion.


Oct 11, 2015

If there is something that I absolutely love about fall and winter, it is that I can start to wear dark colors again without looking like I am depressed among all of those pastel mini skirts and crop tops. And one of my favourite to wear is definetly kaki. I love how it matches perfectly black, white, and denim, which is basically all that I wear on a daily basis. I especially love it for jackets, and my goal this winter is to find the perfect Kaki coat or trench. I found two really nice ones on Asos as you can see down below. Waiting a little more and I might definetly order them! You can find my favourite kaki pieces (all from Asos) down below. 

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picture : harperandharley, kayture, pinterest


Sep 29, 2015

Today is a post a little different from the usual "cosmetic-fashion-only" vibe I go for. I will give you an in depth review of the Irresistible Me hair extensions. I've always wanted to try clips in hair extensions, but I was really considering wether I should invest or not, because when you're dealing with Remi hair, they can get pretty pricey. When Irresistible Me reach out to me a few months ago, I was so happy. My hair got longer recently, because of Hair Burst and Coconut oil, but still it is thin and breaks easily. Also, it got crazy because of the humidity here in Japan and I can barely style it correctly. My fishtails are so skinny, my messy buns ridiculous. More than lenght, I really wanted more volume to get a little more creative with my hairstyles. I got my package a few weeks ago, and let me tell you the box is absolutely adorable. You have that pretty illustration of a girl with fancy hair, and a little message from the company team inside. The hair come in an hermetic plastic bag, you have a piece of hair on one side so you can check if the color is matching your actual hair, before opening the rest of your extensions. Be carefull, once you opened the whole packet you can't exchange them anymore.  

Hebergeur d'image

I decided to pick their Royal Remi set, in Chocolate brown, 22 inches. I was not sure about the color match since it was my first time trying hair extensions, but you can find a very helpfull video on their Youtube channel that will make your choice much easier. For your information, my hair is very dark but definetly not black. It is a deep chocolate brown. The extensions match my hair color perfectly. And it is not only my opinion, most of my friends where chocked and thought I got them done at a hair salon. The quality of the hair is also amazing, you can't see that they are extensions. The hair is shiny but not too much so it doesn't look fake but they are really soft. Like I can't stop touching them all day and pretend I am a mermaid when I walk on the streets of Tokyo. You can see in the pictures down below that the Irresistible Me hair extensions blend super nicely, the color is as I was telling you a perfect match and they add so much lenght and volume to my hair.

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Sep 17, 2015

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Even if it is officially a pinky red. Well if you read my blog for while you know that I am not a MAC girl and I hardly ever feature their products here. To be honest with you, I only have another lipstick from MAC. That's it, shortest collection ever. I like their lipsticks, but not to the crazy point where I feel the need to get dozen of them. I will only get one when I am absolutely in love with the color. On my wishlist currently, some of their nudes and the very well known Flat Out Fabulous. Well back to the lipstick, this one ladies, is amazing. It has become hands down my favourite ever. First I feel like those kind of pinky red look really good on fair skin, with a fierce winged liner look. Also, it is gonna make your teeth look extra white. Formula wise it is a retro matte finish. I have heard people saying that it was a very drying finish. Not to me. The lasting power is also good, even if it doesn't resist to food. I don't know if it is only me, but I can never find any lipstick that resist to lunch or dinner. I always need to re-apply so it is not a big deal but if you have good recommendations, let me know. Other than than, basic MAC lipstick packaging and smell, nothing crazy for me but the color is everything for this one. Also, I would love to try more for MAC products, anything you would recommend me?


Aug 25, 2015

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My skin has been in an incredible condition recently. One year ago, or even just a few month back, I would never have thought that my skin could change that much in such a short period of time. At some point, I had blemishes all over my forehead and cheeks, and very dark purple scaring all over my jaw area due to past breakouts. Today, most part of my skin is completely cleared out from massive breakouts, even though I still have some red marks on my cheeks area. I achieved that by following a few tips that I want to share with you today.

1. CHOSE A SKINCARE ADAPTED TO YOUR SKIN TYPE - And use it diligently. I have oily skin and acne prone skin. Since I found the La Roche Posay cream for oily skin rennovation and the Effaclar Duo + my skin has litterally changed. No more breakouts, and let me tell you it is a whole new world. I would recommend the Effaclar Duo to any of you suffering from breakouts. You just apply it on your pimple and it will be gone the next morning.  The other very positive point of this cream is the price. For such a good result, it is definetly affordable. 

2. EXFOLIATE - People tend to say you should exfoliate once of twice a week. I feel the need to do it on an everyday basis, especially since I am living in a big city now I need to give to my skin that daily extra cleaning. I am currently using the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub from The Body Shop. I absolutely love it, especially in summer since it really help to refresh your skin after a long day out in the sun. However I would stick to once or twice a week tho if you have sensitive skin. Exfoliating will help get all of the dead skin and dirts out of your skin and will leave you with a fresh and smooth face. 

3. DRINK WATER, STAY HYDRATED - Water is a good skin best friend. Try to drink as much water as you can, it will help to brighten your complexion and you will get the real natural glow from within that we all try to recreate with highlighter. It is also good for your overall health and will help you eliminate toxines in your all body. 

4. TAKE ONE NO MAKE UP DAY IN THE WEEK - I know it can be hard for a lot of us. Recently I spend at least one day each week at home working on my thesis so I don't feel the need to wear make up. If you get the chance, try to let your skin breathe, or use a lightweight base, such as a CC cream, or a tinted moisturizer.  

5. EAT CLEAN - Diet is key to get a good skin. Try to avoid to eat too much processed food, don't have too many dairy products since they tend to favorise breakouts, and eat a lot of fruits ansd vegetable. However, I am not on that vegan all crazy healthy food trend. I go to Mac Donald, I eat junk time to time so keep in mind that you have to treat yourself once in a while. Something I would however not recommend is smocking. Even if you don't see the effect immediatly, believe me your skin is going to kindly remind you your mistakes in a few years. 


Aug 5, 2015

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Say Hello to my new lipstick range obsession. As you might know I do love high end lipsticks. I love to treat myself with one time to time. Among my favourite, the YSL Rouge Volupte and the NARS Audacious lipsticks. After the Clinique Pop lipsticks were released, I was immediatly attracted by their unique packaging. The bottom part is matching the lipstick color and the cap is silver with the brand name engraved in it. I just love how cute they look and I think it is very different from any other packaging. The color selection of the range was also very me, because they carry a lot of plum and everyday nude lipsticks. Totally different from what you're seeing on the picutre right? 

Hebergeur d'image

In fact, after going to the Clinic corner I swatched a few of the 16 shades available. The nudes are absolutely lovely and I was about to get the number 14, Plum Pop. But then, I remind myself that I just purchased the NARS Audacious lipstick in Anna not even a month ago and started to swatch a few of their brighter shades. I saw that lovely bright orange right in the middle of all of the color selection. I swatched it once and felt in love right away! Plus I am totally missing on bright coral-orange colors in my lipstick collection. Poppy Pop is a really nice orange that will match perfectly any tan skin. I wore it today and the formula is so creamy and non drying and the finish is more like a satin finish. The lasting power is not incredible, but if you don't mind reapplying your lipstick through the day, definetly give them a go. 

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Aug 2, 2015

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Coconut oil is one of those 100% natural product that claims to be the solution to all of your beauty trouble. Unless the fact that it apparently help to lose weight, coconut oil will help you through many beauty issues that bother you in your daily life. I would recommend you to pick a raw and organic coconut oil to really get the most of its natural propriety. Here are my five favourite ways to use that miracle product.

1. Weekly hair mask  - Coconut oil is well known to help hair to grow out. It is also gonna help your hair be shinnier and stronger. The way I like to use it is I took a few scoop of coconut oil that I melt into my hand and apply on my dry hair. I let it set for at least two hours or over night if I can once or twice a week. I then shampoo and condition my hair and you will really feel like it is smoother and shinner the next day. After a few weeks I also noticed my hair to be longer.

2. Take of your make up - I found myelf out of make up remover a few days ago, and I was just too lazy to go to the convinience store and wasn't really ready to spend a crazy amount on a pack of 5 make up wipes. I then thought that oil was a good way to remove make up and my coconut oil was there, starring at me. I took a tiny amount that I melted into my hand and rubbed it onto my face. Looked like a clown for sure, but it really helped to take off my make up that night. If you want a perfect result, mix your coconut oil with a bit of almond oil.

3. Hydrate your body - I love to use coconut oil especially in the summer to hydrate my skin. I put a tiny bit on my legs and arms and it leaves my skin very smooth and totally hydrated. If you don't like to use oil, you can whiped your coconut oil of a few minutes and you will end up with a nice fluffy texture that will look like a body butter.

4. Lip balm - Still on the hydrating side of things, I love putting a bit of coconut oil on my lips every night. First, if you like coconut, this might be the best tasting balm ever. Then once again, it is gonna plump and moisturize your lips through the night and they will be lipstick ready the next morning.

5. Anti cellulite - We girls, are often bother with cellulite especially at this time of the year when we want to chill by the pool or at the beach. If you suffer from cellulite, use coconut oil and massage it on your trouble areas. It will help reduce it in the most natural way and you won't have to spend hundred of dollars on miracle creams anymore. 


Jul 27, 2015

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I think I have never done any hair inspiration post before, mostly because when it comes to styling my hair, I am everything but creative. I usually wear my hair down and straight, but now with the crazy hot weather, I sometimes like to braid it. Especially since I now have a new obsession for hats, and I love the boho look you can achieve by pairing them with messy fishtails braids. I wish I was skilled enough to reproduce some of these gorgeous hairstyles, but anyway I don't think I would be able to get such awesome result, since my hair is definetly not thick enough! However I have a new hair care routine that I can't wait to share with you that really helped my hair to grow out and get healthier.  


Jul 24, 2015

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Ok I guess baby blue is not considered as nude, but let's pretend nude and pastel are just the same thing. First of all, let me tell you that I was sick and stuck in bed for the past two days. And I hate being sick ! Today I can finally move from my bed and be a normal humain being, getting dressed, doing my make up, even if I still looking like a phoetus when I am writing those lines or basically just eating something without crying because my throat hurts me like hell. First thing I felt like doing after those two days in bed was writing something here (and go to pick up something from Starbucks, because I am obsessed) and my Essie collection was right next to me. I have already blogged about "Something Blue, Something Borrowed" a few weeks ago which was my first Essie purchased. Since then I got two new babies and they are both from the bride collection (at least here in Japan). The beige nude one is "Bride to Be". It is a classic nude color, I would say it is more a beige brown kind of nude, don't expect it to come out like a nude pink on your nails it is definetly not in that range of colour. To get a full opacity you will need to apply 3 coats. It is gonna make your nails look very clean and it is the perfect polish for work. The lovely baby pink one is called "Romper Room" and is by far my favourite recently, I am wearing it non stop since it matches every outfit I am wearing. For a full opacity I would recommend 3 coats too, even if you could be ok with only 2. I think my next Essie purchase will be a red, either it is a bright red, a pink red or a deep red, so if you have any recommendation, let me know in the comments down below. Have a nice week end! 

PS: Thank you so much for the 100 followers on bloglovin, I am so grateful!  


Jul 14, 2015

When the NARS Audacious lipsticks came out at the end of last year, my first plan was to get only two shades to try them out; Charlotte, because come on girls, dream come true, a lipstick with my name, and Anna which I thought would be the perfect "me" colour. But very sadly, this colour wasn't sold in the french Sephora where we can only buy 24 shades out of the 40 of the whole collection. 

I kinda forgot about it for a while, and decided to get Anita, which is a really lovely pinky nude. But the other day, I stopped by a NARS counter in Shibuya, and I suddently saw it, right there, waiting for me; Anna. I am in love with any type of mauvy-pink lipsticks because I think they match my skin tone in such a lovely way. Anna is definetly a mauve lipstick with a slight purple undertone. It is definetly a little bit more daring than a nude, but still pretty easy to wear on a day to day basis. For those Kylie Jenner fan out there, this one might also be a good one to try. I have been wearing it non stop since I got it. Concerning the formula, I still think that the NARS Audacious lipsticks have one of the best formula out of all the lipsticks I tried up to now. The finish is semi matte, they are long wearing and non drying. If you want to see more shades, you can find my reviews on the shades Anita and Charlotte on my blog. And hopefully my collection will keep growing! If you have tried any other shades, let me know what is your favourite so I might give it a go next time.  


Jul 4, 2015

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Well guys. Since I am in Japan I have to admit that I truly miss my dear Sephora. I have never been the type of person to spend a crazy amount of money on make up. I much prefer investing in good quality clothes, or one good bronzer, than having a tone of them that I never reach out for (ok, lipsticks do not count here!). But I have to admit that after three months of privation, I feel the need to get something Sephora. A lipstick, a concealer ... something. I now totally understand the frustration of UK beauty gurus.  Here in Japan it is much harder to shop for high end products. You have to go to all of those fancy counters, and to be honest I hate shopping at make up counters. I like bigger shops, where I can search for my own products without being attacked by a for sure lovely, but a bit oppressive sale person. Yes I am the kind of girl who will definetly run away if you try to help me if I don't ask you to do so. Anyway, just because I can't help myself, here are five products I would love to add to my makeup collection right now. And don't forget to comment with the product you're dying to try right now!

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - Just because the whole world is raving about it and that I almost got it before leaving for Japan but finally went for the NARS Audacious lipstick in Anita (don't regret at all though, it is for sure one of my favourite lipstick ever!). It has became an obsession of mine especially since it is apparently everything I have ever looked for in a concealer. Easy to blend and amazing coverage. What else ?

2. NARS Audacious lipstick in Fanny or Julie - Actually the shade Julie isn't available on the french Sephora website, which means I should try to visit one of the NARS counter in Tokyo to find the shade. Cheer me up guys and maybe I will finally get something from a counter (it is all about fighting your fears right?). I would also love to get the shade Fanny which seems to be a perfect berry color.

3. Clinic Color Pop lipstick in Nude Pop, Melon Pop and Plum Pop - The first thing that attracted me to those lipsticks is the packaging that I think is absolutely adorable. Since I saw them all over Instagram I have secretely dream to own the whole collection, but if I had to pick a few shades I would go for those three.

4. The Too Faced Neutral Matte palette - I am OBSESSED with matte eye shadows recently. Which is kinda strange since I have always been a big fan of shimery looks. Yes you're talking to the girl who hit pan twice on Smog and Half Baked in her Urban Decay Naked palette (and yes, I purchased it twice). Anyway, this palette looks amazing and I would love to create deep and dark smockey with those nice brown shades.

5. SmashBox Photo Finish Primer - Just because my best friend says it is an amazing primer I would love to try it now, especially since I am completely out of the one I was using and that I can't find anything I like in the japanese drugstores.


Jun 17, 2015

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Better late than never, mid-june and may favourite, yes babes! As you know I am only back into blogging since a few days after a huge gap in the month of May, but  I was obviously still using lot of makeup, and buying lots of clothing. Because I am just me you know. In May, make up wise, I have been kinda brow obsessed because of my new NYX find. This eye brow pencil is super handy. It has a little spooly on one end, and the brow product on the other end. Be carefull and be light handed while using it, because it is quite pigmented. I have also been obsessed with my YSL Nude in Private lipstick. Perfect for an everyday lovely wash of colour and it is really hydrating. I used it under the Rimmel Exagerated lip pencil in the shade 02 which is another favorite! Finally, with summer comes bright lips, and my favourite is the Velvet Edition in Ole Flamingo from Bourjois. Obsessed with this gorgeous pink shade! 

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Fashion wise, this is a pretty weird favorite, but since I moved into my new appartment by the end of May, I am obsessed with my new clothing rail. It is white and I got it for 600 yens in Ikea (5 euros, 7 dollars?). It looks super lovely and I love putting all of my favourite clothes on it! I will very soon post a summer wardrobe related post, or a kind of haul so stay tuned for that, if you're a fashion lover!

For music, I am playing No Love Allowed by Rihanna on replay, don't ask why it is quite an old one but you know what's happened when you let your Itunes on shuffle for a few hours, you rediscover old treasures. I am also listening to Ghost by Ella Henderson, and Worth it by Fifth Harmony. I've also been playing the cover of Demons by Josh Golden. One of my fave song by my fave singer on Youtube. That's it for this month guys! I see you very soon for a new post, I hope fashion related.


Jun 11, 2015

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And no, it is not a lipstick. I know, crazy. But if there is something that I like at least as much as lipsticks, it's wearing a bronze smockey eye look, which completely justify this new purchase. First of all, I was so happy to see NYX in Loft make up corner in Shibuya. I've been wanting to try this brand for such a long time, watching lip swatches of every single lip products they sell on loop, but never really commit to purchase it online when I was in France. The selection here is so tiny compared to the crazy variety of product that you can find on the NYX website. But hey, better than nothing. 

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I picked up those two Jumbo Eye Pencils to use as base or eyeshadows. With the super hot weather coming here in Japan (never used that much deodorant in my life, I know, super TMI) I was thinking that those babies might help my smockey to stay in place for a longer period of time, and let's be honest, eye shadows sticks are a trend right now and I was certainly one of the last beauty blogger to buy one of these. 

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I selected the color 611 Yogurt that is a very luminous color, it is a nudy/beige color, perfect for a natural look or to highlight your inner corners. Then I also picked a darker shade; 609 French Fries (who picked that name? I guess we can all agree, french fries are yellow, not brown) and I'm pretty sure that this intense shimmery brown is gonna replace my all time favourite smockey eye shade, Smog from Urban Decay. Texture wise, they are really creamy and were so easy to swatch. No need to mention that NYX is super affordable. Totally recommend them! 


Jun 1, 2015

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As some of you might know, I am doing my final internship in Japan for almost two months now and to be honest, I kinda like to dress up every morning to look like a working women. So many people might think it is quite borring, that you have to wear the same suit everyday, but you can seriously create so many different outfits. I also think that being the marketing representative of my small company and working mostly on a luxury good related project, I have to represent the product I want to sell and dressing up is in my case not even an option. The weather here in Tokyo is getting super duper hot and I want to add some ligther colors and materials into my closet. And you know me, when it comes to shopping lists, Asos is my very first stop. Here is a selection of both shoes and clothes that I would love to rock at my meeting for the coming months. 

-links coming soon-


May 8, 2015

Hello lovely peeps. I know, I said I would post twice a week. But my life in the past two to three weeks has been crazy. Even if you are following me on IG, I was pretty much MIA. I was involved in a very short term project -planning an event in an embassy here in Tokyo- and I had to do some extra hours to get it done. Now that the event is done, I feel really good and proud but I am working on a whole new project starting from today and it might be time consuming too.  I am also currently searching for a new place to live since I want to live much closer to Tokyo center. Lastely my best friend is in Japan to visit me for a few weeks and I just prefer spending my free time hanging around with her than writting blog posts at home, knowing that I am not gonna see her for months once she's gone. I know lot of excuses, let's say I can hardly handle my new working life with my blog. But I will try my best and I am pretty sure I can do much better once I will move to my new place hopefully in two to three weeks.

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Anyway, my favourite post might be kinda short this month, especially make up wise. I have been using the same products over and over again. I am still completely obsessed with my NARS Creamy concealer in Vanilla and my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I have also wore the Sephora lip stain in Pink Soufflé almost daily, perfect pop of colour for spring. Lastely I bought the Sephora Coconut body butter and the Sephora Coconut handcream. I love the smell and the consistency for both of the product, really recommend them. 

I go straight to more non beauty favourite now. Music wise, I have been loving See You Again from the Fast and Furious 7 OST. I watched the movie a few days ago to watch it and damn that last scene guys is so sad. Also felt in love with Karmin album because of my best friend who played it while getting ready the other day. Acapella is by far my favourite. 

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Overall, I would say my life in Tokyo is my april favourite. Of course I am super busy with work, but it feels so good to be back. I could meet my friends again, already made some lovely new memories, also meet amazingly inspiring people in my work environment. Main favourite is also japanese food, sometimes really cute and in general super duper tasty. I mean, cat donuts guys? Seriously? I hope you all had a lovely month anyway and I hope to talk to you very soon! 


Apr 18, 2015

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I have talked about these liquid lipsticks so many times on my blog, but I never showed you my collection or swactched these amazing products. I said amazing because they are hands down my favourite drugtore lip products. Matte lips at an affordable price? Who's not liking that? First, I really like Bourjois as a brand, I think they have good quality products, nice packaging and always come up with the funniest and cutest for their products. At least, being a frenchy, I found the name of these lipsticks pretty funny. About the formula, I would say it is long lasting, not patchy (but it depends on the shade as you will see later) and quite easy to apply. The scent of these lipstick is honestly the only con. It smells a little like ... paint? Other than that, the colors are really vibrant and they have shades that will match almost any complexion.  

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Apr 12, 2015

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French pharmacy haul time! Well, first, this is my first time blogging in Japan. I had planned the previous post so you were not staying too long without any content here but, well I'm right now slurping on a Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks in Shibuya and talking to you guys. It feels much cooler than my usual room to be honest. I will certainly do weekly or monthly update about my life in Japan (for the newbies here, I plan to stay at least one year in Japan and currently have an internship as a marketing assistant in Tokyo). I arrived on Wednesday and I have been really busy since I started working on Thursday that I couldn't even settle properly. No need to tell that I am still extra jet lagged, almost felt asleep twice a work and couldn't even talked properly to my boss (good impression). But the internship seems to be extremely interesting and could be a really good start to a future career in Japan. Anyway, I can't promise to post here extremley regularly, first because my schedule between work and week-end with friends will be quite heavy, at least at the begining, and then, I will have to cut down my expenses on beauty products if I want to survive here as an unpaid intern, which means less reviews but maybe more original content (if you have any tag ideas for exemple, share them with me in the comment down below). I'll do my best to keep posting at last once or twice a week anyway.

On to the haul now. Just before leaving for Japan, I stocked up on a few skin care products that I know are much more expensive here in Tokyo. First, a tiny bottle of Bioderma micellar water. I first wanted to get the big version of it, but let's be real I was in a serious suitcase issue. Moreover, it is actually my very first time purchasing it. Such a shame for a frenchy, I know. I have used it a little since and it really does the job! I also repurchased two of my favourite skincare product from La Roche Posay from their Effaclar Duo range. The first one is the Effaclar K Soin Rénovation Peaux Grasse Anti Récidive, which is basically a face cream for oily skins which is supposed to smooth the texture of your skin. It's a product that I really love, it keeps my skin hydrated and really makes it look smoother and prettier. The little tube on the right is the well known Effaclar Duo + which is a cream to use specifically on spots and acne areas which will help you get rid of your imperfections. Once again, I have noticed an improvement in my skin everytime I have been using it. Well that's it for today loveys, I talked to you soon and don't forget to follow me on instagram for more japanese updates (say the girl who haven't post anything there yet).


Apr 8, 2015

Hebergeur d'image
Hebergeur d'image

If you've lived under a rock the past few months, maybe you haven't heard about the Audacious lipstick from NARS. These are definetly among the most raved about high end lipstick in the whole blogging world. Some youtubers already have crazy collections of these despite the price (30 euros, or 32 dollars which is definetly expensive for a liptick). They are honestly very good lipsticks, the formula is really good, they are non drying, and the packaging is also amazing! I am not gonna write a whole detailed review, just because I did it once when I posted about the shade Charlotte that my sweet best friend got me for Christmas. But my dad recently got me the shade Anita (you know little treat for his little girl leaving for Japan) and I really wanted to show you some swatches since it is a really perfect nude that I think will look good on many complexion.


Apr 6, 2015

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Do you see those super duper cute pinterest pictures up there? Well I wish I could do that, pretty nails, effortless yet lovely hairstyles. But ... no. Well, who here has no make up or beauty fails time to time? Uneven eye liner, bad contouring, panda like smockey eyes. We've all been there right? Learning how to do make up takes time, and even after years of practice, they are still lot of things that I suck at in the beauty department. 

1 - Curling my hair with a flat iron - Well first, my hair is not cooperating at all to be honest. When I want it straight it is just wavy, when I want it curled the curls will last twenty minutes max and then fade away. Then, about curling my hair with a flat iron, I have watched tones of tutorials, I have tried hundred of times but there is just no way that works on my hair.

2 - Pretty hair styles - Following with the hair issues, I apparently can't do even a simple messy bun. It always looks so bad on me. I remember being at uni, watching a girl with amazing hair just doing a perfect messy bun in like 10 seconds and being like ... why? No need to talk about fishtails or waterfall braids. Total fail.

3 - Taking care of my nails - I am biting my nails I think ... since I was in kindergarten. No need to tell you how damaged, short, thin and basically ugly they are. They only look good when I splurge on a gel nail manicure which is honestly not even once a year. Even if I tried hard not to bite them I can't stop more than two weeks. If you have any tips or products recommendations, let me know!

4 - Contouring my nose - I am not too bad for like contouring in general, I love defining a little more my face and making it sharper. I also love highlighting my cheekbones, and my cupid bow. But when it comes to the nose area. Oh god. Not good at all, I can never blend it correctly and it just make my nose looks super mudy and disgusting basically. 

5 - Fake Tanning - Maybe because I don't have a long time experience with fake tanning, and because I never really invested in good products, I always end up with patches and a super stricky tan all over my body and I think the overall result is not really natural. I do love a bit of a tan but I think I will just keep on going to the beach to have that real sunkissed look.

What about you girls? Anything you are really bad at? 


Apr 2, 2015

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Ok so it is April already. Who is freaking out? Doing these favourites posts make me realize how fast the time goes by! March has been a month with a lot of purchases which means a lot of new favourites. Let's start with make up. This month I have been buying the NARS Sheer Glow foundation for the first time and I am obsessed since I got it! Litterally obsessed, flawless finish, doesn't make me oily, the color match is perfect. Completely in love! Same goes with the Nars Creamy concealer. So easy to blend, and the shade Vanilla is perfect to highlight my undereyes area. I have also purchased some ELF products and I love their highligthers and baked blush. My favourite being this gold one in Blush Gems. Honestly for 4 euros you can't go wrong, it reflects the light in a lovely way and look really lovely on the cheekbones. 

Then about fashion. I have to mention my new leather jacket from Zara. I am obsesed with it. I have been searching for a good leather jacket for a while and this one is the one guys! Silver detailing, nice shoulder pads. Gorgeous and perfect for the spring season! 

Now about social medias, it has been a Youtube month! First, two make up tutorials that incorporate pop of colors for spring and summer. This one from last summer made by the extra talented Shaaanxo. I love the pop of color both on the eyes and lips. On the same blue liner vibe, this new one by MakeupbyAmarie. Matte eyes with a a bright blue winged liner and nude lips, perfect for spring.

Hebergeur d'image

I have been watching Barbara Parade shoe collection over and over again, love it, and we got a few similar pairs. Finally, that cooking video from Beautycrush, made me feel super hungry and I feel like doing every single meals she showed. Really helpul since I am gonna live by myself very soon.

One single movie but I had to mention it. Hot Road, a japanese movie released last summer. I saw it at the very end of March but ... damn I was waiting to watch it for so long. Let's make it short, totally loving the main actor, who is a singer that I love in Japan. I don't think I am really objective, but I really liked the movie. Once again if you're a little into japanese culture or if you're interested in watching something that is not yout typical american movie, give it a go. Japanese movies are really different from european or american movies, it is much more poetic I would say, there is not an over exposure of feelings so you can either love it or hate it. But this one is a cute love story and the background of the girl character is also really interesting. Also it takes place in Yokohama, where I'll live basically from next week and it made me quite impatient!


Mar 28, 2015

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I have a cold for a good few days now. Runny nose, itchy throat, headache every night ... A dreamy week. I am slowly getting better but my face was looking crap and I had the worse dark circles ever. However when I just get a little cold, even if it is unconvenient, life doesn't stop and I still go out and meet friends or family which means that I have to slap on a bit of make up and try to look alive. When I am sick there are a few steps that I do not miss in my routine which help me to go from zombie to pretty.

1 - Hydrate hard - When you're sick your skin basically looks dull and might be really dry. Hydrating your skin is a key step in your daily routine but even more when you're sick. Go for a full on skin care routine, cleanse, apply your moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, rehydrate as much as you can to bring back some glow to your face.

2 - Apply concealer on your undereyes and nose corners - Concealer is a girl best friend definetly especially in her sick days (or after a long night out). I usually go for a lighter shade than my complexion to really bring light to this area usually quite dark. I will also apply some concealer around my nose which is itchy and red because of excessive snuffing.

3 - Highlight your cheek bones and the inner corners of your eyes - Bring light back to your face. Highlighter is my lifesaver when I'm sick. Cheekbones, cupids bow, tip of the nose to cancel out the dullness of sick days. Also, when doing your eye make up, apply your favourite highlighter or a champagne eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. It will make your eyes appear much bigger and awake.

I hope those few tips will help you, share yours in the comments and I talk to you on monday, I will share with you all my March favourites! 


Mar 26, 2015

This one was an impulse buy. I got it at the same time that my NARS foundation a week ago. My best friend was searching for a good yet affordable liquid liptick, and these Sephora Cream lip stains are such a trend in the beauty community recently (aka dozen of beauty gurus raving about it). I recommended her to swatch a few of these and we ended up with our hands all covered of colorful swatches. I was just supposed to help her pick one or two. But as soon as I swatched Pink Soufflé I knew I had to get it. You know, a kind of super me color, that I would wear everyday until it is completely empty an repurchase forever? 

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Mar 24, 2015

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Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am always the last person to try amazing products. On a more serious note, the private "black card" sales (I think it correspond to the VIP sales in the USA) started this week at Sephora, and since I needed to repurchase some body lotions for Japan I went there to use my 25% off coupon. I have been wanting the NARS Sheer Glow foundation for so long, I think since I heard Tanya Burr raved about it ages ago. I also thought that it was much wiser to get it here in France since I guess it might be less expensive that in Japan and you know, 25% off can't go wrong with such a discount. Anyway, I got mine in the shade Deauville which is such a great match for my skin tone!

Hebergeur d'image

I tried it for the first time the other day. I met my best friend on that day, we had coffee outside, it was quite sunny and even with no powder, I wasn't oily at all! This foundation is seriously amazing. The coverage is great, it is not sheer at all, it has a good medium coverage (I have bad skin, scaring and frequent breakouts so I need a foundation that will cover that up!). It leaves your skin with a very lovely and natural finish. It is not that dewy but it's fine, add a good highlighter on the top of you cheecks and you will be good to go! Also, it is super blendable which is a huge plus. However I have a massive con. The packaging. Don't get me wrong, the bottle is really lovely. But no pump? Like for real NARS? I mean when you get a 40 euros foundation you expect it to come with a pump. I did purchased one however since they're really cheap in France (2,50 euros) but once you've put the pump on the foundation, you just can't use the lid anymore which is really annoying in my opinion. Anyway let me know what are your thoughts on this foundation, do you have dupes for it? Any more affordable foundation you prefer ?


Mar 22, 2015

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Asos is to me the best online store ever. Reason? The choice! No matter your style, you will find something. The pice range is also pretty wide so even if you are on a budget you might find something great to add to your wardrobe. Not talking about their coupon codes and special deals. As spring is coming, I have some crazy shopping envy, and well Asos is always the place I like to spend hours dreaming about my future wardrobe. Here are a few items I've selected to transition easily from winter to spring weather.

1. River Island monochromatic leopard skirt - I really like this skirt, I love anything leopard printed, but I don't own anything black and white leopard. I guess that's making it a good reason to get that skirt huh? 

2. Asos nude high neck jumper - It was love at first sight with this jumper. I think with a basic blue jeans, some nice heels and a classy bag you definetly have a great everyday outfit! The color is perfect for spring but its thickness will keep you warm during those tricky months.

3. Weekday off shoulders top - I have a thing for off shoulders top, and I have been searching for a black one since I saw Jessica from tuulavintage pulling off the perfect all black outfit with a similar one. If you are not a dress kind of girl, this top is your best friend, paired with a black skinny jeans and a killer pair of heels and you're good to go!

4. Asos white embossed clutch - Totally love those kind of clutches to go out with girl friends for drinks. Big enough to pack all of your essentials and super stylish! Really love how the two colors matches on this one.

5. Asos basic grey jumper - This kind of jumper is a must have. It is so easy to pair with any kind of jeans, skirts or shorts. It is comfy yet stylish and feminine since it is quite form fitting.

6. Asos Striped Playsuit - Spring is the perfect season to bring the playsuits out of your wardrobe. The weather starts to get warmer and you can wear them with a nice leather jacket for exemple. I love this one because as you might know I am kina obsessed with stripes and I think this one would be a great statement for a daytime chic look.