Feb 27, 2015

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates, I am extremely busy with a "special project" that I will talk about here maybe next week, until then, bare with me peeps! Anyway, today post is all about HairBurst. Hair vitamins has been quite a trend recently. I saw a few youtubers talk about these miracle pills and I was quite intrigued. I am usually not a huge believer in any type of products, especially when it comes to hair. But I have to admit that I really wanted to give them a go. To be honest, I was just about to buy 120 dollars hair extensions when I first heard about them and thought, ok last chance for lovely and long natural hair. So here is my review after a month and a half of taking the product.  That is my all honest opinion, I purchased my bottles with my own money and have no interest in lying about these. 

What is Hairburst - Hairburst is a natural health supplement that will help you grow out and enhance your natural hair. Hairburst is supposed to help you to grow stronger and longer hair, nourishing it from within. It will increase your hair strenght, elasticity and prevent breakages. It is made with all natural elements. It is quite affordable, however I want to say that I noticed a slight rise in the prices since the product is getting famous. You can purchase the supplement supplies on Hairburst websites here. I ordered a 3 months supply for 80 euros. You can chose to start with a month supply, or buy 3 or 6 months supply. 

My hair story - When I was at middle school, I had really long hair, and after a disaster at a hair salon I went from very long hair to a collar bone kind of lenght. After a few years my hair grew back a little. I have never been the kind of lucky girl who has her hair that grew very quickly.  When I was 18, my hair was ... I think around the middle of my back. During a trip to Japan, I did my first japanese straightening. If the first thing I thought was -how cool my hair is so shiny and straight-, I realized after doing it three years in a row that my hair was breaking so bad and no growing anymore. Without even having my hair cut, I went from a mid back lenght to a around the shoulder lenght again because of the treatment and since then my hair has been impossible to grow. 

How my hair changed with Hairburst ? I started to take Hairburst pills around two months ago. After just one or two weeks, I already noticed that my hair was a bit thicker, less sensible to humidity and that it was breaking way less than before. Since then I am taking two pills a day, one in the morning and one at night and I noticed that my hair really grew out a lot. I would say it took at least 5 good centimeters in a month and a half. My front layers are still not long enough to my taste, but the back of my hair really grew out. I can't wait to see how my hair is gonna look when I'll finish the 3 months treatment. 

Side effects - However it definetly helped my hair to grow, I noticed that the effect on my skin are slightly undesirable. I have a real acne pron skin, anything makes me break out, when I am tired, when I take the plane, when I don't get enough sleep when I am stressed. I don't know if it is directly linked to the supplement but I have noticed that my skin tends to break out more since I am taking Hairburst. However, I am use too having quite a sensitive skin and I have decided to keep on with the treatment, and then clear out my skin. A problem at a time!

What do you think about hair supplements? Did you try it before? 


Feb 23, 2015

As you might know if you're a reader for a little while, I visited Japan five times. For a beauty addict like I am, this country is the In Japan, taking care of your skin is sacred. When you visit cosmetics stores, you'll be litteraly amazed by the number of creams, sheet masks and other weird gadgets dedicated to skin care. Not talking about all the super cute make up. Like, Two Faced isn't even a little cute comparing to some japanese and korean products. Here are a few skincare and makeup tips that japanese girls use on a daily basis. And believe me, women there just don't age. 

1. Sheet masks queens! When I was in Japan last time, I was living in the Korean neighborhood of Tokyo which means... Korean cosmetics shops EVERYWHERE. Korean cosmetics are well known for the cute designed products but also for the incredible number of sheet masks they create! I remember walking through a store where a whole wall was full of these. I tried some eye masks and got a few faces one too. You can chose among so many different scents, and they all have different properties. That kind of masks are really handy. You apply them and them just rince off quickly. And let's say they kinda save my life after a few wild clubbing nights. 

2. Don't go out without SPF - Oh god no. Japanese women love to keep their skin as white as possible. Basically it's a symbol of purity and beauty in Japan that most of the women still follow. Also, as you might now, exposing you skin to the sun with no protection will make you skin aged much quicker. You'll find many whitening creams in asian shops, but something that almost every japanese women do is applying SPF! And not a foundation with SPF, the real SPF. No matter the season, you'll find some in stores. 

Hebergeur d'image
3. Facial Yoga - I was quite surprised when a japanese friend talked me about ... facial sports. Mmmm ... It basically consist in kinda massaging your skin in a specific way that will exercice your face and kinda tonify your skin and jaw line. I tried it myself but since I am a lazy kind of thing, I stopped very quickly. But well ... I guess it works?

4. Remove your make up, clean your face remoisturize. The process of removing make up in Japan is so important. The little make up remover wipe and moisturizer are enough for you? Not in Japan. Some japanese women will apply up to 15 creams on their skin before going to bed and this ritual is really important. Oil based products are still quite popular in Asia when it's about removing makeup.

5. Makeup take time, a lot of time - So this one is not exactly a tip. More of a funny story. Last time I went to Tokyo, I got the opportunity to be model for a student in a very good makeup school. We were talking while she was doing my makeup and she asked me how long it took me to do my makeup. Can't imagine her surprise when I said twenty minutes. She was telling all of the students in her class like, oh my god she needs 20 minutes to do that, showing everyone a selfie of mine. It was a basic smockey eye + liner look. Just everyday makeup for me. She then told me that in Japan, makeup was taking a good 40 minutes, up to 2 hours (mostly for gyaru girls, they are japanese fashionistas, young women in their twenties who wear quite a lot of makeup ...) on a daily basis ... I mean who has 2 hours for makeup on the morning? 


Feb 20, 2015

Since a few of you are quite regular readers, I tought it might be interesting to tell you a little bit more about me. Moreover, I love to read that kind of posts since it is always nice to know more about the person who is actually writing posts that you read daily. All of the picture below are from my instagram, and you can follow me @charlotte_moulet ! So let's get into this, and share with me some facts about you in the comments, I would love to know about my lovely readers! 

Hebergeur d'image

1. Around 3/4 of the people I meet think that I am half asian. I am not. Both of my parents are french. I have some italian origins from my mom side. One of my great grandfather was maybe asian. Not sure tho but it would explain a lot of my apparently asian-like features.

2. I will graduate from university in October with hopefully a master degree in international management. 

3. I wish I could wake up and look like Shay Mitchell for one day. I think she is gorgeous, seems to be a nice person and like to travel the world. And I wish I had her makeup artist too. Always flawless.

4. I mostly wear black, white and grey. Add to this a bit of nude, and some printed shoes and you have basically my closet. I am such a neutral girl. Same when it comes to make up. I love a good old brown smockey eyes, winged liner and a neutral lip.

Hebergeur d'image

5. I know my two best friends since respectively 18 and 20 years.
 We lived 4 years together. We have a sister like relationship, so we can be really harsh to one another sometimes but at the end we're always here for each others.

6. I speak french, english, spanish and have a few bascis of japanese.

7. I lost 20 kilograms (apparently 45 pounds) 5 years ago. I've lost most of that weight in 8 months. I followed a diet I decided myself and I never gained weight back since then. If you are interested I can do a post about my weight loss someday.

8. I can drink more than one liter of black coffee a day. And I love to drink it in my mason jar. With a straw. Can I be any weirder? And I also love ice coffee.

9. There is no way that I can eat seafood, except on sushi.

10. My dad wanted to call me "Clémentine" which is basically like a little orange in french. Thanks god they chosed Charlotte in the end.

Hebergeur d'image

11. I have a sick obsession for Starbucks. Since I live in a place with no Starbucks, everytime I go somewhere there is one I'll be the most annoying person and force people to go there with me. I always take the same, Iced Caramel Machiato or a Caramel Frappuccino.

12. I used to really not like Kim Kardashian, but I am kinda obsessed with her post Kimye wedding style.

13. I prefer my feet to hurt like hell than wearing flat shoes. I know, stupid but as Posh said, I just can't concentrate in flats. Might do a post about my favourite heels soon.

14. I have a tiny tiny scar on my left hip. 

15. I wear the same necklace almost everyday. It is an old japanese coin (50 yens actually, which is ... like 30 cents?) that my dad gave me when he knew I liked Japan (he likes collecting coins). Since that day I wear it as a necklace. Since I travel quite a lot, I like having it with me because it reminds me  of my family no matter where I am. And this is the best conversation starter in Japan.


Feb 18, 2015

Hebergeur d'image

When it comes to skincare, my routine tend to change from time to time. I like to try new products sometimes since I have some bad breakouts and acne scars and see how they work. I am for exemple a fan of La Roche Posay skincare to treat my bad areas. But when it comes to cleansing, exfoliating and rehydrating my skin, I have three affordable favourites that I can't really live without. 

Hebergeur d'image

First one my Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser from First Aid Beauty. First I love the packaging. It has a kind of old school vibe that I think is absolutely cute. Then the product itself is really good. It cleans my skin and removes all of the dirts. I can really feel like it's literally cleaning my pores. It let my skin smooth and is easy to rince off and the smell is ok, even though I was a bit surprised the first time I smelled it.  Then time to exfoliate. This Neutrogena Visibly Clear Skin Stress Control is my favourite for years now. It's not too harsh on the skin, and what I most love about it is the smell. Finally, last step and certainly the most important. Moisturizing. This product is not properly a moisturizer, it's the L'Oréal Sublimist Serum. Nontheless, I really like it and use it as a daily moisturizer. Once again, I have oily skin and I don't like to put many oily or super creamy products on my face and the consistency of this product is close to perfection for a skin like mine. 


Feb 16, 2015

Hello loveys! How is your week end going so far? Here is a new fashion serie! Woop woop! I really love writing that kind of post especially since I am in the process of totally re-vamping my wardrobe. For that reason, I decided to just pick out 5 keys pieces in any kind of clothe categorie (dress, jackets, tops...). My goal is to have a clean closet and the first step for that (is of hoping that people will get all my old H&M clothes on Ebay so I can get new stuff!) is to find good basics. Timeless pieces that you will like and that are missing to your closet now or just too old. So here the first staple list, and it is all about jackets.

Hebergeur d'image
1 . THE LEATHER JACKET - Forever and always. The black leather jacket is a must have for any women. Of course, you can have fun there, and play with colors. Pastel leather jackets are super on trend for the spring season. But when it comes to basics, a black leather moto jacket is a good place to start. Chose the hardware you prefer, gold or silver. Try them on, the cut and lenght of these jackets are really important, be sure you feel confortable in them and that it suits your bodyshape nicely. And if you go for a perfecto .. I would recommend to wear it open. Like always

Hebergeur d'image

2. THE TRENCH COAT - Maybe because I am french? I mean I have a vision that ... yeah any french women need to have a good trench coat, the perfect LBD, some lovely black stilleto (with red soles better), and some red lipstick. Stopping with all these cliché, trench coats are handy, especially at this time of the year when we're slowly going into spring and easy to pair with many outfits. It will immediatly make you look really lady-like and chic. And ... I really need to get a new one since I am really not a fan of the Zara one I have anymore.

Hebergeur d'image

Obviously. Black blazers go with everything. When I go out at night, I would rather wear a V-neck top with a nice black blazer and pants than a dress. It's also perfect when you go to work, out for dinner with the girls or the bae. It's definetly one of the most versatile piece a women can have. Here once again, you can definetly play with colours. I am kind of a blazer addict. I own three black ones already, but they all have an interesting twist (a girl excuse I know). Also for the warmer season, definetly try a white one. Perfect transition piece and it will brighten your complexion! 

Hebergeur d'image
4. THE DENIM JACKET : The best friend of any casual yet stylish girl out there. You can pair it with a dress, a skirt or a your favourite pair of skinnies. Denim jackets are totally layering friendly. You can wear them under your leather jacket, over a blouse or collared shirt. Anything will look good and casual. I prefer them well fitted but you can also wear them oversized, distressed, light or dark blue, even grey or black! Even if it's a super basic piece you can have fun with it, wear it over a dress, an oversized sweater of even tied around you waist. 

Credits to : songofstyle, sincerelyjules, kaytue, tulavintage, pinterest


Feb 14, 2015

Hebergeur d'image

Hello loves! Happy Valentines! And if you're like me, a single girl stuck until 9PM at your part time job then happy basic saturday! *wooohoo*. Already hearing all of the customers saying, oh happy valentine, you should be with your boyfriend at a time like that. Meeeh, no boyfriend dear customers. Just kidding, I'm a really happy single girl. I've always feel like, good with a boyfriend, and good all by mself so I am not the depressed type on Valentines day. Ok let's just stop that TMI, and get into the post. For today, something quite easy, just showing some of my fave pink lipsticks. I think for Valentines, pink is for you if just like me you ... like to kiss. No tranfer, you won't look like a clown, you bf won't look like a clown, good choice. Ok I said let's stop that TMI, yeah that's was really TMI. Anyway! Here are some of my favourite pinks. Three high end, three drugstore, love them all. 

1. Chanel Rouge Allure in Fougueuse 138 - Fougueuse basically means fiery in french (yes that's the good side of being french, I can understand all of the Chanel lipsticks names, what an achievement). It's a lovely pink with some coral undertones. I can totally picture this one with a lovely white dress, or a white shirt or blouse, wavy hair and minimal make up on the eyes. Of course it's Chanel, so the packaging is to die for. I love the black and gold and the little opening system is so fancy (no lies, first time I got it I was like? meeh how do you open that stuff?)

2. YSL Rouge Volupte in Pink Lingerie - If you like baby pinks and want to get and high end one, go for it. Creamy texture, super fruity smell (I personally love it), the YSL oh so perfect packaging. Not much wrong for this lipstick except that the lasting power is not that great. I read some people saying you can keep them on your lips for 5 to 6 hours. Forget that if you plan to drink, eat, or just talk a lot. But hey, you can't have it all you know?

3. YSL Rouge Volupte in Pink in Paris - I don't know how many times I mentioned this lipstick on my blog. But it is my all time favourite. The color is so pretty, once again fruity smell (do you know that these lipsticks contain fruit extracts and antioxidants so your lips will look smoother after you apply them?). I didn't mention it before but they are super hydrating, it almost feels like a balm on your lips. This rose pink is quite opaque and will be your best friend for a natural everyday look. My lips but better kind of.

4. Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition in Pink Pong - Let's start with the drugstore. Here you say, can you just stop talking about these? Sorry guys but I had to mention at least one (and it's not gonna stop since Bourjois just realeased new shades!). I chosed pink pong. So just forget about all I said about kissing and not looking like a clown. Kisser, skip to number five right now, because that is a super duper bright pink. Once again matte finish, long lasting power, perfect if you're out for dinner but want that pop of color without re-applying. I would rather wear minimal eye makeup with this one tho since the color is like, pow in your face.

5. Rimmel Apocalips in Nova - There is not many people who keeps on talking about these. I remember when the whole blogging world was raving about them a few years ago, or was it last year? Anyway, I especially love this pink shade. Nova is quite close to YSL Pink in Paris but more pigmented and less shiny. It's an everyday pink that you can pair with a smockey eyes and still look quite natural. Really love it and still recommend it, even if I am not crazy about the smell of this one.

6. Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive - And here it comes, my favourite pink from the drugstore. Purchased this one ... I think a the end of last spring, I am almost out of it now and it makes me so sad. It is basically the perfect my lips but better pink. A really lovely and natural color that you can wear without thinking too much about it (no mirror involved kind of lipstick). As every Revlon matte balm, minty smell, love it. Don't except to not touch up during the day tho. I wouldn't say the lasting power is super crazy.

Sorry for the too much lips related kind of posts recently, I am working on some good fashion related ones and a more personal post is coming soon too! Once again have a lovely week end, and I write to you soon ! 


Feb 12, 2015

Hebergeur d'image

When I heard that Maybelline had released new jumbo lip pencils I really wanted to try them. The first reviews where super convincing. How can you resist and not buy something the whole blogging world compare to the NARS velvet lip pencil? NARS is my favourite make up brand, I love their black packaging and I have never been disapointed by any of their products, especially their lip pencils which are to me the best on the market! Only problem ? 25 euros for a pencil. meh ... right? If I can get the same finish for a fraction of the price, I guess I can say that this product worse the hype.

Hebergeur d'image

Now let's start the review. The Maybelline Color Drama is a little bit smaller than the full size NARS Velvet lip pencils. They are super handy, and will allow you to get a precise finish. I picked up the color "Light it Up" which is a true red. The color is super opaque, just one layer is enough to really cover your lips. The consistancy is also really creamy and non drying even if the finish is matte, however as usual with anyting matte, I would recommend to exfoliate your lips because it might enhance any dry patches. The main con to me is that you have to sharpen it. I prefer the pencils that you can twist up; it's more hygenic and left the pencil way cleaner. Anyway, I totally recommend this product and it is in fact really comparable to the NARS one! Next buy? The mauvy shade "Keep it Classy"!


Feb 8, 2015

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I think all women should rock red lipstick time to time. It's the ultimate symbol of feminity and it personally makes me feel so confident. I mean, as long as it stay on my lips... The number one problem with red lips (or any kind of bright or dark color) is that you have to check countless time during the day if you don't have lipstick on your teeth, chin or just ... all over your face. However, here are a few steps to follow if you want to have a clean and long lasting red lips! 

1. Exfoliate your lips - The first step to a good long lasting red lip is to exfoliate your lips so they'll be prepare for your lipstick application. Dead skins are showing up so much under dark lipstick so get rid of them! Don't be too harsh, the skin on your lips isn't really thick so, use a specific scrub or with a tooth brush, take a little bit of sugar and scrub smoothly. Once it's done, rince off.

2. Find the perfect red for you - There is a good red for everyone. You first have to know your undertone. Blue toned reds are looking good on girls with a pink based skin tone, when orangy reds will suit ladies with more of an olive skin tone. Blue toned red lipsticks will also make your teeth look whiter, that's why they are definetly my favourites. Then pick up the good finish. Glossy red lips are lovely, but they're much harder to control than a good old matte. I am all about liquid lipstick for that, such a the Bourjois Velvet Edition.

3. Don't forget your lip pencil - First, it'll make your lips look fuller and more defined. Then, it's gonna stain your lips, and even if your lipstick is fading away, the color of your lip pencil will still be there. For that reason I would recommend to chose a color similar to the lipstick you're wearing.

4. Blot your lips on a paper and then reapply- After your apply your lipstick, take a piece of tissue, lightly blot your lips, and then reapply your lipstick again. The first layer is gonna stain your lips while the second layer has a good base to stick on. This technic will definetly increase any lipsticks lasting power.

5. Conceal and highlight - Last but not least if you want to achieve the perfect red lips. Take a small lip brush and use your concealer to erase the little mistakes you've made. Once that done, take your favourite highligther and lightly apply on your cupid bows. Once again : bigger lips guaranteed.


Feb 6, 2015

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I am a part of the oily skin gang. I try not to be upset about it, because even if I am shining bright like a diamond at the end of the day ... I heard I might get less wrinckles in the future. And seeing one of my aunt which had the same oily skin as I do, looking twenty years younger than she actually is.. let's say I have some good hopes for that. Anyway, that's why I kinda like priming my face before my foundation routine, so I can control the oil on my skin a little bit better. I decided to review today the Stay Matte Primer from Rimmel. I think Rimmel is one of the best drugstore brand on the market for face products, and this primer is no exception. The consistancy is quite thick, and the product is white. I really feel like it controls the oil on my face as soon as I apply it. I motsly concentrate it on the T-Zone, let it set a bit and than apply my favourite foundation. It really does the job and keep me matte for quite a long part of the day even if I don't put any powder! It has no smell which is a good point and even with my foundation on it doesn't make me feel caky. 


Feb 4, 2015

Hebergeur d'image

Not following the typical wishlist trend, I decided to write about my real needs. Pieces that are currently missing in my closet, or stuff that I need to repurchase since I run out of them. Let's be honest, I would love to get 10 more NARS Audacious and a Vuitton Neverful, but spending my money wisely and not daydreaming about things I can't affoard is a bit more realistic. 

Let's start with the clothing part. As mentioned before, I have a real obsession with men inspired clothes. I like to go oversized on top and tight on the leg area. That's why I want to purchase some good quality shirts. I'll definetly order one or two on Asos that are 100% cotton made. Along with that, I would love to get a new little black dress that will really enhance my bodyshape. The kind of dress you can throw on without thinking about it too much. Then, I'll have to restock on some basics tops since I throw away many of my old ones. I also need to find a good pair of dark blue denim since my Zara one are completely worn off, I'm thinking about getting some Leigh or Jamie jeans from Topshop. For the shoes, because of course there are always shoes involved, I need some lovely and pointy nude heels.

Hebergeur d'image

Now makeup and skin care wise, even if I really want to try some new makeup realease (the Maybelline lip pencil that everyone talk about are screaming at me everytime I go to my fave drugstore), I really need to get some of the La Roche Posay products. I have to repurchase the Effaclar duo and I want to try their Micellar water. I also need a back up of body butter and body lotion since I'm completely out of my previous one. But here is my dilema, Mango Temptation or Love Spell?

Hebergeur d'image

WHAT I WANT -  Asos dress, LaRochePosay Effaclar - Topshop Leigh Jean - VS Mango Tempation Body Butter & Lotion - Topshop Gemini in Nude

source : pinterest, yahoostyle


Feb 2, 2015

Hello ladies! January is already over, it's kinda scary honestly how time is just flying. I thought it's because the first part of this month was crazily busy for me, so without even realizing it it was already like January 20th, and now it's February and and then spring and ... yeah, you know what I mean. Here is a quite famous blog post, the well loved favourites of the month. Even though it's quite a traditional bloggy-youtuby things (I should stop inventing words I guess?), it's my very first time doing it. I thought with the new year, it might be a good time to just start. 

Hebergeur d'image

Let's start with make up, my most worn lip product has to be the Tanya Burr lipgloss in Lunch Date. As Tanya herself says, it is the perfect shade for everyday. The gloss is quite pigmented but doen't wash me out and it goes perfectly with my daily bronzy smockey eyes.

Fashion wise, this is one of the best present I ever received in my life. For those who follow me on instagram, you might have seen it already, but my parents got me a Saint Laurent wallet for Christmas. I was so happy when I got it, the leather is so soft, the gold detailing on point and the design is timeless. It is quite a boyish wallet but it is exactly what I like, I am not into super girly details when it comes to bag or wallet, like bows or fancy diamonds stuff. Another YSL favourite, the Black Opium perfume, aka the sexiest perfume I ever own! The scent is quite strong and might not be everyone favourite but I really love it!

Then my random favourites. First, TV shows, I finally watched the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars, 3 in a row, kind of the best night ever. I love this show, like I don't want it to stop ever and can it just be tuesday everyday? Second random favourite, and that's pretty random one to be honest; notebook. I got that neon pink notebook at the begining of the month and have been doing to do list almost every single day, obsessed and it really helps me to be much more organised. About music, I've been listening to two songs on replay : Dilemma by Selena Gomez, and No Interruption by Hoodie Allen. Share your favourite of this month in the comment box and I wish you a happy february!