Dec 12, 2015

Only two weeks left until Christmas (where 2015 went? no freaking idea), it is now time to think about the outfit ! Well I think here, there are two teams. On one side, the comfy Christmas person. You want to spend your Christmas, eating what you would normally eat in four days, and drinking what you would drink in two months. In that case, your only option is to wear your favourite festive sweater, if possible oversized to hide the future food baby and a good old legging. Well in my case, I usually like to dress up a little. I mean, I like to dress up on the 24th at night, but I totally admit that I am close to wearing my pyjamas for Christmas lunch on the 25th. Anyway, for Christmas dinner, I usually like to put on a lovely sequin dress, and my tradition is usually to wear a red lip with a golden eye make up. Here is a little selection of Asos dresses that I would love to wear this year. 

The sequin midi dress - I think this dress is close to perfection. I really love the cut that I found very unique. It is a midi dress but it has a quite high slit on the skirt part that makes it look a little more sexy. The sequin gives it a really festive look and it looks very fancy and put together.  

The red sexy dress - Well red is the color for Christmas. I personally do not wear red at all during the year, so the holidays is the perfect occasion for me to put on a nice and sexy red dress. I had a crush on this dress the second I saw it on the Asos website. I love the deep V neck cut and the thin straps and once again the slit on the skirt gives it an even sexier twist.  

The Hollywood glam dress - If you are a follower of the cute Suzie from Hello October, you saw this dress already. I think it is the kind of piece that you love or hate, it is super sparkly and have a very drapy structure. I really love it and I think it looks gorgeous on!  I could definetly see that on a red carpet, wore by someone like Selena Gomez for exemple. 

The simple white dress - This one is for the girls who like to have a pretty dress but doesn't want to do much. The white color of the dress really tones down the sparkles and the cut is very simple. An easy dress to wear with a pair of nude shoes. 

The super emboired dress - And here the embellishment goes all cray cray. This dress looks amazing, the work on the sequins and beads looks amazing. As the dress is black, you will also be able to play around with your make up a little more.  

The sequin "animal printed" dress - Well this one as the silver sparkly one will also be a love-hate item. The partern is quite special but I really love the cut of it. You can't see it on the picture but the back has a very lovely and deep V neck that you can close with a nice black ribbon. In that case, it is party both on the front and back. 


  1. hey love this blog post!

    jess xx

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  2. cute dresses. Really like the 5th one ^_^

  3. First dress is adorable!

  4. The red dress is so great xoxo

  5. Beautiful dresses! I love the red one!

    xx Isabel

  6. Great compilation! Love all these dresses! That long sleeved one is my favorite!
    Xoxo Annie

  7. I really do wish I had more fancy Christmas parties to go to, but unfortunately I don't because all of them here in Arizona have been quite casual. Everyone says wear jeans and a sweater and there's no lovely dresses. Sad, but true and I'm sure I will have an opportunity someday to wear a nice dress ;) Lovely post! xx,

  8. I love the #2nd and #3rd dress, so pretty for party season <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture - Wishing you an amazing Christmas and all the best for 2016!! ♥