May 8, 2015

Hello lovely peeps. I know, I said I would post twice a week. But my life in the past two to three weeks has been crazy. Even if you are following me on IG, I was pretty much MIA. I was involved in a very short term project -planning an event in an embassy here in Tokyo- and I had to do some extra hours to get it done. Now that the event is done, I feel really good and proud but I am working on a whole new project starting from today and it might be time consuming too.  I am also currently searching for a new place to live since I want to live much closer to Tokyo center. Lastely my best friend is in Japan to visit me for a few weeks and I just prefer spending my free time hanging around with her than writting blog posts at home, knowing that I am not gonna see her for months once she's gone. I know lot of excuses, let's say I can hardly handle my new working life with my blog. But I will try my best and I am pretty sure I can do much better once I will move to my new place hopefully in two to three weeks.

Hebergeur d'image

Anyway, my favourite post might be kinda short this month, especially make up wise. I have been using the same products over and over again. I am still completely obsessed with my NARS Creamy concealer in Vanilla and my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I have also wore the Sephora lip stain in Pink Soufflé almost daily, perfect pop of colour for spring. Lastely I bought the Sephora Coconut body butter and the Sephora Coconut handcream. I love the smell and the consistency for both of the product, really recommend them. 

I go straight to more non beauty favourite now. Music wise, I have been loving See You Again from the Fast and Furious 7 OST. I watched the movie a few days ago to watch it and damn that last scene guys is so sad. Also felt in love with Karmin album because of my best friend who played it while getting ready the other day. Acapella is by far my favourite. 

Hebergeur d'image

Overall, I would say my life in Tokyo is my april favourite. Of course I am super busy with work, but it feels so good to be back. I could meet my friends again, already made some lovely new memories, also meet amazingly inspiring people in my work environment. Main favourite is also japanese food, sometimes really cute and in general super duper tasty. I mean, cat donuts guys? Seriously? I hope you all had a lovely month anyway and I hope to talk to you very soon!