#GIRLBOSS - The business book for ambitious young women

Apr 26, 2016

After almost a year without reading (yes, I know, shame on me) I suddenly felt like reading dozens of books. But being in Japan, it is obviously quite hard to find interesting books either in french or english. The book stores are usually filled up with old classic that to be honest are not really my cup of tea. So when I came across #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, I picked it up right away. It was the last one in the shop, and I had a bit of a panic moment when I realized I didn't have enough cash with me to pay for it. So I obviously hide it in between some children books far far away from its normal place on the business book shelf, ran to the closest ATM and came back to the bookstore. Hopefully it was still there, waiting for me. Wait, am I the only one hiding stuff and going back to pick them up later? I guess normal person might ask the staff to keep them on the side ... 

Meh. Back to the book, I guess you have heard of it before, but it is basically the story of Sophia Amoroso, now ex-CEO of Nasty Gal. I picked this book because I am at a point in my life where I am asking myself a lot of questions about my future and I was hoping this book might help me find some answers, and well I won't say this book changed my entire life, but I was truly inspired and motivated by this women story. To be honest, while reading the book I was making sure to always have a notebook close to me to pick up her best advice on life and business.  And she gives quite a lot. She provides some precious advice on resume or job interviews for exemple that might be really good for anyone looking for a job. 

The book is full of very inspiring quotes by Sophia such as "You don't have to chose between smart and sexy, you can have both, you are both".

I might have pick up another one, some of you might think this one is quite superficiual, but let me just tell you that I am an anti dress code kind of person. I like to wear what I want and I hate people judging other on what they wear so this one really spoke to me and I am especially sick of women being judge for being too sexy at work. We're in 2016 dude, if a women wants to wear 10cm heels at work, well let her do. I especially love the intro and the very first part of the book as well as the part with financial advices. Being a young adult, money is something that I sometimes struggle with. And, being a girl that love shopping and make up I am in a phase where I am learning the hard way where I should splurge and when I have to stop myself and this book really helped me to manage my money much better. 

WHAT IT REMINDED ME : Keep on working hard, no matter how complicated it can be and how many shitty jobs I will have before finding the one (I guess the same goes for boyfriend in that case right?) you have to keep working, remembering what is your final goal. No job is really shitty, you can learn and be creative all the time, in any jobs you will have.

WHAT IT TAUGH ME : How to manage my money a little better. I now think twice before buying anything, and I have real categories for my savings and what I can or can't use them for. 


Apr 14, 2016

Is there is anything more exciting than season change? Especially when it comes to shopping? I don't think so. Most girls are I think very excited for the sales season but I am not that much into it. What I wait for, the new clothing items, the new collection that are gonna pop up all around as soon as the sales end. And here I am again, doing an Asos wishlist (I currently have more than 300 pieces in my saved basket) with all of their new stuff. But today, I won't be showing what I would like to buy, but what I actually got out of Asos. I made two orders recently and picked out 9 pieces that I absolutely adore and I think are really appropriate for girls in their mid twenties, who are starting their careers. Let me know what you think and what trend you like for spring and summer.

1. White trench coat - This is the main addition to my spring wardrobe. I was thinking about getting a white coat for a while since most of my coats and jacket are black but I couldn't find any that I liked. I wasn't sure about this Asos one, even when I got it, but after styling it with a pair of pumps, a pencil skirt and a lovely blouse, I felt in love. It is very classy and makes a very nice contrast with my almost black hair as everyone like to say.

2. Asymetrical navy skirt - I can't recommend you this skirt enough. I am in love with it. It fits really nicely and hug your curve in a lovely way. The asymetrical hem gives it a very original twist and I think make my legs look slightly longer. Depending on your work place dress code, you can totally wear it on business meetings and look absolutely fabulous. 

3. Missguided nude bardot body - I wasn't sure about getting this body to be honest, because I never wore a body before and I was not sure about the confort. You know the toilet issue. But I just felt in love with the color and cut of it. And I could totally see it with a black pair of jean, a nice blazer, or as seen on the gorgeous model, with a high waisted white skirt. I haven't worn it yet but, let me tell you, I can't wait for my next night out to rock this baby! 

4. Nude pencil skirt -  Next nude item, this basic pencil skirt. Not much to say. I tried it on with the body and it looks very nice. As you might know I love monochromatic looks, they make you look taller and a bit thinner and I am all about that vibe! Asos pencil skirt are always very nice quality and I am also impatient to wear it more and find different outifts around this very basic piece.

5. Light grey wrap blouse - There is not much to say about this blouse either. The cut is very classic and classy and the light grey color is really lovely. It is perfect for work and not too revealing but you can also wear it more casually with a pair of ripped jeans and some lovely pumps. 

6. Snakeskin pumps -   Introducing to you my new favourite shoes. I am i love with them. They are very good quality, and they completely change a basic jean and white tee outfit into something much more stylish. They are also surprisingly comfortable and are now on crazy sale! Have a look ! 

7. Quay My Girl sunglasses - Oh. My. Gosh. I think I never had that many compliments on anything I own. Everytime I wear these sunnies someone ask me where they are from. I wanted these for so long. I mean, everyone on Youtube and Instagram seems to have Quay and I was just dying to get my hands on the My Girl ones. When I saw them on Asos, instant buy. Totally not regret it. Go and get them if you like oversized sunnies they are perfect. 

8. Basic black pumps -  Don't have anything to say about them. They are classic, lovely material, quite comfortable and not expensive so I would recommend them if you are looking for a good pair of everyday black pumps! 

9. Nude Selected shirt -  This is certainly one of my favourite piece out of the nine. This shirt is a little expensive but the quality is really nice, the fit is slightly oversized and you can easily be dress it up with a pencil skirt, or wear it very casually with a boyfriend jean and some white sneakers. It is such a good basic to have and I am questioning myself about getting the black version they have one Asos.