Dec 30, 2014

Here it comes! New year resolutions! First of all, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and that you'll have an amazing year in 2015. I usually don't really take new years resolutions but for the sake of this blog I thought, why not. It might be funny to look back to this in a few months and see if I could stick to it, or if I just gave up after a few weeks. Some of this resolutions are more new goals than bad habit stopping but anyway! And feel free to share with me your new year resolutions and what you would like to achieve during this year. 

1. Being fit : Ok I am starting with the one I'll for almost 100% sure fail. Being fit, and working out. I hope than my schedule will allow me in 2015 to have some work out session since I really need to get much fitted in some area! Last year, I litterally try to follow some working out routine from youtube but, oh damn biggest fail ever.

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2. Eating healthier : My food habits are not that bad. Since I managed to lose 20 kilograms 4 or 5 years ago, my way of eating has change so much and have been much healthier. But for 2015, I would love to learn to cook some yummy and healthy food that will still tasting really good.

3. Working hard on this blog : Everytime I have time, which wasn't this often because of university, I always go back to blogging. I really really enjoy it and I hope I can get this blog as far as I can during this new year, and that I'll be able to give you guys a great and consistent content!

4. Graduating from university : Yes guys I'm almost there, I already own a bachelor degree in foreign languages and business administration, and I've been following up with a master degree in international management. I still have two weeks of school left, and then need to find some good internship and write a supa dupa long essay to finally be done with school. I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far and I can't wait to write a new chapter in my life.

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5. Quality over quantity : Here comes the most fashion and beauty part. I'm in the process since a few months of wardrobe and make up collection cleaning. I want to stick up to the essential and really build myself a style that represent me and that we'll make me feel confident. Even if it's hard, I'll try to shop a little less and to reach for more quality and timeless pieces!  

6. Make my big project a reality : Since high school, I promised myself that once I'll be done with university, I'll take a year for myself and spend it in one of the place I love the most on earth : Tokyo. Yes for those of you who doesn't follow me on instagram or are totally new here, I've been to Tokyo 5 times already, and I deeply felt in love with this place on the very first time I went there. So I'm planning for years to spend a year of my life there and see what I can learn from it! So yes after graduation in a few months, that's definetly something I plan to do, hopefully in 2015!

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Dec 28, 2014

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If spending more than 2 hours a day on Youtube is a crime ... I am so freking guilty. It has become a real part of my night time routine now, I just take some time for myself, drink some hot coffee (does anyone else drink coffee at night?) and watch all of my favorite youtubers videos. It was more than hard to pick only 5 but I didn't wanted to make this post overlly long. Oh and let me know in the comment if you like Youtube and who are your favorite youtubers!

1. Claire Marshall from HeyClaire : Let's be clear here; Claire is my all time favorite Youtuber. She's like ... the coolest girl on earth litterally. Super stylish, funny, and with the best editing skills ever! I mean, have you ever seen her favorite lipsticks videos? Da, youtube classic guys! She also had amazing hair and we all know that amazing hair is always a big plus. I love watching her vlog videos, which are always very well made. She definetly put so much effort in her videos and always think about a real story line for them.

2. Barbara Rossi from the Persian Babe : Babe alert! I love this girl. Barbara if you're reading this, we should be best friend. She has a style which is really close to mine: Lot of black and white, a pretty collection of high heels and some trendy and timeless items all perfectly mixed together. Every time I watch her haul videos I have to add new items on my wishlist. She has been collaborating with Topshop for a few months now and always come up with the best outfits in her lookbooks. A must watch for all fashion lovers!  

3. Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup : Anna is that Youtube girl next door that every chick would love to have as a friend. She's so natural and always have amazing tips and products recommendations. Found out about my favorite drugstore lipstick of the year, aka the Bourjois Velvet Edition because of her! She's the cutest, and I always starts my sunday watching her videos! 

4. Kathleen from KathleenLights : This girl is one of the funniest beauty gurus out there. Damn everytime she's talking about high end products, mimicking the latino accent "30 dollars for a lipstick? thass essspenssive" I can't help but laugh. Plus she's super cute and really talented when it comes to makeup. She's the type of girl that can achieve amazing make up looks with the cheapest produtcs out there! 

5. Heart Defensor from ThatsHeart : I've been watching Heart's videos for years now, and she is definetly the cutest girl on my subscription box feed. She's also one of the only youtuber I watched vlogmas every single day for two years in a row. Because she's that cute guys! She seemed to be the nicest girl ever, her little dog Junior is also adorable, and I mean, her and her boyfriend Arnold has the kind of relationship every girl dream to have one day! About her main chanel content, lots of beauty related videos, hauls, lookbook, make up tutorials, all really well made and with a very girly touch. Definetly check her out. 


Dec 27, 2014

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Can you believe I do not own any camel item in my closet? I mean, not a single sweater. Camel is such a trend for a few seasons now and camel coats have become a total must have in any women wardrobe. And I'll definetly take the after Christmas sales opportunities to get myself a few lovely things! Earlier today, right before heading to work (you gotta keep motivated when you're a part time casher in a supermarket babes, work = web shopping ya know) I spent a little time (only two hours) on my all time favorite online shop, Asos, and I added a few things on my wishlist. Among them, that super comfy looking turtle neck sweater and an oversized knited dress! Santa's money got to be spend!

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Dec 21, 2014

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Hello there! Isn't Christmas and the holidays season the perfect time to wear your prettiest red lipsticks? I think so, even if I do like to wear my reds all year around for special occasions, like girls night out, or formal dinners. I also wear them on day to day basis when I want to look a little more fierce and fancy. I feel like red lipstick is one of that make up look that totally empower women. Like look at me, I'm that kind of women that can rock a red lips while going grocery shopping and I really don't care what you think! But enough rambling. Here is my top three! 


Dec 7, 2014

Hello beauty lovers, sorry I haven't been posting for such a long time, but december in a french college student life means deadlines, finals and all the crazy stress coming with it! I had so much stuff to do before the holidays period, but now it's almost done (one last spanish presentation and I'm all finished!) But let's start with my favorites! 

1. This Asos coat. It has to be mine. I've been on the hunt for a camel coat for quite a while, but the few that I found where always too long or not fitting at all. But thanks god for Asos, they're now selling this beauty. Basically all that I was searching for, a decent lenght, a lovely camel color, and the super duper fluffy colar.. I mean ... who doesn't love fur collars? Asos, give me a 20% off coupon, or a 30% off ... something please. I've been obsessed since I saw it on their website and I can't imagine the rest of my winter without it.

2. Hairburst : I'm not someone who use to take vitamins or any types of pills for weight control, hair or nails. But lately my hair has been in a terrible condition, it was so dry, falling a lot and basically not shiny and healthy at all. Bad hair days were like an everyday kind of situation and I decided to experiment with some hair vitamins. After a few research I finally decided to try Hairburst. I've been taking two pills a day for almost two weeks and I can already see some changes in my hair. Firt, my hair is much strongest, and shiniest and I feel like it starts to grow out! For the moment I totally recommend the pills and I think about taking them at least two more months to see result on the long run.

3. As long as I remember I always liked and respected Gwen Stefani so much. I think she's the kind of women that never needed to go out naked or to have overlly sexy dance moves to became the amazing artist she is now which is let be honest pretty rare nowadays (no problem with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj or any other R&B singers tho, women are in my opinion free to wear whatever they feel like wearing). Not only she's an amazing singer but I also think she's a real style icon. I love her signature make up look (winged liner and red lips, on porcelain skin, can't go wrong) and her shoe and accessories line became a favorite of mine a few years ago. Ok I should stop rambling and come to the point: Baby Don't Lie is PERFECTION. I love this song. On replay for a few days now!