Dec 27, 2015

I think that as most of the beauty bloggers out there, I have a serious obsession with lipsticks. I never have enough and I like to collect them. Any occasion is good to get a new one; having a bad day, having a good day, buying a lipstick for a friend and suddenly realizing that I need a new red one. Anyway, I am not gonna take you through my entire collection. First a part of it is now in France and I only brought my ... I don't know 30-40 favourites one here? Not kidding though. But here is a very small selection compiling my favourite ones. 

My newest addition - Well thank you Santa Clause! Or should I say, thanks to my amazing best friend who gifted me the most perfect Chanel lipstick I have ever seen. It is the Chanel Lipstick in La Raffinée. The shade is absolutely perfect for both a day and an evening look. In fact if you are still not brave enough to rock red lipstick at night, this is the kind of pinky mauve lipstick that can also make a good statement. I won't talk for ages about the amazing packaging, those lipsticks scream luxury! I was blown away when I saw that she got me something Chanel. I couldn't expect less from my best friend. That's what happen when you know someone for more than 20 years. 

My favourite packaging - Sorry for the drugstore girls but here is once again a high end one. I have to be honest, my favourite lipsticks are almost always high end. I love me some drugstore products but I feel like there is nothing like applying good old luxurious lipstick. Well this one is I think the favourite packaging of a lot of you, the YSL Rouge Volupte. I own 5 of them, and my favourite color still Pink in Paris, such a pretty pink that will suit so many skin tones. 

My favourite red - That might not be a red for some of you but I do wear it as a red lipstick. It is MAC All Fired Up. It is quite a dry lipstick but I don't feel like it is uncomfortable and the big plus is that it actually stay on your lips for hours and hours. It is a vibrant pinky red and it suits my ghost like skin really nicely. You can find it as a special edition in the MAC Winter collection but no worries, it is a permanent color. 

My all time favourite color - I got this lipstick only a few months ago and I am already terrified to run out of it. I use it almost every single day and I absolutely don't get tired of it. It is the NARS Audacious lipstick in Anita. It is my favourite everyday color, I absolutely love the formula of this NARS Audacious range and I would recommend anyone to pick one of these lipstick up if you want to invest in some luxury products.

My most sentimental one - It is maybe cheating but, it is the exact same, the NARS Anita, because my dad got it for me just before I came to Japan this year, and everytime I wear it I remember when we went to Sephora to buy it together. My dad looking at me swatching a bunch of lipsticks is weirdly a very warming memory. 


Dec 22, 2015

2015 has been a year of new discoveries perfume wise. For years and years, I was sticking to one scent, the Nina by Nina Ricci perfume. But this year I decided to be a little more daring and to find different perfumes for different occasions. The three pictured above are my current favourite. I think you can recognise most of them since they are quite iconic ones.

Chloé Eau de Parfum - This one is the most recent addition to my collection. I got it for my birthday last month and I have been completely obsessed with it. The scent is very classic, feminine and romantic. I absolutely love to wear it on a daily basis. The top notes are freesia, litchi and peony. The heart notes are lily of the valley, magnolia and roses, and the base notes are cedar, musk and amber. If you like floral scents, that Chloé perfume is a total must. 

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle - I think the Coco Mademoiselle perfume is the equivalent to the famous N°5, but for younger girls. If you're in your twenties and want to commit to an iconic Chanel perfume, that will make you feel luxurious and elegant, it is the one I would recommend. It is my other option for a day to day wear with my Chloé one. And you can see it is definetly well loved. The top notes are sicilian oranges, calabrian bergamot and grapefruit. The heart notes are both floral and fruity and contain rose, jasmine and litchi. Finally the base notes are patchouli, vanilla and musk.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium - This one is a little more daring that the two other ones. I would personally wear it on a night out, or to a dinner date. The scent is quite strong and I think it is the kind of perfume that you better have to try before buying it (I mean, no impulsive internet buy for this one). Concerning the note, the top notes are with no surprise coffee, pear and pink pepper, the heart notes are orange blossom and jasmine, and the base notes are vanilla, cedar wood and patchouli.


Dec 12, 2015

Only two weeks left until Christmas (where 2015 went? no freaking idea), it is now time to think about the outfit ! Well I think here, there are two teams. On one side, the comfy Christmas person. You want to spend your Christmas, eating what you would normally eat in four days, and drinking what you would drink in two months. In that case, your only option is to wear your favourite festive sweater, if possible oversized to hide the future food baby and a good old legging. Well in my case, I usually like to dress up a little. I mean, I like to dress up on the 24th at night, but I totally admit that I am close to wearing my pyjamas for Christmas lunch on the 25th. Anyway, for Christmas dinner, I usually like to put on a lovely sequin dress, and my tradition is usually to wear a red lip with a golden eye make up. Here is a little selection of Asos dresses that I would love to wear this year. 

The sequin midi dress - I think this dress is close to perfection. I really love the cut that I found very unique. It is a midi dress but it has a quite high slit on the skirt part that makes it look a little more sexy. The sequin gives it a really festive look and it looks very fancy and put together.  

The red sexy dress - Well red is the color for Christmas. I personally do not wear red at all during the year, so the holidays is the perfect occasion for me to put on a nice and sexy red dress. I had a crush on this dress the second I saw it on the Asos website. I love the deep V neck cut and the thin straps and once again the slit on the skirt gives it an even sexier twist.  

The Hollywood glam dress - If you are a follower of the cute Suzie from Hello October, you saw this dress already. I think it is the kind of piece that you love or hate, it is super sparkly and have a very drapy structure. I really love it and I think it looks gorgeous on!  I could definetly see that on a red carpet, wore by someone like Selena Gomez for exemple. 

The simple white dress - This one is for the girls who like to have a pretty dress but doesn't want to do much. The white color of the dress really tones down the sparkles and the cut is very simple. An easy dress to wear with a pair of nude shoes. 

The super emboired dress - And here the embellishment goes all cray cray. This dress looks amazing, the work on the sequins and beads looks amazing. As the dress is black, you will also be able to play around with your make up a little more.  

The sequin "animal printed" dress - Well this one as the silver sparkly one will also be a love-hate item. The partern is quite special but I really love the cut of it. You can't see it on the picture but the back has a very lovely and deep V neck that you can close with a nice black ribbon. In that case, it is party both on the front and back. 


Dec 7, 2015

Hello there. Christmas is right around the corner. I wasn't feeling like doing anything very "Christmassy" on my blog because I feel like this year the 24th and 25th will be a little bitter sweet for me, first because I won't be with my family, and also because in Japan people don't really celebrate Christmas. However, I realised that Christmas spirit was all around, all of the streets have nice illuminations, tones of Christmas cards and gifts pops up in the shops, and ... well the Vlogmas overload is not helping. Now, I do really have to think about what to get to my loved ones. I am still on the budget for this year sadly, and here is my under 30 euros selection. Excuse me in advance but I think this affordable gift guide will certainly be a girly one. I am the only one struggling when it comes to boys gift? 

For a girl who loves fashion : Well I think Mrs Kristina Bazan picked an amazing date to released her very first book, Kayture on the Go. Kristina is by far one of my favourite blogger, she is an admirable young blogger and a source of inspiration for so many girls and I think any of your friends into fashion would like to give her book a read. If you're friends are not into reading, you can think about gifting them some nice accessories, such as a festive clutch for exemple. If she's more into comfy clothes, then it is the perfect time of the year to get her a warm scarf.

For the home decor junkie : We all have that friend that has such a nice appartment that she made us really really jealous. Well make her happy by giving her some nice pieces to add to her already perfect interior. You can get her a really lovely and modern frame. Add a picture of you and her inside and you have the perfect personalised present. You can also get her a nice mug set for the next time you will share a coffee in her living room. Another classic? Candles, of course. And if she is into homewear, you can't go wrong with a cute pyjama.

For the beauty queen : Well palettes? Palettes palettes palettes? Any kind of "kit" is also acceptable thought. As a lipstick junkie, I wouldn't say no to that lovely set from Too Faced, a good opportunity to try both their classic and metallic melted lipsticks. If your friend or sister is more into smokey eyes, have a look at Zoeva's palette, affordable but such an amazing quality. 

For the geek girl : For all of your girls that have something for technology, chose an phone case for exemple. Not many people would spend 20 euros in a phone case, but they will love to be gifted one. I love this Unicorn one that you can find on Topshop. 


Dec 4, 2015

Too Faced is by very very far, the brand that has the girliest and cutest packaging. When it comes to make up packaging, I either love classy and bold packaging such as YSL, Tom Ford or NARS, or very cute ones. In this category, no doubt that Too Faced is really on point. Look at these absolutely cute heart shaped blush. If you are a child from the 90's, don't lie to me, you thought Polly Pocket when you saw that first! I was craving to get my hands on one of these and my cutie best friend got this one for me on my birthday a few weeks ago. She picked the shade "Love Hangover" which I think is a very universal shade. 

It is a nice mix of coral and pink that will be perfect for spring and summer. Not only the box and the outside aspect of the packaging is adorable, the inside is also to die for. You can see on the top of your blush two cute little bunnies in a lovely floral decor. How hard it is to use a blush that is made in such a pretty way. The blush is really nicely pigmented and I think it is a really nice investment, first because it is something that will look totally amazing in your make up collection, and because you will be able to use it for a very very long time. I am really thinking to ask Santa to add one or two shades to my collection now.