Aug 2, 2015

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Coconut oil is one of those 100% natural product that claims to be the solution to all of your beauty trouble. Unless the fact that it apparently help to lose weight, coconut oil will help you through many beauty issues that bother you in your daily life. I would recommend you to pick a raw and organic coconut oil to really get the most of its natural propriety. Here are my five favourite ways to use that miracle product.

1. Weekly hair mask  - Coconut oil is well known to help hair to grow out. It is also gonna help your hair be shinnier and stronger. The way I like to use it is I took a few scoop of coconut oil that I melt into my hand and apply on my dry hair. I let it set for at least two hours or over night if I can once or twice a week. I then shampoo and condition my hair and you will really feel like it is smoother and shinner the next day. After a few weeks I also noticed my hair to be longer.

2. Take of your make up - I found myelf out of make up remover a few days ago, and I was just too lazy to go to the convinience store and wasn't really ready to spend a crazy amount on a pack of 5 make up wipes. I then thought that oil was a good way to remove make up and my coconut oil was there, starring at me. I took a tiny amount that I melted into my hand and rubbed it onto my face. Looked like a clown for sure, but it really helped to take off my make up that night. If you want a perfect result, mix your coconut oil with a bit of almond oil.

3. Hydrate your body - I love to use coconut oil especially in the summer to hydrate my skin. I put a tiny bit on my legs and arms and it leaves my skin very smooth and totally hydrated. If you don't like to use oil, you can whiped your coconut oil of a few minutes and you will end up with a nice fluffy texture that will look like a body butter.

4. Lip balm - Still on the hydrating side of things, I love putting a bit of coconut oil on my lips every night. First, if you like coconut, this might be the best tasting balm ever. Then once again, it is gonna plump and moisturize your lips through the night and they will be lipstick ready the next morning.

5. Anti cellulite - We girls, are often bother with cellulite especially at this time of the year when we want to chill by the pool or at the beach. If you suffer from cellulite, use coconut oil and massage it on your trouble areas. It will help reduce it in the most natural way and you won't have to spend hundred of dollars on miracle creams anymore. 


  1. Yes! I love coconut! Lucky are the ones who live in a tropical country..


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. I absolutely love Coconut oil! I use it as a hair mask and in oil pulling already, but I like the idea of a lip balm too. Some great ideas x

    Lucy |

  3. Coconut oil is amazing isn't it?! I've never used it as a lip balm before I'm going to have to try that out <3
    She Will Be

  4. I use it like a hair mask too!

  5. I didn't know you could use it for cellulite! Gonna try that :)

    Samantha Series | bloglovin

  6. I need a weekly hair mask! Need one right now! Lets stay in touch through Instagram and Bloglovin’ :)


  7. I really want to try this, where do u buy it from? Xx

    1. Hi lovely! You can find coconut oil almost anywhere nowadays. I got mine in the organic beauty section of a department store. You can also order from amazon :)