Sep 29, 2015

Today is a post a little different from the usual "cosmetic-fashion-only" vibe I go for. I will give you an in depth review of the Irresistible Me hair extensions. I've always wanted to try clips in hair extensions, but I was really considering wether I should invest or not, because when you're dealing with Remi hair, they can get pretty pricey. When Irresistible Me reach out to me a few months ago, I was so happy. My hair got longer recently, because of Hair Burst and Coconut oil, but still it is thin and breaks easily. Also, it got crazy because of the humidity here in Japan and I can barely style it correctly. My fishtails are so skinny, my messy buns ridiculous. More than lenght, I really wanted more volume to get a little more creative with my hairstyles. I got my package a few weeks ago, and let me tell you the box is absolutely adorable. You have that pretty illustration of a girl with fancy hair, and a little message from the company team inside. The hair come in an hermetic plastic bag, you have a piece of hair on one side so you can check if the color is matching your actual hair, before opening the rest of your extensions. Be carefull, once you opened the whole packet you can't exchange them anymore.  

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I decided to pick their Royal Remi set, in Chocolate brown, 22 inches. I was not sure about the color match since it was my first time trying hair extensions, but you can find a very helpfull video on their Youtube channel that will make your choice much easier. For your information, my hair is very dark but definetly not black. It is a deep chocolate brown. The extensions match my hair color perfectly. And it is not only my opinion, most of my friends where chocked and thought I got them done at a hair salon. The quality of the hair is also amazing, you can't see that they are extensions. The hair is shiny but not too much so it doesn't look fake but they are really soft. Like I can't stop touching them all day and pretend I am a mermaid when I walk on the streets of Tokyo. You can see in the pictures down below that the Irresistible Me hair extensions blend super nicely, the color is as I was telling you a perfect match and they add so much lenght and volume to my hair.

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Sep 17, 2015

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Even if it is officially a pinky red. Well if you read my blog for while you know that I am not a MAC girl and I hardly ever feature their products here. To be honest with you, I only have another lipstick from MAC. That's it, shortest collection ever. I like their lipsticks, but not to the crazy point where I feel the need to get dozen of them. I will only get one when I am absolutely in love with the color. On my wishlist currently, some of their nudes and the very well known Flat Out Fabulous. Well back to the lipstick, this one ladies, is amazing. It has become hands down my favourite ever. First I feel like those kind of pinky red look really good on fair skin, with a fierce winged liner look. Also, it is gonna make your teeth look extra white. Formula wise it is a retro matte finish. I have heard people saying that it was a very drying finish. Not to me. The lasting power is also good, even if it doesn't resist to food. I don't know if it is only me, but I can never find any lipstick that resist to lunch or dinner. I always need to re-apply so it is not a big deal but if you have good recommendations, let me know. Other than than, basic MAC lipstick packaging and smell, nothing crazy for me but the color is everything for this one. Also, I would love to try more for MAC products, anything you would recommend me?