Dec 4, 2015

Too Faced is by very very far, the brand that has the girliest and cutest packaging. When it comes to make up packaging, I either love classy and bold packaging such as YSL, Tom Ford or NARS, or very cute ones. In this category, no doubt that Too Faced is really on point. Look at these absolutely cute heart shaped blush. If you are a child from the 90's, don't lie to me, you thought Polly Pocket when you saw that first! I was craving to get my hands on one of these and my cutie best friend got this one for me on my birthday a few weeks ago. She picked the shade "Love Hangover" which I think is a very universal shade. 

It is a nice mix of coral and pink that will be perfect for spring and summer. Not only the box and the outside aspect of the packaging is adorable, the inside is also to die for. You can see on the top of your blush two cute little bunnies in a lovely floral decor. How hard it is to use a blush that is made in such a pretty way. The blush is really nicely pigmented and I think it is a really nice investment, first because it is something that will look totally amazing in your make up collection, and because you will be able to use it for a very very long time. I am really thinking to ask Santa to add one or two shades to my collection now. 


  1. cute blush! -Maireem

  2. Need this! If not for the product then for the cute packaging!