Dec 30, 2014

Here it comes! New year resolutions! First of all, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and that you'll have an amazing year in 2015. I usually don't really take new years resolutions but for the sake of this blog I thought, why not. It might be funny to look back to this in a few months and see if I could stick to it, or if I just gave up after a few weeks. Some of this resolutions are more new goals than bad habit stopping but anyway! And feel free to share with me your new year resolutions and what you would like to achieve during this year. 

1. Being fit : Ok I am starting with the one I'll for almost 100% sure fail. Being fit, and working out. I hope than my schedule will allow me in 2015 to have some work out session since I really need to get much fitted in some area! Last year, I litterally try to follow some working out routine from youtube but, oh damn biggest fail ever.

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2. Eating healthier : My food habits are not that bad. Since I managed to lose 20 kilograms 4 or 5 years ago, my way of eating has change so much and have been much healthier. But for 2015, I would love to learn to cook some yummy and healthy food that will still tasting really good.

3. Working hard on this blog : Everytime I have time, which wasn't this often because of university, I always go back to blogging. I really really enjoy it and I hope I can get this blog as far as I can during this new year, and that I'll be able to give you guys a great and consistent content!

4. Graduating from university : Yes guys I'm almost there, I already own a bachelor degree in foreign languages and business administration, and I've been following up with a master degree in international management. I still have two weeks of school left, and then need to find some good internship and write a supa dupa long essay to finally be done with school. I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far and I can't wait to write a new chapter in my life.

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5. Quality over quantity : Here comes the most fashion and beauty part. I'm in the process since a few months of wardrobe and make up collection cleaning. I want to stick up to the essential and really build myself a style that represent me and that we'll make me feel confident. Even if it's hard, I'll try to shop a little less and to reach for more quality and timeless pieces!  

6. Make my big project a reality : Since high school, I promised myself that once I'll be done with university, I'll take a year for myself and spend it in one of the place I love the most on earth : Tokyo. Yes for those of you who doesn't follow me on instagram or are totally new here, I've been to Tokyo 5 times already, and I deeply felt in love with this place on the very first time I went there. So I'm planning for years to spend a year of my life there and see what I can learn from it! So yes after graduation in a few months, that's definetly something I plan to do, hopefully in 2015!

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Dec 28, 2014

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If spending more than 2 hours a day on Youtube is a crime ... I am so freking guilty. It has become a real part of my night time routine now, I just take some time for myself, drink some hot coffee (does anyone else drink coffee at night?) and watch all of my favorite youtubers videos. It was more than hard to pick only 5 but I didn't wanted to make this post overlly long. Oh and let me know in the comment if you like Youtube and who are your favorite youtubers!

1. Claire Marshall from HeyClaire : Let's be clear here; Claire is my all time favorite Youtuber. She's like ... the coolest girl on earth litterally. Super stylish, funny, and with the best editing skills ever! I mean, have you ever seen her favorite lipsticks videos? Da, youtube classic guys! She also had amazing hair and we all know that amazing hair is always a big plus. I love watching her vlog videos, which are always very well made. She definetly put so much effort in her videos and always think about a real story line for them.

2. Barbara Rossi from the Persian Babe : Babe alert! I love this girl. Barbara if you're reading this, we should be best friend. She has a style which is really close to mine: Lot of black and white, a pretty collection of high heels and some trendy and timeless items all perfectly mixed together. Every time I watch her haul videos I have to add new items on my wishlist. She has been collaborating with Topshop for a few months now and always come up with the best outfits in her lookbooks. A must watch for all fashion lovers!  

3. Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup : Anna is that Youtube girl next door that every chick would love to have as a friend. She's so natural and always have amazing tips and products recommendations. Found out about my favorite drugstore lipstick of the year, aka the Bourjois Velvet Edition because of her! She's the cutest, and I always starts my sunday watching her videos! 

4. Kathleen from KathleenLights : This girl is one of the funniest beauty gurus out there. Damn everytime she's talking about high end products, mimicking the latino accent "30 dollars for a lipstick? thass essspenssive" I can't help but laugh. Plus she's super cute and really talented when it comes to makeup. She's the type of girl that can achieve amazing make up looks with the cheapest produtcs out there! 

5. Heart Defensor from ThatsHeart : I've been watching Heart's videos for years now, and she is definetly the cutest girl on my subscription box feed. She's also one of the only youtuber I watched vlogmas every single day for two years in a row. Because she's that cute guys! She seemed to be the nicest girl ever, her little dog Junior is also adorable, and I mean, her and her boyfriend Arnold has the kind of relationship every girl dream to have one day! About her main chanel content, lots of beauty related videos, hauls, lookbook, make up tutorials, all really well made and with a very girly touch. Definetly check her out. 


Dec 27, 2014

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Can you believe I do not own any camel item in my closet? I mean, not a single sweater. Camel is such a trend for a few seasons now and camel coats have become a total must have in any women wardrobe. And I'll definetly take the after Christmas sales opportunities to get myself a few lovely things! Earlier today, right before heading to work (you gotta keep motivated when you're a part time casher in a supermarket babes, work = web shopping ya know) I spent a little time (only two hours) on my all time favorite online shop, Asos, and I added a few things on my wishlist. Among them, that super comfy looking turtle neck sweater and an oversized knited dress! Santa's money got to be spend!

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Dec 21, 2014

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Hello there! Isn't Christmas and the holidays season the perfect time to wear your prettiest red lipsticks? I think so, even if I do like to wear my reds all year around for special occasions, like girls night out, or formal dinners. I also wear them on day to day basis when I want to look a little more fierce and fancy. I feel like red lipstick is one of that make up look that totally empower women. Like look at me, I'm that kind of women that can rock a red lips while going grocery shopping and I really don't care what you think! But enough rambling. Here is my top three! 


Dec 7, 2014

Hello beauty lovers, sorry I haven't been posting for such a long time, but december in a french college student life means deadlines, finals and all the crazy stress coming with it! I had so much stuff to do before the holidays period, but now it's almost done (one last spanish presentation and I'm all finished!) But let's start with my favorites! 

1. This Asos coat. It has to be mine. I've been on the hunt for a camel coat for quite a while, but the few that I found where always too long or not fitting at all. But thanks god for Asos, they're now selling this beauty. Basically all that I was searching for, a decent lenght, a lovely camel color, and the super duper fluffy colar.. I mean ... who doesn't love fur collars? Asos, give me a 20% off coupon, or a 30% off ... something please. I've been obsessed since I saw it on their website and I can't imagine the rest of my winter without it.

2. Hairburst : I'm not someone who use to take vitamins or any types of pills for weight control, hair or nails. But lately my hair has been in a terrible condition, it was so dry, falling a lot and basically not shiny and healthy at all. Bad hair days were like an everyday kind of situation and I decided to experiment with some hair vitamins. After a few research I finally decided to try Hairburst. I've been taking two pills a day for almost two weeks and I can already see some changes in my hair. Firt, my hair is much strongest, and shiniest and I feel like it starts to grow out! For the moment I totally recommend the pills and I think about taking them at least two more months to see result on the long run.

3. As long as I remember I always liked and respected Gwen Stefani so much. I think she's the kind of women that never needed to go out naked or to have overlly sexy dance moves to became the amazing artist she is now which is let be honest pretty rare nowadays (no problem with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj or any other R&B singers tho, women are in my opinion free to wear whatever they feel like wearing). Not only she's an amazing singer but I also think she's a real style icon. I love her signature make up look (winged liner and red lips, on porcelain skin, can't go wrong) and her shoe and accessories line became a favorite of mine a few years ago. Ok I should stop rambling and come to the point: Baby Don't Lie is PERFECTION. I love this song. On replay for a few days now! 


Nov 21, 2014

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Monday was my birthday guys, so I decided to treat myself with a little beauty present. I had my eyes on the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette and the Nars Digital World Lip Pencil coffret since they had been released a few weeks ago. I had a 25% off coupon to use at Sephora and  I didn't have any Nars blush, highlighter or bronzer yet, so the cheek palette was the perfect opportunity to start trying these out! I didn't got the chance to use it yet, but let me tell you the palette is gorgeous! First the packaging is to die for. It's a Christmas limited edition, so it's not the usual all black and matte NARS packaging. It's white, still sleek and the quality of the box looks amazing! The miror is huge which is super handy for a girl like me who only has super tiny mirors. In the palette you have three cheek colors, one highlight and a bronzer, and what a bronzer, the iconic Laguna bronzing powder! For the blushes you got Sex Fantasy and Final Cut. I swatched the powders in store and they're pretty pigmented and the formula isn't chalky at all. I have a little doubt on the amount of glitter in Miss Liberty, the highligting powder but we'll see how it shows on the skin! Let me know if you already own this palette, or what Christmas limited edition product you'll recomend this year!

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Nov 13, 2014

Hello peeps. I am so busy at university, and the next two weeks might be really intense, and insane too. But I'll try to do my best to keep posting here! As we say in France, when you want it, you can do it. Something similar in your country? Anyway. I'm sure you all know .... Holidays season is coming! A month and a half before Christmas! Which means? Wishlists babes! I am a list girl, like almost every women on earth I guess, so I can't hide my excitement around my birthday (it's on monday if you were wondering haha) or Christmas when my parents and friends are like ... hey, what to do you want for Christmas? Um wait, wishlist and links all prepared hun! For today, I selected a few make up and beauty products that I would love Santa to let under my Chritmas tree. 

1. YSL Black Opium perfume. Since I tried the sample I got from Sephora, I'm obsessed with it and I'm trying to save the tiny tiny bottle I have. I already talked about it in one of my previous post, but to make it short, it's really different from the perfume I already own. It's stronger, and deeper, more masculine too. I would say it's a sexy perfume, perfect for a night time date.

2. The Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. I am a fan of Urban Decay eye shadows. They're super easy to blend and not chalky at all. The pigmentation is also really good! Since I got the first Naked palette when it was first released I just can't resist and feel like I need every single Urban palette in my life. I think the Vice 3 is super versatile. First, the huge miror, super handy while doing your make up. Then you'll find you're usual neutral shades, and some more colorfull eye shadows if you feel like spicing up your eye make up! Must have for me.

3. Be ready guys. The next ones are for my lips. I decided to put them all together, since my liptick wishlist is actually worse than my shoes one. Santa, I would be super happy with a few Nars audacious lipsticks, because you know everyone is raving about them, like they're so pigmented and, one of them is called Charlotte! And if you could brought me the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick in Ruby ... or a lovely YSL Rouge Volupte you would make a happy girl.  

4. Once again, I've talked about it before but the Nars Cheek Domination palette is on the super top of my list. I don't have so many cheeks products. I'm not really a blush girl but well, this would be a really interesting occasion to change my make up routine by introducing some new products. 

5. Finally, I really need some good quality hair styling tools. And I've heard so many good things about the Nume curling and flat iron. This set seems the perfect one to start and try the brand. I also love the variety of colors they offer. The pink one is the cutest to me!

Among all of these materialistic stuff, don't forget guys that the holidays season is made to spend precious time with your loved one and to spread love and share hapiness. Presents are a temporary thing. But the memories you'll made with people you love will stay with you forever.


Nov 7, 2014

1. I am on the process to getting healthier hair. I am sadly a flat iron fan and my hair is dammaged and usually quite thin. For that reason I started using the l'Oreal Fibrology shampoo, conditioner and special serum. I really note a good result on my hair so far. It's not a huge change but I feel like my hair is a bit stronger and thicker. Let's see that in a few weeks. Also dolls, two hair questions, I'm thinking about trying the Hairburst vitamins for hair, any feedbacks on these? Same, I would love to get my first clips hair extensions, I was thinking about LuxyHair, since the reviews are good. Did you ever tried them?

2. Meghan Trainor ... I wasn't really understanding all the fuzz around her but... I listen to her songs and OMG guys I love love them! Totally recommend them when you feel a bit down, good mood in a few minutes garanteed! I'm singing her songs all around my house ... and my dad be like ... damn my daughter has some severe troubles, but who cares, these songs make you feel like singing all the time! I've been playing Dear Future Husband on replay, like twenty times on repeat kind of thing. "Buy me a ring, buy buy me a ring."

3. Sephora France released the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette! Like FINALLY! I was crazy when I saw it on their website yesterday! I think it's a good value for money if you consider your getting 3 blushes, 1 highligther and 1 bronzer, in a really beautiful packaging . As I'm not owning any famous NARS blushes or bronzer I would love to get my hand on this (and guess who has a 10% code to spend at Sephora?) 

4. I was first planning on doing a special outfit post for this but let's be honest, I'm really writing too many fashion posts. That's why I'm adding this Kristina Bazan outfit to this weekly favorites. I love the sexyness of the boyfriend blazer paired with a simple lace bralette, and the casualness that add the distressed denim.


Nov 6, 2014

Any old followers of my blog here? If you are, you might remember my style icons posts. I used to chose one of my favorite stylish chick out there each month and create a post full of outfits she wore throught the past year. For this first edition on the new version of my blog, I revamped my old post about Barbara Martelo, adding a few more recent outfits because she's definetly one of my favorite stylist ever! I love how femine and classy she always looks.

Ok, this outfit is just perfect! The little black dress is a must have. Every girl should own her LBD, the one that fits her like a glove and will make her shine despite the black color. I personally still on the hunt for mine. Just saying!

A little introduction for those of you who don't know her. She's a spanish stylist who started her career as a stylist at Telva Magazine. She was a part of Vogue Spain team, and then become a freelance stylist. She's still published for Vogue Spain and is sometimes featured in El Pais which is one of the most famous magazine in Spain.

If I could, I would steal every single pieces of her closet, especially her shoes. I mean she's owning the most perfect shoe collection ever. From Alaia to Balenciaga, she's having the best world designer at her feet every time she's going out. Booties, sandals, over knees boots, she's definetly the queen of black shoes!

In love with this outfit once again, the shoes are just THE perfect stilettos. And I love the simplicity of the top mixed with the leather skirt. Barbara is the queen when it comes to monochromatic outfits! How come? She knows how to mix textures to give some dimension to her looks! 

Some of you might know her from her collab with Mango two winters ago. She picked and put together a few pieces from their fall/winter12 collection and created a couple of outfits. These looks were all kinda affordable and really on trend. Feminine and classy, perfect reflection of what she is.

And here this heavy post finally come to an end. I hope you guys like this post and that it could inspire you! Let me know if you like Barbara Martelo's style and who are your style inspirations in the comments! I hope you're all having an amazing week so far! Also a beauty post is coming soon! Reviewing something for Rimmel this time! 

all credits go to barbara's martelo website for the bio part, and I randomly found the pictures on pinterest #barbaramartelo


Nov 2, 2014

How can't you not love faux fur collars. Fluffy, comfy and chic, they'll be your best friends to fight the colder months. They instantely add a feminine and classy touch to the most classic outfit and add t o glam up your basics. Another good side, you can basically stack them on any jacket, your favorite coat, a knitted cardigan or your favorite leather jacket. And if you own different colors collar, then you feel like having a new jacket everytime you're changing your collar. I did as every sunday, a bit of web window shopping and here are my three favorites from Asos. If you like them, take a look on their website, they do sell a bunch more. Special love for the huge one on the middle. Can you imagine being cold surrounded by so much fluffyness?

    Asos  -    River Island -    Asos


Oct 31, 2014

1. I've been following the gorgeous Desi Perkins for quite a while on youtube now, but for a few weeks, I became completly addict to her videos. She's crazilly talented, and come on guys she has such a perfect and dewy skin. Also, she always come up with perfect brows! I'm obsessed with the looks she created for Halloween, and I would love to recreate her Bride of Frankenstein make up. Sadly, we're not really celebrating Halloween in France and I'm not sure to be able to recreate such a flawless make up anyway. If you love the look on the picture, you can find the complete tutorial on her channel

2. I am a pump fanatic. I love them pointy and high. Without any platform. And this model from Zara is close to perfection (not saying that because I am completely addict to Zara). I've been seing these babies for the first time this summer when I was in Tokyo and I tried to forgot about them, like, I really tried hard. Because they're quite on the pricy side, but after paying a visit on Zara website again, and seeing they're still in stock in my size ... I'm about to order guys... 

3. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Skin Stress Control. That's quite a long name for my favorite facial scrub. I'm using this product for years and years (like 5 years maybe). I love the smell and it's not too agressive on my skin. I know it's not supposed to be good for the skin but ... I tend to use it on a daily basis. 


Oct 29, 2014

I finally have a week off from university. And free time always means shopping spree! On monday I went to do some shopping with a few of my classmates, and I did some dammage. I am big fan of Kiko Cosmetics, I think they have very good products for really affordable prices. I was first tempting to buy some of their water eye shadows, but first love is always the strongest and I ended up buying lipsticks. As usual. Not as if I already owned around 40 lipsticks. But, I was on the hunt for some Kylie Jenner shades for fall, because I'm all about those mauvy pink and darkest nudes that she use to wear. I decided to get three lipsticks, of three different ranges. The first one is from their cheapest line, the Smart Lipsticks. I got it in the shade 918 Classic Rose. It's the nudest color of the three lipsticks I got. It retails for 3,90 euros (around 5 dollars) is quite pigmented but you'll need to reapply it during the day. Then I got the Unlimited Stylo in 013 Cocoa, and oh guys this shade is perfection! It's the perfect rosy mauve color and it's perfect for fall with a matte look on the eyes! Totally recommend it, it's super creamy and pigmented and will last and stain your lips! Finally I got a Velvet Mat Lipstick in 612, Strawberry Pink. The packaging is adorable. For all of you girl fans of Rose Gold you're gonna love it! The finish is matte but not dry. The shade is in between the Smart Lipstick and the unlimited stylo, it's more on the pinky side and is super wearable on a daily basis! Here are the lipstick swatches.

From left to right : 612 Velvet Mat Lipstick, 013 Unlimited Stylo, 918 Smart Lipstick


Oct 28, 2014

As a shopaholic, I have to admit that I'm completely obsessed with the Zara website ... and that I check their new arrivals almost daily. I know. I'm terrible. Anyway. When I saw this sweater in the new autumn line, it totally reminded me of a IRO top I saw on Kristina Bazan a few months ago. I love IRO but it's definetly not on my student budget. Okay let's be honest, that's definetly not a perfect dupe but hey for 40 euros ... you can't expect the same than from a 700 euros sweater right? The texture, boxy cut and black detailing kinda reminded me of the super expensive yet gorgeous piece and I'm really thinking about getting it. What do you think? Liking the Zara sweater?

pictures : all credits go to Zara and Kayture


Oct 25, 2014

1. Turtle Necks - With the come back of fall and winter are coming back cozy sweaters. One of my favorite trend when it comes to this is turtle neck sweaters. I love how cozy and warm they are. I'm always freezing when I leave my house early in the morning and those sweaters are my new best friends. The one I'm wearing on the picture is from H&M last winter collection, but I plan to get some more, maybe at Zara or Forever 21.

2. Nicole Scherzinger (Big Fat Lie) - Scherzy finally released her new album! And I love it! I sang Your Love all summer long. I was liking this track so bad and she was gorgeous in the video clip. My favorite song on the new album is by far "Girl with a Diamond Heart". I think it's such a lovely song and Nicole's voice sounds pretty amazing. Must listen to this if you're into RNB ! 

3. Yay for fall! I can finally wear this Shiseido lipstick again. It's the first Shiseido product I ever had and it was gifted to me by one of my lovely japanese friend when I was in Japan! The color is hard to describe. It's a dark red with a bit of plum and brown tones at the same time. It's such a lovely color for fall and goes perfectly with neutral or champagne eye shadows.

4. Three Floor Dresses - I've been obsessed with Three Floor for a few years now. You might have seen some of their dresses around already since many fashion bloggers love to wear them. I'm obsessed with their clean cut and lovely material. I check out there new collection recently and some dresses are to die for. Picked a few one to share with you.


Oct 23, 2014

Got to admit that I'm not a huge Kardashian super fan. I've been watching a few episode of their reality show but never got sucked into it. But I have to admit that I really like Kim K style since she has been dating Kayne. I saw this outfit on the Vogue website and was just like, oh girl, that's quite interesting! I love this monochromatic look. It's super like basic but really feminine and classy. I never thought about a red pencil skirt but damn it looks super good paired with grey! 

Get the look : Skirt - Sweater - Heels 


Oct 21, 2014

Today I realised I haven't buy any new make up for quite a while. And I'm running out of so many products so I'll definetly need a little make up refill. On my list, a new liquid liner, a new brow pencil, and some powder. When I was thinking about what brow product buy once I'll be totally out of My Lancome Le Crayon, the first idea that came to my mind was the super well known Anastasia Brow Wiz. And I thought ... how come I never tried this out before? And it made me think about all those products beauty bloggers constantly raves about that I never had the chance to try before. Here's my list. Waiting for yours in the comments, and for some good dupes in you have some!

1. The Anastasia Brow Wiz: I am litteraly obsessed with nice brows. I like them thick but not too much, and well defined without being too boxy. The Anastasia Brow Wiz is probably the product missing to my life. It's the number one brow product at the moment. The whole Youtube beauty community is raving about this little retractable pencil, so thin that it can mimique perfectly the look of a brow hair. It's available in many shades and will match most eye brow colors. I think it's definetly gonna be my next purchase since I saw they were available on

2. Mary-Lou Minizer by the Balm : I got this highlighting powder for my best friend birthday (love having a make up lover as a bestie for real) and, you know that feeling when you're like ... ew kind of present I would definetly keep for myself! But no worries, I gave it to her. And she was freaking happy. And since that day ... I'm like obsessed and feel like my make up life won't be complete until I got my hand on it. 

3. The Lorac Pro Palette : Must say that if I could, I would own this palette for quite a long time. Sadly in France we cannot buy it! At list if we can, I'm definetly not aware (not talking about Ebay where you can find them for a crazy amount of money). I know I would love this palette and have a daily use of it since I do wear eye shadow on a daily basis (thanks god for the Naked Palette). If any of you has a idea to get it all the way from America, let me know! 

4. NYX Butter Gloss: These lipglosses has been on my wishlist for so long, especially in the shades Crème Brulée, which was sold out on NYX Cosmetics french website for so long. I would also love to try Tiramisu and some of their dark shades to test the pigmentation. The packaging is freaking adorable ... I mean, it's like a little pinky rainbow when you own all of the shades.

5. MAC Ruby Woo : I am a lipstick junkie. I love my reds especially when I have a quite simple outift, It instantly adds color and a bit of glamour to any outift. I have quite a lot in my collection, but I never owned MAC Ruby Woo which is definetly one of the Mac most famous lipstick. It's well known to be a very suitable red for a lot of skintones. Definetly have to give this a try. What's your favorite rep lipstick? 



Oct 17, 2014

If you should invest in one coat this year, go for a camel one (say the girl who doesn't own one and who just ordered a new black and collar furry one). Camel is a timeless color, perfect reminder of fall that will nontheless add a bit of color to your cold days outfits. It's easy to pair with the basics autumn color such as black, cream, grey or burgundy. 

The trend for the fit and cut is definetly oversized for this year. To still look put together, wear it with high heels, feminine blouses and skinny jeans. I love Kristina Bazan look on the picture down below, She perfectly mixes black and camel and her hat finishes the outfit perfectly. Let me know in the comments what coat you cant to invest for this winter!


Oct 14, 2014

1. YSL Black Opium : It's quite surprising for me, since I never liked YSL perfumes before. I'm usually much more into light and floraly scents when it comes to perfume, but for once, I changed my mind. It's has coffee accords scents (which might be the reason why I love it, since I totally love coffee smell), mixed with Patchouli, orange blossom and cedarwood. I think it's a very good perfume for fall and winter and it's from now on my Christmas wishlist. The packaging is also to die for! I love the mix of black and pink and the bottle as some little sparkles spread everywhere. A good mix between feminity and masculinity, as usual from YSL.

2. Thank's Zara for restocking this bag. Because yes, I might splurge on it. I need a little black back to carry on everyday, and this one seems like the perfect one for me. It might be a close cusin of the Chanel Boy Bag. And well, I love the Chanel boy bag. But cannot affoard it. And won't be able to affoard it in years I guess. 

3. Jun Hasegawa is by far one of my favorite model and women in general. She's a gorgeous Japanese model, mother of two little child. She has such a healthy way of life between Japan and Hawaii. She's the kind of successfull women I like to look up to. Natural, nice and blooming. I love checking out her instagram and you might have seen her face before if you're already followig my IG account!


Oct 12, 2014

One thing I love with the come back of fall and winter? Dark lips! I'm not into the super dark vampy lips kind of trend. I usually go for lighter burgundy or deep reds. Not the kind of girl to pull out crazy purple either. I decided to share with you two of my favorite burgundy/plum lippies.

107 Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss - Who doesn't know this drugstore iconic lipstick for fall? Rimmel is one of the cheapest brands for lipstick but always provide amazing shades and finish. This shade is perfect for an edgy look. It applies smoothly and have a quite long lasting power. I would nontheless recommend to moisturise your lips before applying it because it can be a little bit dry. The finish is matte and doesn't transfer much for a drugstore lips product.

914 Kiko Smart Lipstick Amaranto - Ok, so here we have a huge favorite of mine. I got this lipstick by the end of August during a shopping spree with my best friend. I went to Kiko to get a nude shade I spotted on Barbara Parade, but I ended up with a tone of swatches on my arm. I finally decided to not go too crazy and I only got this one and the nude shade I was looking for. And let me tell you, I do not regret it at all. I always got so many compliments when I wear this lipstick. The color is amazing, it's lighter than the Rimmel one and more shiny. I would say it's more on the purple side and maybre more wearable on a day to day basis. It stains your lips lightly but you have to reapply at least once during the day especially if you're eating or drinking but overall it's a very good product.


Oct 8, 2014

1. This same day last week I was stuck in front of my TV, looking at Beyonce & Jay Z On The Run Show. What to say, Jay is an amazing rapper and I do think rap is a music which is twice better to hear live. But Beyonce guys, Beyonce. She was flawless, her outfits were amazing and her make up... perfection. She was rocking a bold cat eyes glittery look, with nude lips, till she brings out some red lips during drunk it love. And for sure, perfect Beyonce glow was going on. I was both completely absorbed by her performance and her appearance. And ger and jay just sounds amazing together

2. Elle Ferguson style. Always, forever, pefection. I would die to have just 1/10 of Elle closet, she always look perfect and is always on point. She's mixing white black and neutrals perfectly, have te best shoes collection on earth, and that cool blond wavy australian hair. Oh and she liked my last selfie guys. Elle Ferguson. Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us liked my selfie... I mean come on!

3. I finally got my hands on one of the Dior Fluid Lipstick released earlier this spring. I got mine in the color Kiss Me which is a cool tone baby pink. I love their packaging, I love the lipctick color but I'm not a fan of the smell of it. Also think that for a high end product, you have to reapply it quite often, but it's maybe due to the light pink shade. Overall really like it. Feel so fancy when I pull it out of my bag. 

4. Miranda Kerr at Paris Fashion Week. Miranda Kerr in general. Such a gorgeous women and one of my biggest style inspiration. Totally blow away by her at the Sonia Rykiel fashion show. Also totally loved her off duty look all week long. Special mention for the super deep v neck that she can completly pull off and stay super classy.


Oct 4, 2014

How do I spend my sundays? In bed, with hot coffee and chocolate snacks, and some good fashion blogs full of new posts on my laptop screen. I'm a fashion blog reader for maybe 5 years now, and I do have my staples and favorites. It was hard to pick only 5 to share with you but I didn't wanted to make this post too long. Also, feel free to share your favorite or your own fashion blog in the comments!

Come Over to the Dark Side we Have Candy - That's quite a long name that the beautiful Cindy picked up. But when you read her blog you definetly get the meaning of it. I follow her blog since 2008 or 2009 when she was at the very begining of her blogging story. I instantly felt in love with her style quite close to mine, which means a lot of black, white and grey with with a bit of leopard sometimes. The pictures are really lovely and her blog is definetly one of my favorite out there. 

Harper & Harley - I adore the style of this australian it-girl. Once again, very monochromatic, with a lot of grey. She sometimes wears amazing designer pieces, especially shoes and is always extremely classy and natural. She also put together some lovely clothing boards which are very inspiring! Chosing between all my australian favorites bloggers wasn't an easy thing though. Chronicle of Her, Tuula and Theyallhateus were definetly on my top 10 list.

Kayture - Who doesn't know the gorgeous Kristina Bazan? This women is to me pretty amazing, She's so young but is already so sucessfull and teaming up with the biggest brands in the world. She's also a real inspiration and the proof that hard work and believing in your dreams do pay off. Not only that but her boyfriend James takes the most amazing pictures of her to illustrate the blog. I love reading her posts when she shares both her looks and her amazing travels around the world. My travel bucket list never stop growing because of this beautiful babe. A must read for any fashion lover in my opinion.

Fashiontoast - I had to share Rumi's blog. Because I started being addict to fashion blogs after discovering hers in late 2008. Because I was crazilly happy when I got a Vivi (japanese magazine) issue were she was featured during my first trip in Tokyo, and because her style is simply unique. She's to me one of the biggest and most inspiring fashion blogger out there and she has such a doll face. I'm so admirative of her success and her fearless style.

Song of Style - Aimee Song is a huge style inspiration, she's so daring when it come to mix prints  and colours, her hair always looks fab and she has an amazing shoes collection. She also seems to be such a sweetheart, is highly involved in the defense of animals and guys, her youtube video on how to take beautiful instagram pictures changed my life. If you like her blog, you might also like the lovely Jenny from Neonblush and, of course, Sincerely Jules. Who doesn't know her for real? 

credits: songofstyle, fashiontoast, kayture, cottds, harper&harley