Dec 7, 2015

Hello there. Christmas is right around the corner. I wasn't feeling like doing anything very "Christmassy" on my blog because I feel like this year the 24th and 25th will be a little bitter sweet for me, first because I won't be with my family, and also because in Japan people don't really celebrate Christmas. However, I realised that Christmas spirit was all around, all of the streets have nice illuminations, tones of Christmas cards and gifts pops up in the shops, and ... well the Vlogmas overload is not helping. Now, I do really have to think about what to get to my loved ones. I am still on the budget for this year sadly, and here is my under 30 euros selection. Excuse me in advance but I think this affordable gift guide will certainly be a girly one. I am the only one struggling when it comes to boys gift? 

For a girl who loves fashion : Well I think Mrs Kristina Bazan picked an amazing date to released her very first book, Kayture on the Go. Kristina is by far one of my favourite blogger, she is an admirable young blogger and a source of inspiration for so many girls and I think any of your friends into fashion would like to give her book a read. If you're friends are not into reading, you can think about gifting them some nice accessories, such as a festive clutch for exemple. If she's more into comfy clothes, then it is the perfect time of the year to get her a warm scarf.

For the home decor junkie : We all have that friend that has such a nice appartment that she made us really really jealous. Well make her happy by giving her some nice pieces to add to her already perfect interior. You can get her a really lovely and modern frame. Add a picture of you and her inside and you have the perfect personalised present. You can also get her a nice mug set for the next time you will share a coffee in her living room. Another classic? Candles, of course. And if she is into homewear, you can't go wrong with a cute pyjama.

For the beauty queen : Well palettes? Palettes palettes palettes? Any kind of "kit" is also acceptable thought. As a lipstick junkie, I wouldn't say no to that lovely set from Too Faced, a good opportunity to try both their classic and metallic melted lipsticks. If your friend or sister is more into smokey eyes, have a look at Zoeva's palette, affordable but such an amazing quality. 

For the geek girl : For all of your girls that have something for technology, chose an phone case for exemple. Not many people would spend 20 euros in a phone case, but they will love to be gifted one. I love this Unicorn one that you can find on Topshop. 


  1. I love your selection! I also want Kristina's book -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  2. How did I not know she has a book?? I love Kristina Bazan. Her blog is so amazing and inspiring. Great picks!:)


    1. She juuust released it a few days ago so you have an excuse haha

  3. Wow I did not know she was giving out a book! Something I need to add on my wish list :)


  4. You have the best affordable gift guide!
    xxx Linsey from

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  6. This is such a wonderful gift guide, and everything it super affordable. You picked a lot of great items!

  7. Amazing post! I also want Kristina Bazans book!

    xx Isabel

  8. These are all definitely lovely ideas & fairly affordable indeed. Thanks for sharing! xx,