Dec 28, 2014

Hebergeur d'image

If spending more than 2 hours a day on Youtube is a crime ... I am so freking guilty. It has become a real part of my night time routine now, I just take some time for myself, drink some hot coffee (does anyone else drink coffee at night?) and watch all of my favorite youtubers videos. It was more than hard to pick only 5 but I didn't wanted to make this post overlly long. Oh and let me know in the comment if you like Youtube and who are your favorite youtubers!

1. Claire Marshall from HeyClaire : Let's be clear here; Claire is my all time favorite Youtuber. She's like ... the coolest girl on earth litterally. Super stylish, funny, and with the best editing skills ever! I mean, have you ever seen her favorite lipsticks videos? Da, youtube classic guys! She also had amazing hair and we all know that amazing hair is always a big plus. I love watching her vlog videos, which are always very well made. She definetly put so much effort in her videos and always think about a real story line for them.

2. Barbara Rossi from the Persian Babe : Babe alert! I love this girl. Barbara if you're reading this, we should be best friend. She has a style which is really close to mine: Lot of black and white, a pretty collection of high heels and some trendy and timeless items all perfectly mixed together. Every time I watch her haul videos I have to add new items on my wishlist. She has been collaborating with Topshop for a few months now and always come up with the best outfits in her lookbooks. A must watch for all fashion lovers!  

3. Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup : Anna is that Youtube girl next door that every chick would love to have as a friend. She's so natural and always have amazing tips and products recommendations. Found out about my favorite drugstore lipstick of the year, aka the Bourjois Velvet Edition because of her! She's the cutest, and I always starts my sunday watching her videos! 

4. Kathleen from KathleenLights : This girl is one of the funniest beauty gurus out there. Damn everytime she's talking about high end products, mimicking the latino accent "30 dollars for a lipstick? thass essspenssive" I can't help but laugh. Plus she's super cute and really talented when it comes to makeup. She's the type of girl that can achieve amazing make up looks with the cheapest produtcs out there! 

5. Heart Defensor from ThatsHeart : I've been watching Heart's videos for years now, and she is definetly the cutest girl on my subscription box feed. She's also one of the only youtuber I watched vlogmas every single day for two years in a row. Because she's that cute guys! She seemed to be the nicest girl ever, her little dog Junior is also adorable, and I mean, her and her boyfriend Arnold has the kind of relationship every girl dream to have one day! About her main chanel content, lots of beauty related videos, hauls, lookbook, make up tutorials, all really well made and with a very girly touch. Definetly check her out. 


  1. Hello Charlotte! It's nice to have run into your blog! :)
    I've only watched Anna and Claire's video on the above list, so thanks for your recommendations here!
    I've just followed you on Bloglovin', please feel free to check out my blog too! :)

    Greetings from Hong Kong,

    1. I hope you'll like them haha I have dozen of youtubers that I love but well, got to pick when it comes to top 5! Definetly check out Barbara if you like Anna and Claire ... she's kinda an in between for these two! :)

  2. Really interesting, anyway your blog is awesome!

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  3. MOST DEF. Claire Marshall from HeyClaire!!!!! The best!!! Have a very happy new year!

  4. I love all of these youtubers also :)


  5. All good channels indeed. Persian Babe is a fav of mine.

  6. Thanks for this post, I needed some new YouTubers to follow! Kathleen sounds promising. Already subbed to Claire, she's awesome :)

    1. You're welcome beautiful! Thanks for your comment ! Kathleen is really really funny and talented in the makeup area! You should definetly check her out!

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