Oct 4, 2014

How do I spend my sundays? In bed, with hot coffee and chocolate snacks, and some good fashion blogs full of new posts on my laptop screen. I'm a fashion blog reader for maybe 5 years now, and I do have my staples and favorites. It was hard to pick only 5 to share with you but I didn't wanted to make this post too long. Also, feel free to share your favorite or your own fashion blog in the comments!

Come Over to the Dark Side we Have Candy - That's quite a long name that the beautiful Cindy picked up. But when you read her blog you definetly get the meaning of it. I follow her blog since 2008 or 2009 when she was at the very begining of her blogging story. I instantly felt in love with her style quite close to mine, which means a lot of black, white and grey with with a bit of leopard sometimes. The pictures are really lovely and her blog is definetly one of my favorite out there. 

Harper & Harley - I adore the style of this australian it-girl. Once again, very monochromatic, with a lot of grey. She sometimes wears amazing designer pieces, especially shoes and is always extremely classy and natural. She also put together some lovely clothing boards which are very inspiring! Chosing between all my australian favorites bloggers wasn't an easy thing though. Chronicle of Her, Tuula and Theyallhateus were definetly on my top 10 list.

Kayture - Who doesn't know the gorgeous Kristina Bazan? This women is to me pretty amazing, She's so young but is already so sucessfull and teaming up with the biggest brands in the world. She's also a real inspiration and the proof that hard work and believing in your dreams do pay off. Not only that but her boyfriend James takes the most amazing pictures of her to illustrate the blog. I love reading her posts when she shares both her looks and her amazing travels around the world. My travel bucket list never stop growing because of this beautiful babe. A must read for any fashion lover in my opinion.

Fashiontoast - I had to share Rumi's blog. Because I started being addict to fashion blogs after discovering hers in late 2008. Because I was crazilly happy when I got a Vivi (japanese magazine) issue were she was featured during my first trip in Tokyo, and because her style is simply unique. She's to me one of the biggest and most inspiring fashion blogger out there and she has such a doll face. I'm so admirative of her success and her fearless style.

Song of Style - Aimee Song is a huge style inspiration, she's so daring when it come to mix prints  and colours, her hair always looks fab and she has an amazing shoes collection. She also seems to be such a sweetheart, is highly involved in the defense of animals and guys, her youtube video on how to take beautiful instagram pictures changed my life. If you like her blog, you might also like the lovely Jenny from Neonblush and, of course, Sincerely Jules. Who doesn't know her for real? 

credits: songofstyle, fashiontoast, kayture, cottds, harper&harley


  1. Hello :)
    your blog is so beautiful! How come i didnt´t come across it yet? Would you mind checking mine?

  2. I'm in love with all of these bloggers! Definitely aspire to be like them one day.

  3. I was browsing my friend Sandra's blog and decided to check out your blog from the comments.
    After reading this article, I have to say, Style of Song is an amazing blog!!

  4. I'm in love with these Fashionbloggers! But my fav is <3

    if you like, visit my blog on

    xx, nissi

    1. I love Jules too! Her style is amazing !
      One of my daily read too <3