Dec 7, 2014

Hello beauty lovers, sorry I haven't been posting for such a long time, but december in a french college student life means deadlines, finals and all the crazy stress coming with it! I had so much stuff to do before the holidays period, but now it's almost done (one last spanish presentation and I'm all finished!) But let's start with my favorites! 

1. This Asos coat. It has to be mine. I've been on the hunt for a camel coat for quite a while, but the few that I found where always too long or not fitting at all. But thanks god for Asos, they're now selling this beauty. Basically all that I was searching for, a decent lenght, a lovely camel color, and the super duper fluffy colar.. I mean ... who doesn't love fur collars? Asos, give me a 20% off coupon, or a 30% off ... something please. I've been obsessed since I saw it on their website and I can't imagine the rest of my winter without it.

2. Hairburst : I'm not someone who use to take vitamins or any types of pills for weight control, hair or nails. But lately my hair has been in a terrible condition, it was so dry, falling a lot and basically not shiny and healthy at all. Bad hair days were like an everyday kind of situation and I decided to experiment with some hair vitamins. After a few research I finally decided to try Hairburst. I've been taking two pills a day for almost two weeks and I can already see some changes in my hair. Firt, my hair is much strongest, and shiniest and I feel like it starts to grow out! For the moment I totally recommend the pills and I think about taking them at least two more months to see result on the long run.

3. As long as I remember I always liked and respected Gwen Stefani so much. I think she's the kind of women that never needed to go out naked or to have overlly sexy dance moves to became the amazing artist she is now which is let be honest pretty rare nowadays (no problem with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj or any other R&B singers tho, women are in my opinion free to wear whatever they feel like wearing). Not only she's an amazing singer but I also think she's a real style icon. I love her signature make up look (winged liner and red lips, on porcelain skin, can't go wrong) and her shoe and accessories line became a favorite of mine a few years ago. Ok I should stop rambling and come to the point: Baby Don't Lie is PERFECTION. I love this song. On replay for a few days now! 


  1. Wow these are soooo perfect!! Great selection! :)

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  2. Great post! Very nice blog you have! Keep up the good work!


  3. Wow that scarf is so nice and the colour is great. Great post.