Feb 16, 2015

Hello loveys! How is your week end going so far? Here is a new fashion serie! Woop woop! I really love writing that kind of post especially since I am in the process of totally re-vamping my wardrobe. For that reason, I decided to just pick out 5 keys pieces in any kind of clothe categorie (dress, jackets, tops...). My goal is to have a clean closet and the first step for that (is of hoping that people will get all my old H&M clothes on Ebay so I can get new stuff!) is to find good basics. Timeless pieces that you will like and that are missing to your closet now or just too old. So here the first staple list, and it is all about jackets.

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1 . THE LEATHER JACKET - Forever and always. The black leather jacket is a must have for any women. Of course, you can have fun there, and play with colors. Pastel leather jackets are super on trend for the spring season. But when it comes to basics, a black leather moto jacket is a good place to start. Chose the hardware you prefer, gold or silver. Try them on, the cut and lenght of these jackets are really important, be sure you feel confortable in them and that it suits your bodyshape nicely. And if you go for a perfecto .. I would recommend to wear it open. Like always

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2. THE TRENCH COAT - Maybe because I am french? I mean I have a vision that ... yeah any french women need to have a good trench coat, the perfect LBD, some lovely black stilleto (with red soles better), and some red lipstick. Stopping with all these cliché, trench coats are handy, especially at this time of the year when we're slowly going into spring and easy to pair with many outfits. It will immediatly make you look really lady-like and chic. And ... I really need to get a new one since I am really not a fan of the Zara one I have anymore.

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Obviously. Black blazers go with everything. When I go out at night, I would rather wear a V-neck top with a nice black blazer and pants than a dress. It's also perfect when you go to work, out for dinner with the girls or the bae. It's definetly one of the most versatile piece a women can have. Here once again, you can definetly play with colours. I am kind of a blazer addict. I own three black ones already, but they all have an interesting twist (a girl excuse I know). Also for the warmer season, definetly try a white one. Perfect transition piece and it will brighten your complexion! 

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4. THE DENIM JACKET : The best friend of any casual yet stylish girl out there. You can pair it with a dress, a skirt or a your favourite pair of skinnies. Denim jackets are totally layering friendly. You can wear them under your leather jacket, over a blouse or collared shirt. Anything will look good and casual. I prefer them well fitted but you can also wear them oversized, distressed, light or dark blue, even grey or black! Even if it's a super basic piece you can have fun with it, wear it over a dress, an oversized sweater of even tied around you waist. 

Credits to : songofstyle, sincerelyjules, kaytue, tulavintage, pinterest


  1. I have always loved denim jacket. Great post :) X

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  2. Love a good trench coat!


  3. Amazing post!! We can never have too many different jackets! Loved your picks! xo


  4. I'm currently in need of a tailored blazer myself! Great post!

  5. These items are absolutely beautiful! I've always been a fan of leather jackets and trench coats – I love how you've featured them.

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  6. I never tire of my leather jacket, its my staple!

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