Feb 14, 2015

Hebergeur d'image

Hello loves! Happy Valentines! And if you're like me, a single girl stuck until 9PM at your part time job then happy basic saturday! *wooohoo*. Already hearing all of the customers saying, oh happy valentine, you should be with your boyfriend at a time like that. Meeeh, no boyfriend dear customers. Just kidding, I'm a really happy single girl. I've always feel like, good with a boyfriend, and good all by mself so I am not the depressed type on Valentines day. Ok let's just stop that TMI, and get into the post. For today, something quite easy, just showing some of my fave pink lipsticks. I think for Valentines, pink is for you if just like me you ... like to kiss. No tranfer, you won't look like a clown, you bf won't look like a clown, good choice. Ok I said let's stop that TMI, yeah that's was really TMI. Anyway! Here are some of my favourite pinks. Three high end, three drugstore, love them all. 

1. Chanel Rouge Allure in Fougueuse 138 - Fougueuse basically means fiery in french (yes that's the good side of being french, I can understand all of the Chanel lipsticks names, what an achievement). It's a lovely pink with some coral undertones. I can totally picture this one with a lovely white dress, or a white shirt or blouse, wavy hair and minimal make up on the eyes. Of course it's Chanel, so the packaging is to die for. I love the black and gold and the little opening system is so fancy (no lies, first time I got it I was like? meeh how do you open that stuff?)

2. YSL Rouge Volupte in Pink Lingerie - If you like baby pinks and want to get and high end one, go for it. Creamy texture, super fruity smell (I personally love it), the YSL oh so perfect packaging. Not much wrong for this lipstick except that the lasting power is not that great. I read some people saying you can keep them on your lips for 5 to 6 hours. Forget that if you plan to drink, eat, or just talk a lot. But hey, you can't have it all you know?

3. YSL Rouge Volupte in Pink in Paris - I don't know how many times I mentioned this lipstick on my blog. But it is my all time favourite. The color is so pretty, once again fruity smell (do you know that these lipsticks contain fruit extracts and antioxidants so your lips will look smoother after you apply them?). I didn't mention it before but they are super hydrating, it almost feels like a balm on your lips. This rose pink is quite opaque and will be your best friend for a natural everyday look. My lips but better kind of.

4. Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition in Pink Pong - Let's start with the drugstore. Here you say, can you just stop talking about these? Sorry guys but I had to mention at least one (and it's not gonna stop since Bourjois just realeased new shades!). I chosed pink pong. So just forget about all I said about kissing and not looking like a clown. Kisser, skip to number five right now, because that is a super duper bright pink. Once again matte finish, long lasting power, perfect if you're out for dinner but want that pop of color without re-applying. I would rather wear minimal eye makeup with this one tho since the color is like, pow in your face.

5. Rimmel Apocalips in Nova - There is not many people who keeps on talking about these. I remember when the whole blogging world was raving about them a few years ago, or was it last year? Anyway, I especially love this pink shade. Nova is quite close to YSL Pink in Paris but more pigmented and less shiny. It's an everyday pink that you can pair with a smockey eyes and still look quite natural. Really love it and still recommend it, even if I am not crazy about the smell of this one.

6. Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive - And here it comes, my favourite pink from the drugstore. Purchased this one ... I think a the end of last spring, I am almost out of it now and it makes me so sad. It is basically the perfect my lips but better pink. A really lovely and natural color that you can wear without thinking too much about it (no mirror involved kind of lipstick). As every Revlon matte balm, minty smell, love it. Don't except to not touch up during the day tho. I wouldn't say the lasting power is super crazy.

Sorry for the too much lips related kind of posts recently, I am working on some good fashion related ones and a more personal post is coming soon too! Once again have a lovely week end, and I write to you soon ! 


  1. nice lipstick

  2. Wow these look great!! I love the YSL ones especially! :)

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  3. I love pink! and so is this post! So adorable! let's connect! I follow back on GFC! :D



  4. The Chanel one is the best imo :)


  5. YSL just do no wrong. Hope you had a wonderful day!

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