Oct 31, 2014

WEEKLY FAVE : Desi Perkins, Sky High Pumps and old favorite

1. I've been following the gorgeous Desi Perkins for quite a while on youtube now, but for a few weeks, I became completly addict to her videos. She's crazilly talented, and come on guys she has such a perfect and dewy skin. Also, she always come up with perfect brows! I'm obsessed with the looks she created for Halloween, and I would love to recreate her Bride of Frankenstein make up. Sadly, we're not really celebrating Halloween in France and I'm not sure to be able to recreate such a flawless make up anyway. If you love the look on the picture, you can find the complete tutorial on her channel

2. I am a pump fanatic. I love them pointy and high. Without any platform. And this model from Zara is close to perfection (not saying that because I am completely addict to Zara). I've been seing these babies for the first time this summer when I was in Tokyo and I tried to forgot about them, like, I really tried hard. Because they're quite on the pricy side, but after paying a visit on Zara website again, and seeing they're still in stock in my size ... I'm about to order guys... 

3. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Skin Stress Control. That's quite a long name for my favorite facial scrub. I'm using this product for years and years (like 5 years maybe). I love the smell and it's not too agressive on my skin. I know it's not supposed to be good for the skin but ... I tend to use it on a daily basis. 

Oct 29, 2014

BEAUTY : Searching for the perfect Kylie Jenner shade at Kiko

I finally have a week off from university. And free time always means shopping spree! On monday I went to do some shopping with a few of my classmates, and I did some dammage. I am big fan of Kiko Cosmetics, I think they have very good products for really affordable prices. I was first tempting to buy some of their water eye shadows, but first love is always the strongest and I ended up buying lipsticks. As usual. Not as if I already owned around 40 lipsticks. But, I was on the hunt for some Kylie Jenner shades for fall, because I'm all about those mauvy pink and darkest nudes that she use to wear.

I decided to get three lipsticks, of three different ranges. The first one is from their cheapest line, the Smart Lipsticks. I got it in the shade 918 Classic Rose. It's the nudest color of the three lipsticks I got. It retails for 3,90 euros (around 5 dollars) is quite pigmented but you'll need to reapply it during the day. Then I got the Unlimited Stylo in 013 Cocoa, and oh guys this shade is perfection! It's the perfect rosy mauve color and it's perfect for fall with a matte look on the eyes! Totally recommend it, it's super creamy and pigmented and will last and stain your lips! Finally I got a Velvet Mat Lipstick in 612, Strawberry Pink. The packaging is adorable. For all of you girl fans of Rose Gold you're gonna love it! The finish is matte but not dry. The shade is in between the Smart Lipstick and the unlimited stylo, it's more on the pinky side and is super wearable on a daily basis! Here are the lipstick swatches.

From left to right : 612 Velvet Mat Lipstick, 013 Unlimited Stylo, 918 Smart Lipstick

Oct 28, 2014

FASHION : Zara trying IRO?

As a shopaholic, I have to admit that I'm completely obsessed with the Zara website ... and that I check their new arrivals almost daily. I know. I'm terrible. Anyway. When I saw this sweater in the new autumn line, it totally reminded me of a IRO top I saw on Kristina Bazan a few months ago. I love IRO but it's definetly not on my student budget. Okay let's be honest, that's definetly not a perfect dupe but hey for 40 euros ... you can't expect the same than from a 700 euros sweater right? The texture, boxy cut and black detailing kinda reminded me of the super expensive yet gorgeous piece and I'm really thinking about getting it. What do you think? Liking the Zara sweater?

pictures : all credits go to Zara and Kayture

Oct 25, 2014

WEEKLY FAVE : Cozy sweaters, nice dresses and dark lips

1. Turtle Necks - With the come back of fall and winter are coming back cozy sweaters. One of my favorite trend when it comes to this is turtle neck sweaters. I love how cozy and warm they are. I'm always freezing when I leave my house early in the morning and those sweaters are my new best friends. The one I'm wearing on the picture is from H&M last winter collection, but I plan to get some more, maybe at Zara or Forever 21.

2. Nicole Scherzinger (Big Fat Lie) - Scherzy finally released her new album! And I love it! I sang Your Love all summer long. I was liking this track so bad and she was gorgeous in the video clip. My favorite song on the new album is by far "Girl with a Diamond Heart". I think it's such a lovely song and Nicole's voice sounds pretty amazing. Must listen to this if you're into RNB ! 

3. Yay for fall! I can finally wear this Shiseido lipstick again. It's the first Shiseido product I ever had and it was gifted to me by one of my lovely japanese friend when I was in Japan! The color is hard to describe. It's a dark red with a bit of plum and brown tones at the same time. It's such a lovely color for fall and goes perfectly with neutral or champagne eye shadows.

4. Three Floor Dresses - I've been obsessed with Three Floor for a few years now. You might have seen some of their dresses around already since many fashion bloggers love to wear them. I'm obsessed with their clean cut and lovely material. I check out there new collection recently and some dresses are to die for. Picked a few one to share with you.

Oct 23, 2014

THURSDAY OUTFIT : Kim Kardashian wearing red

Got to admit that I'm not a huge Kardashian super fan. I've been watching a few episode of their reality show but never got sucked into it. But I have to admit that I really like Kim K style since she has been dating Kayne. I saw this outfit on the Vogue website and was just like, oh girl, that's quite interesting! I love this monochromatic look. It's super like basic but really feminine and classy. I never thought about a red pencil skirt but damn it looks super good paired with grey! 

Get the look : Skirt - Sweater - Heels