Dec 21, 2014


Hello there! Isn't Christmas and the holidays season the perfect time to wear your prettiest red lipsticks? I think so, even if I do like to wear my reds all year around for special occasions, like girls night out, or formal dinners. I also wear them on day to day basis when I want to look a little more fierce and fancy. I feel like red lipstick is one of that make up look that totally empower women. Like look at me, I'm that kind of women that can rock a red lips while going grocery shopping and I really don't care what you think! But enough rambling. Here is my top three! 

1. NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dragon Girl : This is one of my all time favorite red. I love NARS make up product so much and there lip pencils are some of the best on the market. First, I just love the name, Dragon Girl, don't know why it sounds a bit asian to me, I picture a gorgeous and badass geisha wearing this color. It's a vibrant cherry red. It's blue based, which I love when it comes to red lip colors. If you're a fan of more orangy tones reds, go for the Red Square shade instead. It applies easily and is not drying on the lips if you apply your favorite lip balm beforehand! If you haven't tried it yet, just go for it! The lasting power is great, I wouldn't say it resist to 10 drinks and 3 meals but, you can easily wear it for 4 or 5 hours without reapplying! One con, you have to sharpen them ... and that's kinda boring ..

2. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet  in Hot Pepper: Here you are orangy red lovers! Hot Pepper is made for you. First it's a drugstore lippie, which means that we can all afford it. The lasting power is really good. The smell of this isn't so nice to me but oh well, I can deal with it for such a good product. It almost apply like a kind of paint on your lips and is gonna stain them for the rest of the day. Holiday friendly! You can also layer the product to get a more vibrant red if you want to! 

3. The Smashbox Be Legendary Liplacker in Firecracker. My best friend give this to me on my birthday and oh my godness I'm in love with it! It's a super duper vibrant red, but for once it's not a matte finish. It leaves your lips glossy and is make them look a bit fuller. It's not a sticky lipgloss and apply to your lips very smoothly. It'll cost you around 20 euros, which is not cheap but also not too much for a good lip product like this one. I tend to pair it with a very basic eye look, a light brown eye shadow, a not to dramatic winged liner and a few coats of mascara. 

Dec 7, 2014

WEEKLY FAVE & Catching up

Hello beauty lovers, sorry I haven't been posting for such a long time, but december in a french college student life means deadlines, finals and all the crazy stress coming with it! I had so much stuff to do before the holidays period, but now it's almost done (one last spanish presentation and I'm all finished!) But let's start with my favorites! 

1. This Asos coat. It has to be mine. I've been on the hunt for a camel coat for quite a while, but the few that I found where always too long or not fitting at all. But thanks god for Asos, they're now selling this beauty. Basically all that I was searching for, a decent lenght, a lovely camel color, and the super duper fluffy colar.. I mean ... who doesn't love fur collars? Asos, give me a 20% off coupon, or a 30% off ... something please. I've been obsessed since I saw it on their website and I can't imagine the rest of my winter without it.

2. Hairburst : I'm not someone who use to take vitamins or any types of pills for weight control, hair or nails. But lately my hair has been in a terrible condition, it was so dry, falling a lot and basically not shiny and healthy at all. Bad hair days were like an everyday kind of situation and I decided to experiment with some hair vitamins. After a few research I finally decided to try Hairburst. I've been taking two pills a day for almost two weeks and I can already see some changes in my hair. Firt, my hair is much strongest, and shiniest and I feel like it starts to grow out! For the moment I totally recommend the pills and I think about taking them at least two more months to see result on the long run.

3. As long as I remember I always liked and respected Gwen Stefani so much. I think she's the kind of women that never needed to go out naked or to have overlly sexy dance moves to became the amazing artist she is now which is let be honest pretty rare nowadays (no problem with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj or any other R&B singers tho, women are in my opinion free to wear whatever they feel like wearing). Not only she's an amazing singer but I also think she's a real style icon. I love her signature make up look (winged liner and red lips, on porcelain skin, can't go wrong) and her shoe and accessories line became a favorite of mine a few years ago. Ok I should stop rambling and come to the point: Baby Don't Lie is PERFECTION. I love this song. On replay for a few days now! 

Nov 21, 2014

BEAUTY : Nars Virtual Cheek Domination Palette

Monday was my birthday guys, so I decided to treat myself with a little beauty present. I had my eyes on the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette and the Nars Digital World Lip Pencil coffret since they had been released a few weeks ago. I had a 25% off coupon to use at Sephora and  I didn't have any Nars blush, highlighter or bronzer yet, so the cheek palette was the perfect opportunity to start trying these out! I didn't got the chance to use it yet, but let me tell you the palette is gorgeous! First the packaging is to die for. It's a Christmas limited edition, so it's not the usual all black and matte NARS packaging. It's white, still sleek and the quality of the box looks amazing! The miror is huge which is super handy for a girl like me who only has super tiny mirors. In the palette you have three cheek colors, one highlight and a bronzer, and what a bronzer, the iconic Laguna bronzing powder! For the blushes you got Sex Fantasy and Final Cut. I swatched the powders in store and they're pretty pigmented and the formula isn't chalky at all. I have a little doubt on the amount of glitter in Miss Liberty, the highligting powder but we'll see how it shows on the skin! Let me know if you already own this palette, or what Christmas limited edition product you'll recomend this year!

Nov 16, 2014

WEEKLY FAVE : Teary Song, Rimmel Primer and Shay Mitchell

1. The heart wants what it wants is the brand new song of Selena Gomez... And I can't believe I'm actually liking it. I used to really not like Selena. I don't really know why, I just think she was not as talented as Demi Lovato for exemple who has a really good voice. But ... I have to admit this song is kinda moving. I feel for the first time she's singing something really personal. The lyric are really lovely, the music video quite intimist. Well done Selena, this new album might be a good one.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. I did some Rimmel purchases during the Asos beauty sales, and that's one of the product I got. I wanted to try out a new primer because I do have oily skin even during winter. This one is to me very good for the price. The packaging is not bad. It says on the bottle that you can wear it alone. Well to me not really ... I mean you can if you have a flawless skin and do not need any coverage, or if you're just staying home, but what's the point of wearing a primer if you're having a no make up day ? It's not tinted at all, the product is white and quite thick but it doesn't bother me at all. I feel like it creates a nice base for the reste of my make up. It doesn't have any special scent and keep my skin matte for a good amount of time!

3. Shay Mitchell for the November issue of Glamour Mexico. One word, flawless. I love Shay since I started to watch Pretty Little Liars a few years ago. I think she's such a gorgeous and inspiring women. About this photoshoot, the make up looks are all amazing! She's rocking berry, red and nude lips with a lovely brown smockey eyes and perfect wingeg eye liner. The styling is also fantastic and she is super elegant. There is more pictures available on various website, definetly check this one out if you're a fan of the lovely Canadian. 

Nov 13, 2014

BEAUTY : The Christmas Wishlist

Hello peeps. I am so busy at university, and the next two weeks might be really intense, and insane too. But I'll try to do my best to keep posting here! As we say in France, when you want it, you can do it. Something similar in your country? Anyway. I'm sure you all know .... Holidays season is coming! A month and a half before Christmas! Which means? Wishlists babes! I am a list girl, like almost every women on earth I guess, so I can't hide my excitement around my birthday (it's on monday if you were wondering haha) or Christmas when my parents and friends are like ... hey, what to do you want for Christmas? Um wait, wishlist and links all prepared hun! For today, I selected a few make up and beauty products that I would love Santa to let under my Chritmas tree. 

1. YSL Black Opium perfume. Since I tried the sample I got from Sephora, I'm obsessed with it and I'm trying to save the tiny tiny bottle I have. I already talked about it in one of my previous post, but to make it short, it's really different from the perfume I already own. It's stronger, and deeper, more masculine too. I would say it's a sexy perfume, perfect for a night time date.

2. The Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. I am a fan of Urban Decay eye shadows. They're super easy to blend and not chalky at all. The pigmentation is also really good! Since I got the first Naked palette when it was first released I just can't resist and feel like I need every single Urban palette in my life. I think the Vice 3 is super versatile. First, the huge miror, super handy while doing your make up. Then you'll find you're usual neutral shades, and some more colorfull eye shadows if you feel like spicing up your eye make up! Must have for me.

3. Be ready guys. The next ones are for my lips. I decided to put them all together, since my liptick wishlist is actually worse than my shoes one. Santa, I would be super happy with a few Nars audacious lipsticks, because you know everyone is raving about them, like they're so pigmented and, one of them is called Charlotte! And if you could brought me the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick in Ruby ... or a lovely YSL Rouge Volupte you would make a happy girl.  

4. Once again, I've talked about it before but the Nars Cheek Domination palette is on the super top of my list. I don't have so many cheeks products. I'm not really a blush girl but well, this would be a really interesting occasion to change my make up routine by introducing some new products. 

5. Finally, I really need some good quality hair styling tools. And I've heard so many good things about the Nume curling and flat iron. This set seems the perfect one to start and try the brand. I also love the variety of colors they offer. The pink one is the cutest to me!

Among all of these materialistic stuff, don't forget guys that the holidays season is made to spend precious time with your loved one and to spread love and share hapiness. Presents are a temporary thing. But the memories you'll made with people you love will stay with you forever.