Mar 28, 2015


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I have a cold for a good few days now. Runny nose, itchy throat, headache every night ... A dreamy week. I am slowly getting better but my face was looking crap and I had the worse dark circles ever. However when I just get a little cold, even if it is unconvenient, life doesn't stop and I still go out and meet friends or family which means that I have to slap on a bit of make up and try to look alive. When I am sick there are a few steps that I do not miss in my routine which help me to go from zombie to pretty.

1 - Hydrate hard - When you're sick your skin basically looks dull and might be really dry. Hydrating your skin is a key step in your daily routine but even more when you're sick. Go for a full on skin care routine, cleanse, apply your moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, rehydrate as much as you can to bring back some glow to your face.

2 - Apply concealer on your undereyes and nose corners - Concealer is a girl best friend definetly especially in her sick days (or after a long night out). I usually go for a lighter shade than my complexion to really bring light to this area usually quite dark. I will also apply some concealer around my nose which is itchy and red because of excessive snuffing.

3 - Highlight your cheek bones and the inner corners of your eyes - Bring light back to your face. Highlighter is my lifesaver when I'm sick. Cheekbones, cupids bow, tip of the nose to cancel out the dullness of sick days. Also, when doing your eye make up, apply your favourite highlighter or a champagne eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes. It will make your eyes appear much bigger and awake.

I hope those few tips will help you, share yours in the comments and I talk to you on monday, I will share with you all my March favourites! 

Mar 26, 2015


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This one was an impulse buy. I got it at the same time that my NARS foundation a week ago. My best friend was searching for a good yet affordable liquid liptick, and these Sephora Cream lip stains are such a trend in the beauty community recently (aka dozen of beauty gurus raving about it). I recommended her to swatch a few of these and we ended up with our hands all covered of colorful swatches. I was just supposed to help her pick one or two. But as soon as I swatched Pink Soufflé I knew I had to get it. You know, a kind of super me color, that I would wear everyday until it is completely empty an repurchase forever? 

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Anyway, now let's start the real review. Concerning the application, the product is quite creamy and easy to apply. It is really opaque so you don't need a lip pencil underneath. As the pigmentation is good, you don't need a lot of product to cover your whole lips. I wouldn't say it is an hydrating lipstick, but it is not super drying for such a matte finish lipstick. The product is non scented which is ok for me. Concerning the lasting power, I would say pretty good! You might need to reapply once a day or if you're eating something oily. Next one on my wishlist? Strawberry Kissed! Such a nice pinky red!

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Here is an arm swatch and what it looks like one my lips. Sorry for that overlly surprised face. Trying to look cute on my selfies but it is always a huge fail.
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Mar 24, 2015

NARS SHEER GLOW - Does it worth the hype?

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Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am always the last person to try amazing products. On a more serious note, the private "black card" sales (I think it correspond to the VIP sales in the USA) started this week at Sephora, and since I needed to repurchase some body lotions for Japan I went there to use my 25% off coupon. I have been wanting the NARS Sheer Glow foundation for so long, I think since I heard Tanya Burr raved about it ages ago. I also thought that it was much wiser to get it here in France since I guess it might be less expensive that in Japan and you know, 25% off can't go wrong with such a discount. Anyway, I got mine in the shade Deauville which is such a great match for my skin tone!

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I tried it for the first time the other day. I met my best friend on that day, we had coffee outside, it was quite sunny and even with no powder, I wasn't oily at all! This foundation is seriously amazing. The coverage is great, it is not sheer at all, it has a good medium coverage (I have bad skin, scaring and frequent breakouts so I need a foundation that will cover that up!). It leaves your skin with a very lovely and natural finish. It is not that dewy but it's fine, add a good highlighter on the top of you cheecks and you will be good to go! Also, it is super blendable which is a huge plus. 

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However I have a massive con. The packaging. Don't get me wrong, the bottle is really lovely. But no pump? Like for real NARS? I mean when you get a 40 euros foundation you expect it to come with a pump. I did purchased one however since they're really cheap in France (2,50 euros) but once you've put the pump on the foundation, you just can't use the lid anymore which is really annoying in my opinion. Anyway let me know what are your thoughts on this foundation, do you have dupes for it? Any more affordable foundation you prefer ?

Mar 22, 2015

THE ASOS WISHLIST - Going into spring

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Asos is to me the best online store ever. Reason? The choice! No matter your style, you will find something. The pice range is also pretty wide so even if you are on a budget you might find something great to add to your wardrobe. Not talking about their coupon codes and special deals. As spring is coming, I have some crazy shopping envy, and well Asos is always the place I like to spend hours dreaming about my future wardrobe. Here are a few items I've selected to transition easily from winter to spring weather.

1. River Island monochromatic leopard skirt - I really like this skirt, I love anything leopard printed, but I don't own anything black and white leopard. I guess that's making it a good reason to get that skirt huh? 

2. Asos nude high neck jumper - It was love at first sight with this jumper. I think with a basic blue jeans, some nice heels and a classy bag you definetly have a great everyday outfit! The color is perfect for spring but its thickness will keep you warm during those tricky months.

3. Weekday off shoulders top - I have a thing for off shoulders top, and I have been searching for a black one since I saw Jessica from tuulavintage pulling off the perfect all black outfit with a similar one. If you are not a dress kind of girl, this top is your best friend, paired with a black skinny jeans and a killer pair of heels and you're good to go!

4. Asos white embossed clutch - Totally love those kind of clutches to go out with girl friends for drinks. Big enough to pack all of your essentials and super stylish! Really love how the two colors matches on this one.

5. Asos basic grey jumper - This kind of jumper is a must have. It is so easy to pair with any kind of jeans, skirts or shorts. It is comfy yet stylish and feminine since it is quite form fitting.

6. Asos Striped Playsuit - Spring is the perfect season to bring the playsuits out of your wardrobe. The weather starts to get warmer and you can wear them with a nice leather jacket for exemple. I love this one because as you might know I am kina obsessed with stripes and I think this one would be a great statement for a daytime chic look.

Mar 18, 2015


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It's been a while since I purchased a Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eye shadow. I have so many eye shadow palettes (I use them all tho, my go to make up look being a bronze smockey eyes) that I don't often buy single eye shadows, but I do exceptions for creamy formula like this one. I already own the taupe shade from this line and I heard many good thing about the shade Metallic Pomegrate. I actually really like the texture of these eye shadows. You can use them as a base for your powder eye shadows or just as a single lid color for a quick eye make up look. They have a great lasting power and are easy to blend. Also, I really like to use them on my lower lash line, I think they are much easier to work with in this area that powder eye shadow and don't smudge as much.

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Don't get me wrong, I really like this color. However, I was expecting it to be a little bit more plum. It doesn't have much purple in it and look more like a bronzy shade with a hint of burgundy in my opinion. However, I think I can make it work with some purple and cramberry shades from my Vice 3 Palette from Urban Decay. Here are two swatches. Let me know what you think of the color and what are your favourite shades out of the Color Tattoo line! 

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