Oct 21, 2014

BEAUTY: These 5 beauty products everyone talks about that I never tried

Today I realised I haven't buy any new make up for quite a while. And I'm running out of so many products so I'll definetly need a little make up refill. On my list, a new liquid liner, a new brow pencil, and some powder. When I was thinking about what brow product buy once I'll be totally out of My Lancome Le Crayon, the first idea that came to my mind was the super well known Anastasia Brow Wiz. And I thought ... how come I never tried this out before? And it made me think about all those products beauty bloggers constantly raves about that I never had the chance to try before. Here's my list. Waiting for yours in the comments, and for some good dupes in you have some!

1. The Anastasia Brow Wiz: I am litteraly obsessed with nice brows. I like them thick but not too much, and well defined without being too boxy. The Anastasia Brow Wiz is probably the product missing to my life. It's the number one brow product at the moment. The whole Youtube beauty community is raving about this little retractable pencil, so thin that it can mimique perfectly the look of a brow hair. It's available in many shades and will match most eye brow colors. I think it's definetly gonna be my next purchase since I saw they were available on nelly.com.

2. Mary-Lou Minizer by the Balm : I got this highlighting powder for my best friend birthday (love having a make up lover as a bestie for real) and, you know that feeling when you're like ... ew kind of present I would definetly keep for myself! But no worries, I gave it to her. And she was freaking happy. And since that day ... I'm like obsessed and feel like my make up life won't be complete until I got my hand on it. 

3. The Lorac Pro Palette : Must say that if I could, I would own this palette for quite a long time. Sadly in France we cannot buy it! At list if we can, I'm definetly not aware (not talking about Ebay where you can find them for a crazy amount of money). I know I would love this palette and have a daily use of it since I do wear eye shadow on a daily basis (thanks god for the Naked Palette). If any of you has a idea to get it all the way from America, let me know! 

4. NYX Butter Gloss: These lipglosses has been on my wishlist for so long, especially in the shades Crème Brulée, which was sold out on NYX Cosmetics french website for so long. I would also love to try Tiramisu and some of their dark shades to test the pigmentation. The packaging is freaking adorable ... I mean, it's like a little pinky rainbow when you own all of the shades.

5. MAC Ruby Woo : I am a lipstick junkie. I love my reds especially when I have a quite simple outift, It instantly adds color and a bit of glamour to any outift. I have quite a lot in my collection, but I never owned MAC Ruby Woo which is definetly one of the Mac most famous lipstick. It's well known to be a very suitable red for a lot of skintones. Definetly have to give this a try. What's your favorite rep lipstick? 

pic: impressionblend.com 

Oct 17, 2014

WINTER TREND : Camel Coats

If you should invest in one coat this year, go for a camel one (say the girl who doesn't own one and who just ordered a new black and collar furry one). Camel is a timeless color, perfect reminder of fall that will nontheless add a bit of color to your cold days outfits. It's easy to pair with the basics autumn color such as black, cream, grey or burgundy. 

The trend for the fit and cut is definetly oversized for this year. To still look put together, wear it with high heels, feminine blouses and skinny jeans. I love Kristina Bazan look on the picture down below, She perfectly mixes black and camel and her hat finishes the outfit perfectly. Let me know in the comments what coat you cant to invest for this winter!

Oct 14, 2014

WEEKLY FAVE : Black Opium, Chanel Boy cusin & Japanese beauty

1. YSL Black Opium : It's quite surprising for me, since I never liked YSL perfumes before. I'm usually much more into light and floraly scents when it comes to perfume, but for once, I changed my mind. It's has coffee accords scents (which might be the reason why I love it, since I totally love coffee smell), mixed with Patchouli, orange blossom and cedarwood. I think it's a very good perfume for fall and winter and it's from now on my Christmas wishlist. The packaging is also to die for! I love the mix of black and pink and the bottle as some little sparkles spread everywhere. A good mix between feminity and masculinity, as usual from YSL.

2. Thank's Zara for restocking this bag. Because yes, I might splurge on it. I need a little black back to carry on everyday, and this one seems like the perfect one for me. It might be a close cusin of the Chanel Boy Bag. And well, I love the Chanel boy bag. But cannot affoard it. And won't be able to affoard it in years I guess. 

3. Jun Hasegawa is by far one of my favorite model and women in general. She's a gorgeous Japanese model, mother of two little child. She has such a healthy way of life between Japan and Hawaii. She's the kind of successfull women I like to look up to. Natural, nice and blooming. I love checking out her instagram and you might have seen her face before if you're already followig my IG account!

Oct 12, 2014

MAKE UP : Fall is for burgundy

One thing I love with the come back of fall and winter? Dark lips! I'm not into the super dark vampy lips kind of trend. I usually go for lighter burgundy or deep reds. Not the kind of girl to pull out crazy purple either. I decided to share with you two of my favorite burgundy/plum lippies.

107 Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss - Who doesn't know this drugstore iconic lipstick for fall? Rimmel is one of the cheapest brands for lipstick but always provide amazing shades and finish. This shade is perfect for an edgy look. It applies smoothly and have a quite long lasting power. I would nontheless recommend to moisturise your lips before applying it because it can be a little bit dry. The finish is matte and doesn't transfer much for a drugstore lips product.

914 Kiko Smart Lipstick Amaranto - Ok, so here we have a huge favorite of mine. I got this lipstick by the end of August during a shopping spree with my best friend. I went to Kiko to get a nude shade I spotted on Barbara Parade, but I ended up with a tone of swatches on my arm. I finally decided to not go too crazy and I only got this one and the nude shade I was looking for. And let me tell you, I do not regret it at all. I always got so many compliments when I wear this lipstick. The color is amazing, it's lighter than the Rimmel one and more shiny. I would say it's more on the purple side and maybre more wearable on a day to day basis. It stains your lips lightly but you have to reapply at least once during the day especially if you're eating or drinking but overall it's a very good product.

Oct 8, 2014

WEEKLY FAVE : Some Beyonce, Elle Ferguson, Dior and Miranda Kerr in Paris

1. This same day last week I was stuck in front of my TV, looking at Beyonce & Jay Z On The Run Show. What to say, Jay is an amazing rapper and I do think rap is a music which is twice better to hear live. But Beyonce guys, Beyonce. She was flawless, her outfits were amazing and her make up... perfection. She was rocking a bold cat eyes glittery look, with nude lips, till she brings out some red lips during drunk it love. And for sure, perfect Beyonce glow was going on. I was both completely absorbed by her performance and her appearance. And ger and jay just sounds amazing together

2. Elle Ferguson style. Always, forever, pefection. I would die to have just 1/10 of Elle closet, she always look perfect and is always on point. She's mixing white black and neutrals perfectly, have te best shoes collection on earth, and that cool blond wavy australian hair. Oh and she liked my last selfie guys. Elle Ferguson. Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us liked my selfie... I mean come on!

3. I finally got my hands on one of the Dior Fluid Lipstick released earlier this spring. I got mine in the color Kiss Me which is a cool tone baby pink. I love their packaging, I love the lipctick color but I'm not a fan of the smell of it. Also think that for a high end product, you have to reapply it quite often, but it's maybe due to the light pink shade. Overall really like it. Feel so fancy when I pull it out of my bag. 

4. Miranda Kerr at Paris Fashion Week. Miranda Kerr in general. Such a gorgeous women and one of my biggest style inspiration. Totally blow away by her at the Sonia Rykiel fashion show. Also totally loved her off duty look all week long. Special mention for the super deep v neck that she can completly pull off and stay super classy.