Aug 24, 2014


Hello dolls! I have been on a blogging hiatus for a while, quite a long time actually. I've been busy basically and not inspired at all. This first half of 2014 has been honestly one of the busiest time of my all life. I was in my first year of master degree in international management and had a crazy amount of homework and papers, plus, a part time job for the first time in my uni life. Then I went to a three months internship to my beloved Tokyo and had such an amazing time. Living there for three months was quite short, but I had an amazing time. I got the opportunity to meet amazing people and get to see some of my friends again. And now that I'm back in my lovely yet super quite South of France ... I feel like all that stress and crazy adrenaline is now gone and I want to start blogging again. However, I decided to spice up the things with this new start, and make my blog much more personal. I want to introduce beauty and make up tips or my personal favorites, I want to share with you recipees or some of my tips for the new healthy lifestyle I'll try to follow, but also share with you my trips, or just some pieces of my daily life. I hope I can get this new version more fun and personal for you to read, I hope you'll enjoy it and keep on following me on this new way. Mucho Love.