Jan 26, 2015


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Usually, it takes some times to really appreciate a product. You need around two weeks to really try it out and get over the first impression. You need some time to see how's your skin reaction, how it shows in pictures, what kind of makeup look you can create with it. But this Bourjois bronzing primer is different. I wanted to get into creamy bronzer for quite a while, it seemed easier to apply and to blend, and gave a more natural effect that some powder bronzer that can leave harsh lines pretty hard to blend on your cheekbones. To make it short, I bought it on friday, after a long should I get a new drugstore or lipstick of face product dilemma. I used it on saturday and sunday (sorry for the gross finger print on the picture), and really wonder how I could live without this thing before. The texture is so so easy to blend, it's super light and it faded perfectly into my foundation (the l'Oréal True Match in C2). It doesn't feel caky at all and create such an healthy and bronzed complexion. You can use it alone or as a primer, and then add your bronzing powder on top. It's the perfect product for contouring, especially if you are a beginner. Drugstore must have, Bourjois just makes it right when it comes to face products! 

Jan 24, 2015


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Do you know what's better than Kiko? Kiko sales! I had a little shopping trip with my brother the other day, -no need to mention that he kindly waited outside while I was swatching like crazy inside the shop- and got quite a few things. I went to Kiko with a mission, not buying lipstick! And it was a success! I ended up buying two of them water eye shadows, two smart lip pencils and a double glam eye liner. The two eye shadows are gorgeous! The shade 204 is a gorgeous bronzy burgundy and the shade 203 is on that same vibe but a little bit lighter and pinkier. I can't wait to play with these since I don't own any colors like that. The two lip pencils are pretty basics, a classic red and a lovely mauvie pink but ... I had no lip pencils for more than 6 months, so that was a real need! Then final buy, another eye product, a double ended eye pencil, with a deep navy on one end, and a dark brown on the other. Once again, I really want to spice up my eye makeup looks with this little baby! Wish you all a lovely week end peeps!

Jan 22, 2015


I get my first higher end bag this year on my birthday. After wanting it for a good two years, I finally own the Michael Kors Selma bag in black. And I'm in love with it since I got it. It completely convinced me in splurging more on quality bags. I feel like a nice bag can totally upgrade any outfits. I'm planning as soon as I'll start working, to save a little bit every month so I can finally paid myself one of the five beautiful leather things below!

Hebergeur d'image 1. THE GIVENCHY ANTIGONA. This might be one of the most timeless bag on the market, with the classic Prada saffiano leather (ew I should have include this one too!). I think this bag would be the perfect everyday bag, the medium or large one have decent size and are appropriate for work or everyday situations (shopping, coffee with the girls, date with the bae). 

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2. THE YSL TASSEL SATCHEL. I am a junkie for everything Saint Laurent, I love most their bags and clutches, but this one as something special. It's the perfect evening bag in my opinion! It's super feminine and classy and looks super duper fancy and chic. It's also easy to carry around because of the gold strap. The size is perfect even for an everyday use, since you can store all of your essentials in it!

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3. THE CHANEL BOY BAG. Um ... I guess I can call that, my ultimate goal in life. Is that stupid? I mean, I wish I can one day reward myself and buy my own Chanel bag, and the Boy is a pretty good option. It's so so expensive, but come on ... this bag is the definition of perfection. I love the chain details, and I would definetly go for a classic black and silver combo!

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4. THE CELINE BLACK BOX. The perfect small sized bag for everyday. The design is quite simple which make it super easy to pair. It's not a fancy and overly brand showing bag, which I love! If I had to chose, I would pick the black snakeskin one. 

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5. THE PROENZA SCHOULDER PS11. As the Celine one, the design is quite simple and the size is really convinient for everyday. The front hardware is really nicely designed. The mini version of it is also super lovely.

All credits go to mariannan for the YSL bag pictures, any other pic has been taken from pinterest

Jan 19, 2015


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You know there is always a body part that we would love to have from one of our friends. Pretty eyes, smaller nose. It might sounds surprising but ... I always thought my best friend has super duper pretty hands. She has skinny fingers, lovely nails, really feminine and classy hands. During one of our "it's too cold to go out" girly afternoon, we strated talking about nails since we plan to have some gel manicure soon. We ended up going through my tiny tiny nail polish collection to get some colour inspiration, and she wanted to try out that lovely pinky shade. I had to picture the final result since it was super pretty and shiny!

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During winter, it's important to take a good care of your hands and nails. This little Julep guide will help you keep your nail healthy and clean during the colder months! My tips, moisturize, a lot. With cold weather your hands will get dry, and your nails will need that extra hydration to be healthy. Use serum or cream on your cuticules before going to bed, give them a little cut, shorter nails are the way to go for me, I found them classy and timeless, Then before applying your nail polish, put on a coat of a nourishing base so your nails won't get yellow after you remove your nail polish.  We came up with a lovely baby pink color for my best friend her nails, a classy yet lovely color that can match any outfit. If you like this color, you can find a similar one on Julep website called Martha. Their nail polish selection is huge and super affordable!

Jan 18, 2015


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I think we all have one makeup guilty pleasure. That makeup item that we love unconditionally, the one we wouldn't mind spending a few more euros -or dolllars, or any type of money you're using- to get. I am personally a lipstick junkie, and I have some serious problem with high end ones mostly because of the packaging. I am all about the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks. They are to me with the Tom Ford lipsticks the prettiest lip products on the market currently and everytime I want a little make up splurge I'll get a new one. I currently own 4 shades, one of them being my all time favorite lipstick! On the picture below, you can see Pink Lingerie, which is basically the perfect baby pink shade, Pink in Paris, the perfect vintage rose, Fuchsia in Excess, which makes your lips look like you just eat some cherry or redish/pinky fruit, and finally Rose in Tension, kindly gifted by my dad for Christmas. Formula wise, lots of people don't think they worth the price, I think they do, the smell is amazing, they won't last hours and hours on your lips but I'm not the type of girl who mind reapplying my lipstick. Might reward myself for finishing school with a new one soon, any suggestions?