Jun 17, 2015


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Better late than never, mid-june and may favourite, yes babes! As you know I am only back into blogging since a few days after a huge gap in the month of May, but  I was obviously still using lot of makeup, and buying lots of clothing. Because I am just me you know. In May, make up wise, I have been kinda brow obsessed because of my new NYX find. This eye brow pencil is super handy. It has a little spooly on one end, and the brow product on the other end. Be carefull and be light handed while using it, because it is quite pigmented. I have also been obsessed with my YSL Nude in Private lipstick. Perfect for an everyday lovely wash of colour and it is really hydrating. I used it under the Rimmel Exagerated lip pencil in the shade 02 which is another favorite! Finally, with summer comes bright lips, and my favourite is the Velvet Edition in Ole Flamingo from Bourjois. Obsessed with this gorgeous pink shade! 

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Fashion wise, this is a pretty weird favorite, but since I moved into my new appartment by the end of May, I am obsessed with my new clothing rail. It is white and I got it for 600 yens in Ikea (5 euros, 7 dollars?). It looks super lovely and I love putting all of my favourite clothes on it! I will very soon post a summer wardrobe related post, or a kind of haul so stay tuned for that, if you're a fashion lover!

For music, I am playing No Love Allowed by Rihanna on replay, don't ask why it is quite an old one but you know what's happened when you let your Itunes on shuffle for a few hours, you rediscover old treasures. I am also listening to Ghost by Ella Henderson, and Worth it by Fifth Harmony. I've also been playing the cover of Demons by Josh Golden. One of my fave song by my fave singer on Youtube. That's it for this month guys! I see you very soon for a new post, I hope fashion related.

Jun 11, 2015


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And no, it is not a lipstick. I know, crazy. But if there is something that I like at least as much as lipsticks, it's wearing a bronze smockey eye look, which completely justify this new purchase. First of all, I was so happy to see NYX in Loft make up corner in Shibuya. I've been wanting to try this brand for such a long time, watching lip swatches of every single lip products they sell on loop, but never really commit to purchase it online when I was in France. The selection here is so tiny compared to the crazy variety of product that you can find on the NYX website. But hey, better than nothing. 

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I picked up those two Jumbo Eye Pencils to use as base or eyeshadows. With the super hot weather coming here in Japan (never used that much deodorant in my life, I know, super TMI) I was thinking that those babies might help my smockey to stay in place for a longer period of time, and let's be honest, eye shadows sticks are a trend right now and I was certainly one of the last beauty blogger to buy one of these. 

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I selected the color 611 Yogurt that is a very luminous color, it is a nudy/beige color, perfect for a natural look or to highlight your inner corners. Then I also picked a darker shade; 609 French Fries (who picked that name? I guess we can all agree, french fries are yellow, not brown) and I'm pretty sure that this intense shimmery brown is gonna replace my all time favourite smockey eye shade, Smog from Urban Decay. Texture wise, they are really creamy and were so easy to swatch. No need to mention that NYX is super affordable. Totally recommend them! 

Jun 8, 2015


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Something blue ... something borrowed, no guys, I am not getting married to an invisible boyfriend. If you've been following me for quite a while, you know that nails and I are definetly not friends. I've been biting my nails for so long I can't even remember. But since I am in Japan I have been so busy with work and having a decent social life that I barely have time to bit my nails anymore (how silly is that sentence? no time to bit my nails? like what?).  Anyway, for the first time in years, I can grow my nails, and I am so excited ! Of course, I was in desperate need of a nail polish since I barely have any. I went straight to Loft, which is my easiest stop for drugstore make up in Japan and pay a visit to the little Essie booth. So many lovely color. I was thinking about a white, then a nude, and a baby pink, and finally I just saw that little blue baby on the first rack. Blue & Borrowed. So cute, spring  appropriate. MINE. Concerning the application, being a total novice for nail polish, I can't really judge or complain, it looks ok to me. And I love Essie packaging, I think I am about to start a new collection.

Jun 1, 2015


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As some of you might know, I am doing my final internship in Japan for almost two months now and to be honest, I kinda like to dress up every morning to look like a working women. So many people might think it is quite borring, that you have to wear the same suit everyday, but you can seriously create so many different outfits. I also think that being the marketing representative of my small company and working mostly on a luxury good related project, I have to represent the product I want to sell and dressing up is in my case not even an option. The weather here in Tokyo is getting super duper hot and I want to add some ligther colors and materials into my closet. And you know me, when it comes to shopping lists, Asos is my very first stop. Here is a selection of both shoes and clothes that I would love to rock at my meeting for the coming months. 

-links coming soon-

May 8, 2015

APRIL FAVOURITE - Coconut creams and Japanese food

Hello lovely peeps. I know, I said I would post twice a week. But my life in the past two to three weeks has been crazy. Even if you are following me on IG, I was pretty much MIA. I was involved in a very short term project -planning an event in an embassy here in Tokyo- and I had to do some extra hours to get it done. Now that the event is done, I feel really good and proud but I am working on a whole new project starting from today and it might be time consuming too.  I am also currently searching for a new place to live since I want to live much closer to Tokyo center. Lastely my best friend is in Japan to visit me for a few weeks and I just prefer spending my free time hanging around with her than writting blog posts at home, knowing that I am not gonna see her for months once she's gone. I know lot of excuses, let's say I can hardly handle my new working life with my blog. But I will try my best and I am pretty sure I can do much better once I will move to my new place hopefully in two to three weeks.

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Anyway, my favourite post might be kinda short this month, especially make up wise. I have been using the same products over and over again. I am still completely obsessed with my NARS Creamy concealer in Vanilla and my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I have also wore the Sephora lip stain in Pink Soufflé almost daily, perfect pop of colour for spring. Lastely I bought the Sephora Coconut body butter and the Sephora Coconut handcream. I love the smell and the consistency for both of the product, really recommend them. 

I go straight to more non beauty favourite now. Music wise, I have been loving See You Again from the Fast and Furious 7 OST. I watched the movie a few days ago to watch it and damn that last scene guys is so sad. Also felt in love with Karmin album because of my best friend who played it while getting ready the other day. Acapella is by far my favourite. 

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Overall, I would say my life in Tokyo is my april favourite. Of course I am super busy with work, but it feels so good to be back. I could meet my friends again, already made some lovely new memories, also meet amazingly inspiring people in my work environment. Main favourite is also japanese food, sometimes really cute and in general super duper tasty. I mean, cat donuts guys? Seriously? I hope you all had a lovely month anyway and I hope to talk to you very soon!