Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've been searching for the perfect off-shoulder dress for an affordable price for months. I was all about Jessica Stein and Nicole Warne beautiful flowy dresses. They're both really romantic and feminine yet sexy (I mean off shoulder is such a classy way to be sexy huh?). I finally found it on, for less than 40 euros (around 50 dollars). It's on its way to me right now!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

JANUARY WISHES - the endless Asos obsession!

If there is a website I'm totally obsessed with (ok right after Zara, nothing will ever beat Zara), it's definetly Asos. Seriously, who here's not knowing it ? They have an amazing variety of items, they sell some designer pieces, but also retail so many affordable stuff from various brands. Today is definetly a lazy sunday, one of the first day in a while i'm just chillin at home, doing nothing. And you know what us girls end up doing on these days right ? Online window shopping. I picked a few items that I would have buy, if my credit card was still alive after the sale period (thank you again Zara). Though I'm really thinking about getting that off orange cardigan. I think it would look really nice paired with a nice silky cami, strappy heels and a bf jeans. Any favorite from my selection ? Let me know in the comments below! Mucho love and have a nice sunday candies!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


There is something about these shoes. That bow. That oversized bow which makes them close to the most feminine shoes ever. But you can easily dress them down (I mean, Aimee Song wore them with distressed jeans, if she can, you can for sure). The heel high is also perfect and will make your legs look amazing. Now, one question ? Black or red ? Really think about getting these beauties as soon as possible. A little splurge on shoes never killed anyone. Right ?

Saturday, December 28, 2013


To make it very clear; I'm not an objective person when it comes to Beyonce. What Beyonce says is gold, what she wears is gold, and her last album is the best album of the year. I mean guys, 14 songs, 17 videos ? Who else than Beyonce could to that? Because I can't stop listening to the album since it has been released, I decided to pick up a look from one of her music video, and I chose the casual "bling" outfit she's wearing in XO. It's definetly something I could wear. Actually the statement gold necklace totally make the outfit and the lace bra popping under the basic tank top add a touch of feminity to this tomboy like combo. The bra is from Monki, the jeans are from Mango, the top is from Asos, the booties are from Zara and the necklace is from New Look. Mucho Love candies! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

NAUTICAL BY H&M and a quick update

Hello loves! Surprise surprise! I'm still alive! (come on you already know that if you're following me on instagram!) Anyway, I had the busiest I ever had! Nothing exciting though, just a combo of my part time job and exams which means not any months day off in three weeks (and when I say no days off, it means no days off). I barely slept 4 hours a night the past three weeks. Although got my driver licence, my birthday celebrations, all the Christmas preparation and gift making. November and December have been freaking crazy. Although, I'm now packing for London, going to celebraye NYE there with friends this year! So I'm back for two tiny articles. One today because I wanted to share with you some new pictures from H&M. You maybe know that I'm huge fan of everything with stripes. So when I saw their new nautical edito i was like, come on need a little stop at H&M. Especially this fuzzy striped sweater and the nautical shirt. I'll find you some space in my closet beauties for sure! That being say, I hope you all spent happy holidays with your loved ones and I see you tomorrow for a steal her style of my fave women on earth (clue: 17 videos for 14 songs, got it ?).