Apr 18, 2015


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I have talked about these liquid lipsticks so many times on my blog, but I never showed you my collection or swactched these amazing products. I said amazing because they are hands down my favourite drugtore lip products. Matte lips at an affordable price? Who's not liking that? First, I really like Bourjois as a brand, I think they have good quality products, nice packaging and always come up with the funniest and cutest for their products. At least, being a frenchy, I found the name of these lipsticks pretty funny. About the formula, I would say it is long lasting, not patchy (but it depends on the shade as you will see later) and quite easy to apply. The scent of these lipstick is honestly the only con. It smells a little like ... paint? Other than that, the colors are really vibrant and they have shades that will match almost any complexion.  

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Here are a little description of the different shades I own. I have six shades, but there is a total of twelve shades now they came up with a few new pink colors for spring.

1 - Frambourjoise is a good colour for all of the girls who don't feel like wearing red but want something a bit deeper than pink. It is definetly a good compromise between a deep red and a more muted pink. A kind of pinky red that would look really lovely for spring.

2 - Hot Pepper
 is an orangy red. Let's say it is the perfect red for spring and summer. I love those kind of red tones on tan skins. Once again really pigmented and easy to apply, you've seen it quite often on the blog since it has been on of my favourite red lipsticks.

3 - Olé Flamingo 
is my last purchase and is now definetly my favourite. It is a bright pink, but it doesn't have as much blue as Pink Pong (description down below) which makes it in my opinion a little bit more wearable on a daily basis.

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4 - Pink Pong is the very first shade I got. Quite a surprising shade, since I usually go for more wearable shades when I first try a new range of lipstick. But surprisingly I really like it. It is a cool toned pink, very very bright, I would say almost neon. I would definetly pair it with a simple eye make up look to not look like a human Barbie doll.

5 - Nudist was the only nude of the collection when they first released it. You can know found a new one named Happy Nude Year, and a brown nude called Beau Brun in the range. Anyway, at that time, I got Nudist and it quickly became one of my most worn lip product. It was just a good option for me, long lasting nude, perfect for long days at university when I felt just too lazy to reapply. The color is really natural. I would say it is a coraly-pink with a touch of brown.

6 - Grand Cru well what can I say. I was pretty excited about this color, and the color of course is not deceiving. It is a burgundy red, fall best friend, really lovely. But that color is so much harder to apply than the other one. I don't know why, maybe the formula is a little different, but this color is a bit patchy, and it is harder to work with and it takes much longer to get a lovely finish.  

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Apr 12, 2015


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French pharmacy haul time! Well, first, this is my first time blogging in Japan. I had planned the previous post so you were not staying too long without any content here but, well I'm right now slurping on a Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks in Shibuya and talking to you guys. It feels much cooler than my usual room to be honest. I will certainly do weekly or monthly update about my life in Japan (for the newbies here, I plan to stay at least one year in Japan and currently have an internship as a marketing assistant in Tokyo). I arrived on Wednesday and I have been really busy since I started working on Thursday that I couldn't even settle properly. No need to tell that I am still extra jet lagged, almost felt asleep twice a work and couldn't even talked properly to my boss (good impression). But the internship seems to be extremely interesting and could be a really good start to a future career in Japan. Anyway, I can't promise to post here extremley regularly, first because my schedule between work and week-end with friends will be quite heavy, at least at the begining, and then, I will have to cut down my expenses on beauty products if I want to survive here as an unpaid intern, which means less reviews but maybe more original content (if you have any tag ideas for exemple, share them with me in the comment down below). I'll do my best to keep posting at last once or twice a week anyway.

On to the haul now. Just before leaving for Japan, I stocked up on a few skin care products that I know are much more expensive here in Tokyo. First, a tiny bottle of Bioderma micellar water. I first wanted to get the big version of it, but let's be real I was in a serious suitcase issue. Moreover, it is actually my very first time purchasing it. Such a shame for a frenchy, I know. I have used it a little since and it really does the job! I also repurchased two of my favourite skincare product from La Roche Posay from their Effaclar Duo range. The first one is the Effaclar K Soin Rénovation Peaux Grasse Anti Récidive, which is basically a face cream for oily skins which is supposed to smooth the texture of your skin. It's a product that I really love, it keeps my skin hydrated and really makes it look smoother and prettier. The little tube on the right is the well known Effaclar Duo + which is a cream to use specifically on spots and acne areas which will help you get rid of your imperfections. Once again, I have noticed an improvement in my skin everytime I have been using it. Well that's it for today loveys, I talked to you soon and don't forget to follow me on instagram for more japanese updates (say the girl who haven't post anything there yet).

Apr 8, 2015

THE PERFECT NUDE - Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita

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If you've lived under a rock the past few months, maybe you haven't heard about the Audacious lipstick from NARS. These are definetly among the most raved about high end lipstick in the whole blogging world. Some youtubers already have crazy collections of these despite the price (30 euros, or 32 dollars which is definetly expensive for a liptick). They are honestly very good lipsticks, the formula is really good, they are non drying, and the packaging is also amazing! I am not gonna write a whole detailed review, just because I did it once when I posted about the shade Charlotte that my sweet best friend got me for Christmas. But my dad recently got me the shade Anita (you know little treat for his little girl leaving for Japan) and I really wanted to show you some swatches since it is a really perfect nude that I think will look good on many complexion.

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Apr 6, 2015


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Do you see those super duper cute pinterest pictures up there? Well I wish I could do that, pretty nails, effortless yet lovely hairstyles. But ... no. Well, who here has no make up or beauty fails time to time? Uneven eye liner, bad contouring, panda like smockey eyes. We've all been there right? Learning how to do make up takes time, and even after years of practice, they are still lot of things that I suck at in the beauty department. 

1 - Curling my hair with a flat iron - Well first, my hair is not cooperating at all to be honest. When I want it straight it is just wavy, when I want it curled the curls will last twenty minutes max and then fade away. Then, about curling my hair with a flat iron, I have watched tones of tutorials, I have tried hundred of times but there is just no way that works on my hair.

2 - Pretty hair styles - Following with the hair issues, I apparently can't do even a simple messy bun. It always looks so bad on me. I remember being at uni, watching a girl with amazing hair just doing a perfect messy bun in like 10 seconds and being like ... why? No need to talk about fishtails or waterfall braids. Total fail.

3 - Taking care of my nails - I am biting my nails I think ... since I was in kindergarten. No need to tell you how damaged, short, thin and basically ugly they are. They only look good when I splurge on a gel nail manicure which is honestly not even once a year. Even if I tried hard not to bite them I can't stop more than two weeks. If you have any tips or products recommendations, let me know!

4 - Contouring my nose - I am not too bad for like contouring in general, I love defining a little more my face and making it sharper. I also love highlighting my cheekbones, and my cupid bow. But when it comes to the nose area. Oh god. Not good at all, I can never blend it correctly and it just make my nose looks super mudy and disgusting basically. 

5 - Fake Tanning - Maybe because I don't have a long time experience with fake tanning, and because I never really invested in good products, I always end up with patches and a super stricky tan all over my body and I think the overall result is not really natural. I do love a bit of a tan but I think I will just keep on going to the beach to have that real sunkissed look.

What about you girls? Anything you are really bad at? 

Apr 2, 2015

MARCH FAVOURITES - New NARS basics and a lot of Youtube

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Ok so it is April already. Who is freaking out? Doing these favourites posts make me realize how fast the time goes by! March has been a month with a lot of purchases which means a lot of new favourites. Let's start with make up. This month I have been buying the NARS Sheer Glow foundation for the first time and I am obsessed since I got it! Litterally obsessed, flawless finish, doesn't make me oily, the color match is perfect. Completely in love! Same goes with the Nars Creamy concealer. So easy to blend, and the shade Vanilla is perfect to highlight my undereyes area. I have also purchased some ELF products and I love their highligthers and baked blush. My favourite being this gold one in Blush Gems. Honestly for 4 euros you can't go wrong, it reflects the light in a lovely way and look really lovely on the cheekbones. 

Then about fashion. I have to mention my new leather jacket from Zara. I am obsesed with it. I have been searching for a good leather jacket for a while and this one is the one guys! Silver detailing, nice shoulder pads. Gorgeous and perfect for the spring season! 

Now about social medias, it has been a Youtube month! First, two make up tutorials that incorporate pop of colors for spring and summer. This one from last summer made by the extra talented Shaaanxo. I love the pop of color both on the eyes and lips. On the same blue liner vibe, this new one by MakeupbyAmarie. Matte eyes with a a bright blue winged liner and nude lips, perfect for spring.

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I have been watching Barbara Parade shoe collection over and over again, love it, and we got a few similar pairs. Finally, that cooking video from Beautycrush, made me feel super hungry and I feel like doing every single meals she showed. Really helpul since I am gonna live by myself very soon.

One single movie but I had to mention it. Hot Road, a japanese movie released last summer. I saw it at the very end of March but ... damn I was waiting to watch it for so long. Let's make it short, totally loving the main actor, who is a singer that I love in Japan. I don't think I am really objective, but I really liked the movie. Once again if you're a little into japanese culture or if you're interested in watching something that is not yout typical american movie, give it a go. Japanese movies are really different from european or american movies, it is much more poetic I would say, there is not an over exposure of feelings so you can either love it or hate it. But this one is a cute love story and the background of the girl character is also really interesting. Also it takes place in Yokohama, where I'll live basically from next week and it made me quite impatient!