Jan 17, 2016

The Naked Palette are my make up weaknesses. Everytime Urban Decay releases a new one, I have to have it. It has become a birthday/christmas tradition for me. And this year was not an exception. Here is the last addition to their collection; the Naked Smoky. No surprise, this palette is gonna be your best friend to create a very intense smoky eyes looks. You will find a variety of shades, from light matte neutral shades, to shimery brown and dark navy. I was however surprised to not find a real black shade in the palette, which you would expect in a smoky eye palette. Let's now have a quick talk about the packaging. Urban Decay, you nailed it! The palette looks amazing, I think it is the prettiest one out of my whole collection. When I first got it I just couldn't stop staring at it. As the three other Naked palette, it comes with a high quality brush that I wish had one side a little more fluffy to make the shadows easier to blend. 

The four shades pictured on the left are beautiful matte shades. You can create really lovely everyday eye make up looks with them. Thirteen is the lighter in the palette. It is a good shade to blend the other shadows and to erase any harsh lines. Combust is also a very nice color that will be perfect by itself on the lid for nice wash of colour. The two last shades are nice cool tone mattes brown. As for the texture, they are the usual Urban Decay shadow quality. Which means very very good. I found that they are very blendable. 

The next four shades are absolutely gorgeous! I would say these are the real smoky shades in the palette. They are perfect to create a night out very deep smoky eye. I really love Armor the shimmery grey which I think is my favourite in the palette. If those kind of very dark shades intimated you, don't forget that the key to a good smoky eyes is to blend a lot and to take time to build the color. Don't put too much at the beggining or it will be very hard to blend and the colors won't look nice and diffused. Be patient and build up your eye look slowly. 

Finally the four final shades which are a little bit warmer. These are closer to the shades I tend to wear on a day to day basis. I totally love Radar, a very nice bronze shade. The gold shade, Dirtysweet is also a very nice gold, not too yellow. Finally, High, the champagne shade is also stunning. This shade is gonna be absolutely perfect as an iner corner highlight. Another good point with these shadow is that you hardly have any fall outs while using them. That is a big plus for me since I always do my foundation routine before my eye make up.


Jan 9, 2016

A new serie where I will feature some inspiring fashion pictures of my current favourite trends. I am starting this week with neutrals tones and some subtle touch of camel which I would love to wear this winter. You can find below a few items that I would shop to add to my wardrobe. And I need the two scarves on the pictures, anyone knows where are they from? What are your favourite trend for this winter?


Jan 7, 2016

And you have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day now. Thank you Charlotte. Not such a subtle title but I think it is now clear what I will talk to you about today; my favourite products for face and base make up. 

The first product I use (after moisturizer of course) is foundation. After trying a lot of different foundations from the drugstore, I finally comited to a more pricy one. The NARS Sheer Glow. It is the favourite of so many beauty gurus and I know why. I have a skin that tend to be quite oily, however, this foundation is really amazing. It will gives you a glowy yet natural skin effect. You can chose from so many shades, I personally own the shade Deauville. It is super easy to blend, and it doesn't feel caky at all. It has a medium coverage but you can definetly build it up. 

For concealer, my favourite is going to the Naked Skin concealer by Urban Decay. This concealer is on point. The applicator is quite big and it makes the application super easy. It is also very lightweight and very easy to blend. I also find it very luminous which is perfect in our new "highlight on fleek" world. I have to say that I also adore the Nars Creamy Radiant concealer, but it is a little more expensive. For that reason, I would repurchase the Urban Decay one.  

Finally, my favourite setting powder is ... a drugstore product! Yes it happens sometimes. I discovered the Revlon Color Stay powder a few months ago after hearing a french youtuber with oily skin raving about it. I used the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for the longest time before I discovered this one, which is another blogger classic but this one is much better. It keeps my skin matte for, I will say a good 8 hours and won't leave me as shiny as the former one I was using. 

Here are my top three favourite, please let me know yours in the comment, I am willing to try a new high end foundation, adapted to oily skin! I am waiting for your recommendation! 


Jan 3, 2016

Hello loves! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas with your family or loved one and a happy new year. Well I know that new years posts are all around and I am here doing a make up review. Honestly I am not super inspired to do anything related to 2015 and 2016 yet. I would have a lot to say though but I am in a period where I don't really want to talk about anything personal here. Who knows maybe I will come up with something in the coming weeks if I feel like writting. 

Anyway here is my review on the Cocoa Contour palette from Too Faced. Last winter I remember buying one of the Too Faced chocolate bronzer and being a total fan of it. I then tried NARS Laguna and put the Too Faced one on the side but as I was hitting pan on it, I thought I would ask for a contouring palette for Christmas. Since I knew for sure the bronzers were good, I decided to get this one. 

Packaging wise, once again Too Faced is simple on point. The palette is absolutely cute and comes with two bronzers, a matte light face powder and a highlighter. You also get a cute little brush that I find really convinient to contour. The palette also comes with a big mirror wich is once again really usefull. Concerning the products itself, I have a mix review. First I love the smell, it has the typical cacao sent of the Too Faced Chocolate range but it is not too overpowering. The first shade, Light Cocoa is a good setting powder, you can use it under your eyes to set your concealer, or if you have a faire skin tone, all around your face to set your foundation. I also love the shade Medium Cocoa that is a good shade for doing contouring, it is a non orangy bronzer that would suit faire to medium skin tone.

I am much more skeptical about the last two shades. Dark Cocoa is too dark for my skin tone, but I think I can still use it as an eye shadow for exemple since I really like to wear warm brown smoky eyes. But the real problem of the palette for me is the highlight shade Pop of Light. As in a lot of other cheeks or contour palette, it is a very shimmery shade, full of glitters that in my opinion don't really reflect the light very nicely. It is more like applying glitter on your cheekbones than a nice and settle highlight. However, I overall really like the palette! As usual you can't really be disapointed with Too Faced, and I can't wait to try more and more products from the brand! 


Dec 27, 2015

I think that as most of the beauty bloggers out there, I have a serious obsession with lipsticks. I never have enough and I like to collect them. Any occasion is good to get a new one; having a bad day, having a good day, buying a lipstick for a friend and suddenly realizing that I need a new red one. Anyway, I am not gonna take you through my entire collection. First a part of it is now in France and I only brought my ... I don't know 30-40 favourites one here? Not kidding though. But here is a very small selection compiling my favourite ones. 

My newest addition - Well thank you Santa Clause! Or should I say, thanks to my amazing best friend who gifted me the most perfect Chanel lipstick I have ever seen. It is the Chanel Lipstick in La Raffinée. The shade is absolutely perfect for both a day and an evening look. In fact if you are still not brave enough to rock red lipstick at night, this is the kind of pinky mauve lipstick that can also make a good statement. I won't talk for ages about the amazing packaging, those lipsticks scream luxury! I was blown away when I saw that she got me something Chanel. I couldn't expect less from my best friend. That's what happen when you know someone for more than 20 years. 

My favourite packaging - Sorry for the drugstore girls but here is once again a high end one. I have to be honest, my favourite lipsticks are almost always high end. I love me some drugstore products but I feel like there is nothing like applying good old luxurious lipstick. Well this one is I think the favourite packaging of a lot of you, the YSL Rouge Volupte. I own 5 of them, and my favourite color still Pink in Paris, such a pretty pink that will suit so many skin tones. 

My favourite red - That might not be a red for some of you but I do wear it as a red lipstick. It is MAC All Fired Up. It is quite a dry lipstick but I don't feel like it is uncomfortable and the big plus is that it actually stay on your lips for hours and hours. It is a vibrant pinky red and it suits my ghost like skin really nicely. You can find it as a special edition in the MAC Winter collection but no worries, it is a permanent color. 

My all time favourite color - I got this lipstick only a few months ago and I am already terrified to run out of it. I use it almost every single day and I absolutely don't get tired of it. It is the NARS Audacious lipstick in Anita. It is my favourite everyday color, I absolutely love the formula of this NARS Audacious range and I would recommend anyone to pick one of these lipstick up if you want to invest in some luxury products.

My most sentimental one - It is maybe cheating but, it is the exact same, the NARS Anita, because my dad got it for me just before I came to Japan this year, and everytime I wear it I remember when we went to Sephora to buy it together. My dad looking at me swatching a bunch of lipsticks is weirdly a very warming memory.