Mar 20, 2016

Well let's be honest, none of these products are actually new releases, but they are all new to me. Except the Nars Creamy concelaer that I have been using for quite a while now. But anyway, I thought I would give my own opinion also and let you know what I think about all of them. Please feel free to comment, I would love to know if you've tried them before, and what are your current favourites.

NARS CREAMY CONCEALER IN CHANTILLY : I have been using the Nars Creamy concealer for a while now. It is a well known and well loved product and I do understand why. It has a good coverage and blend perfectly. This time however, I decided to pick the shade Chantilly, following the recommendation of the NARS counter girl. Well, next time, I'll do as usual, pick by myself. Even if it is good to highlight, I find the shade a little too white under my eyes and I prefer my usual Vanilla shade.

CLINIQUE PLUM POP LIPSTICK : I have now four lipstick from the Clinique Pop collection and I totally love them. They are moisturizing, the shades are bright and they are comfortable to wear. They are also "not too expensive" for a high end lipstick (23,50 euros). I still totally love the packaging and they really look super cute in my make uo collection. My last addition is Plum Pop, a gorgeous plum color. It is a nice Plum color (yes I know, you could have guess by yourself), a good alternative if you like dusty pinks but you want to wear something a bit darker.

YSL LIP OIL IN RED MY LIPS : This one is a product I would never have thought to get for myself. However, it is a very special present for me, since it is one of my student who actually give it to me (yes, I am a part time french teacher in Tokyo for a few months now). I got it in the shade Red My Lips. The texture of this product is quite surprising. It is an oil, but still not as oily as if you were putting real oil on your lips. It has a lovely glossy finish, and really hydrates your lips. However, don't expect any lasting power out of it, you will have to re-apply many times through out the day.

TOO FACED NATURAL MATTE PALETTE : Urban Decay, be carefull. Since I got this small and adorable palette from Too Faced, I have barely touched my Naked Palette, which used to be my absolute go to eye palette (and when you do a smockey eye on a daily basis, this mean something). I love all of the shades in this Matte Natural Palette, especially those on the third line whih are a little bit warmer. This palette is perfect for anyone looking for a compact palette full off matte brown shadows, to create looks from day to night.

L'OREAL ULTRA SHARP LINER : I have always been a fan of  l'Oreal pencil eye liners. I think that they are the best ones that you can find at the drugstore and this Ultra Sharp Liner makes no exception. It is super black, and as its name says, it is very sharp and pointy and makes it super easy to create perfect line and wing on your eyes. Definetly became my new favourite.

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL : Last but not least, say hello to my new all time favourite mascara. Yes, I found something to replace my Maybelline the Falses. I understand why people were raving about it. I have tiny lashes, and I need both lenght and volume. This mascara gives both of them, but it also curl my lashes and they just stay in place all day long. Definetly a drugstore must have.


  1. I've been on the hunt for a new mascara recently & Maybelline's Lash Sensational sounds amazing! x


    1. Yes I really recommend it ! My lashes are really not cooperative usually but with this mascara, they look really good!

  2. Love the selection! :) I've been falling love more and more with l'Oreals products lately as I'd previously heard that they were testing on animals but when it turned out to be just a rumour I bought some products and they are just amazing! (y) x