Feb 2, 2017

Valentines day. Hated by many, adored by others. When some couples adore exchanging heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and bouquet of red roses, acting like they where actors of their own Hollywood romantic and cheezy romance comedy, others actually prefer staying home in their comfiest pair of pj's waiting for that super commercial day to finally finish. I use to be part of the second category. I was all about the Valentines day sucks, who needs a Valentine anyway? kind of thing. I am now in the middle. I don't hate it, and I don't love it. To me it is just another good occasion to show love and appreciation to your Mr or Mrs right (even though and this is a special call for all the mr Right out there you actually don't need to wait for Valentines day to give your significant half a nice bouquet of flowers). And if you don't have a lover to share it with, why don't you hang out with your best friends, go to the movies and make fun of overly cute couples. Another note to all of you Mr, if your girlfriend, or wife or fiance is actually telling your she doesn't want anything. She's lying, trying to playing it cool and might kill you if you really doesn't get her at least some chocolate. Here is a selection of 20 killer pieces to wear on 3 different occasions.

                                                              movie with the girls

On Wednesday we wear pink! Oops ... Valentines day is actually on a Tuesday this year.  Oh well, pink is still a very appropriate color for Valentine right? If I was going on a movie date with my girls I would actually keep it casual but yet feminine and stylish; pairing a pink jumper with some mom jeans and nice heeled sandals.

romantic date with bae 

If you have a special someone to spend Valentines with, and that you have plans to go out on a romantic dinner, I would say go girl and wear whatever makes you feel like a princess. Put your freakum dress on (any old school Beyonce's fan over here?) and enjoy your evening. If your not part of the princess dress gang, rock your favorite pair of jeans and a nice frilly blouse.

nextflix and chill

As we say in France, better alone than in bad company. A night watching old episodes of Friends with hot chocolate and your own gifted chocolate boxes beats by far a crappy date with a creepy Tinder guy. So get comfortable, put on your coziest pair of pj's, fuzzy socks  and enjoy your me time.