Jul 25, 2016

I have been thinking for a while about what I should post here. I have been caught in a non-productive phase for a few months now. And not only blogging wise. Life wise. Didn't know what to write, didn't know what I was liking, what I was not liking. Nothing to blog about really. And after that much time without posting, I was thinking about what kind of post I should share with you. I was thinking for a while and I decided to come back here with a fashion post, because that is in the end the ones I like to read the most. I am a little curious rat and I love to know what other girls want, have or plan to buy soon and wishlists, style picks and hauls are by far my favourite post and videos, although I have been quite keen on some life advices post recently.

Summer is just passing by and I can't believe it is almost August already. To celebrate this time of the year (that so many of you like, but to be honest I am praying for fall to come ASAP) I put together a few of my favourite pieces. You will see some theme here. White, off the shoulder, touches of blue. "Grecian-I-wanna-go-to-Mykonos-and-Santorini" type of selection. Enjoy sweethearts and I will from now work on a serious relaunch of this blog and try to not let my emotion affect my posting schedule.

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