Jan 31, 2015

I can't say I always had an interest in girly things and make up. In fact I was quite a boyish little girl, I hated dresses and skirts, and I used to play with my brothers toys instead of Barbie dolls. But it didn't last long and as soon as I started middle school I had my first make up moments. I know, I was young but don't worry it wasn't a full face of make up, just candies scented lip glosses and sometimes a little bit of eye liner (you now, black eye liner, on the water line only...) My mom was actually the one who bought me my very first make up item, a cotton candy scented lipgloss that I loved! Anyway, it's been almost 10 years now that I had my first make up tries, and thanks god, my skills have been growing so so much, especially the past 4 or 5 years (thanks Youtube). Here are a few things I learnt with time and I want to share with you.

Hebergeur d'image

1. Flawless makeup takes time - I don't believe in the "5 minutes makeup trend". If you want to apply your base correctly, a good 20 minutes is needed. I am a busy college student, I wake up early on the morning but, with a bit of organisation you can find those 20 minutes. Planning your outfit and not hitting the snooze button are the first steps to a good makeup look. When I want my make up to look flawless and natural, time is always the best solution. It's important to prepare your skin, with a moisturizer and if you have it a primer. Then, blending is always the key, weather it is for foundation, bronzer, blush or eye shadow.

2. Be light handed - That's the mistake we tend to do when we're young, I remember I applied concealer all over my face once to hide my acne, and my mom was horrified when she saw me. Build your make up slowly. Dabbing three pumps of foundation directly on the skin is not a solution to get a good coverage, it'll juste make you look caky because the product won't blend easily. First, apply a thin layer and build up the coverage if necessary. When using a liquid foundation, I would definetly recommend to use a stappling brush or a beauty blender to really buff the product into your skin. Same goes for bronzer, contouring is in, harsh brown line on your cheeks, not really. For eye shadow, start by applying a transition shade that will help you smooth out any smockey eyes look. A lot of eye shadows are highly pigmented nowadays so there is no need to put a lot of product on your brush to have a good color pay off. 

Hebergeur d'image 3. Knowing your skin type and shades : It's important to identify your skin type. Oily? Dry? Do you have any allergies? Once you know that, it's gonna be much easier to buy products that will work on you. Chosing the right foundation shade is also the key to any good make up look. Don't forget to change it with the season, we often get a little tan in summer and you don't want to look like a ghost using you winter foundation shade. And if you wanna look tan in the winter ... choosing an orange toned foundation won't make the trick girl. 

4. Brows are game changing : Ok can we instaure a law about eye brows? Girls need to take care of there brows, find the right shape for your face, don't over pluck them, and fill them in. Be carefull, full brows are in, over drawn ones are not! You can find tons of eye brow tutorials brows tutorial that will explain you how to pluck them and fill them in a natural way that will compliment your face shape!


  1. I have definitely learnt a lot these past few years, I've only been wearing make up for 2 years yet already have mastered some of the key things! I'm glad I realised where I was going wrong at a young age...

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. If I could tell only one advice to my past self it would probably be BLEND. Seriously though an extra minutes spent on blending in eyeshadow can transform you from a five year old playing with makeup to a makeup master! And YES. Eyebrows are the only features that I am very pernickety about because they make such a big impact on your entire face

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Exactly I think blending is key to any makeup look and it really helps to make the makeup looks much more natural!
      Thanks for stopping by lovely <3

  3. Girl, preach! Eyebrows are EVERYTHING!

    She Will Be

  4. Oh my gosh I just found your blog and i literally adore it.
    You put so much effort into each of your posts its so amazing
    and you do such a great job!
    Love your opinion on brows, foundation, and everything else!

    1. Ewww sweetest comment ever <3 Thank you so much!!
      I'll definetly check out your blog asap !
      Have an amazing day doll !

  5. Good tips and a great article overall. Make-up is so hard to master.