Sep 25, 2014

1. My favorite summer read definetly goes to Underground by Haruki Murakami. He is my all time favorite author and once again I read this book in just a couple of days. To briefly sum up, this book is completly different from what I already read from Murakami. It's all about the terrorist attack in the Tokyo subway back in 1995. As I have a very special attachement to this city and its unhabitant, I felt super emotional reading the first part of this book, compiling the testimonies of various victims, knowing that 20 years laters, I was using those same subway lines that were theaters of such a tragic event. I was also curious to read the ex sect members stories. Not gonna lie, I cried, especially during one of the last testimony.  I learn more about this incident by reading this book that by reading any press article. Good job once again.

2. These Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet has been release a few months ago. I first saw them in store aroud April, but I finally got them a few weeks ago. I have three shades for the moment, a bright pink named "Pink Pong", a hot and warm red named "Hot Pepper" and the only nude shade out of the eight "Nud-ist". I am a huge fan of these lipsticks. The colors are extremely pigmented, they apply really easily and dry quite fast to a matte finish. I'm not keen on the smell but I can definetly deal with it and they stay on for hours! 

3. What's making me super excited for fall and winter (except my birthday in November and Chritmas) is definetly fashion. I love layering and I think it's way easier to dress up during the colder months. You can play with textures and stack up on accessories. Here is my last buy. A brand new checked scarf. I already have a red toned but I wanted to get my hand on a clearer version and this lovely beige one from Asos is perfection. It's huge and really soft. Must have ladies!

4. Talking about fall clothing, I've been obsessed with a few shops new collections and Zara is one of them. I'm about to order this lovely black printed blouse. I love the japonesque print, and the quality looks really nice. I think it's gonna look really nice with some fitted jeans and basic pumps. Maybe paired with a red lip for a pop of color.

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